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~Stroking Bad~

On a normal day, a school professor, Wanker White, has a stroking fit and passes
out, he wakes up in an ambulance... without pants.
He asks the doctor next to him "Where are my pants...?".
The doctor replies "I need to perform some tests so I took off your pants and un
The professor tells the doctor that he's fine, but the doctor doesn't believe hi
The professor tells the doctor "I'm fine, I swear, I really doubt there's anythi
ng wrong with me."
The doctor replies "Sir, we found you in a stall with blue balls, a saggy dong a
nd with jizz all over your face."
The professor, shocked and embarassed stops talking. When they reached the hospi
tal the Professor went through a battery of tests to see what's wrong with him.
1 hour later, a doctor comes in and says "We're sorry to inform you sir, but, yo
u have...Testicular Cancer..."
The professor, now in panic, sadness and shock asks the doctor "What does this m
The doctor, Doctor Cocknballs replies "You won't be able to play with your Schlo
ng, sir."
The professor leaves the hospital only to find the medical bill in his hand. The
bill stated "The Dickunschlof school Professor W.W. must pay the hospital taxes
for following:
treatment - $25.235
diagnosis - $14.550
staying - $5.200
The bill can be paid at your nearby bank or directly at the Hospital."
The professor, now indebt, has to find a way to pay off his hospital bill and tr
eat his cancer.
The professor's mentally challenged son, W. Juinor, is also starting school soon
The professor thinks to himself "How am I supposed to pay this off with my job..
.? I owe so much money to people I might just let the cancer kill me..."
While the professor was thinking, a local news stations begins to broadcast.
"10 bottle of LUBE have been found at the nearby school, the Police Department o
f Masturbation is currently investigating the source of the LUBE. Stay tuned, fo
r more."
Suddenly, the professor gets an idea! He decides that in order to pay his treatm
ent and hospital bills, he has to... Make lube...
The professor decides to contact his old student, now a dropout, Jesse Fapmann.
9:30 P.M.
The professor is having dinner with his brother-in-law and his wife, suddenly, t
he brother-in-law starts a topic on... masturbation.
He says "They make me sick. Those dogs don't know how to masturbate properly, so
they rely on bunch of industrial crap to keep the friction down."
The professor says "Are-Are you talking about... Lube?"
The brother-in-law replies "Heck yeah I am, using lube is like putting salt on a
cake, it's just plain wrong."

11:00 P.M.
The professor, now obsessed with the idea of making LUBE is trying to figure out
where and how to make it... He contacts Jesse Fapmann and asks him
"Jesse... We need to cook."
Jesse, now half awake replies "Mister...Mister W.? Alright, now you're talkin'!
Let's make some SCIENCE up in this bitch!"
1:00 P.M.
The professor, W.W. and Jesse Fapman are now preparing to make their first batch
of the pure, liquid, squishy, softening, slippery essence.
The professor asks Jesse "Jesse, we need someone to test out our product."
Jesse replies "Don't worry Mister W., I know people."
6 Months later.
"Yo, Mister W., have you used some of our product recently or somethin'? We're m
issing a bottle!"
"As a matter of fact, I have."
"Well, I'm glad you had your fun time, Mister W., but our deadline's soon and we
can't afford to use our own product.
Suddenly, the 'Manager' walks in and says "Ahh... So this is the stuff everyone'
s been talking about. The purest liquid, oil base, 0.01% fricton, blue lube... I
'll need to slap my Johnny in order to see if it's true."
What happens next? Will we finally find out the Professor's real name, will Jess
e Fapman finally test out the product, will the manger slap his Johnny?! Find ou
t in the next episode of Stroking Bad.

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