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Paul Castro

Given Circumstances

Closing Night - Mid Term

Who: Bolli, 25, Originally from Manhattan. Was a former child commercial star for

cereal’s specifically Trix. My mother is a big name Agent in NY however I am no longer

that enthused about acting and would rather just do Modeling. I flew out to LA to pursue

my Modeling career and have been doing off Broadway plays and specifically in this

one I was casted as the lead male was set up by my Mom in the mean time to pay for


What: After the play in LA, many news papers came up to interview the cast. 10:30 PM

at the Rialto Theatre.

Moment before: I was interviewed by the LA times, while Ash was being interviewed by

the LA wave. The person from the Wave was a very gorgeous journalist and interviewed

ashes because she enjoyed her performance and the other actors were unavailable.

We both finished our interviews and head to the changing room to pack up and go

home. I want to gratify ash to ultimately attain the number of the journalist.