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Industrial Policy Of India

Development depends on industrialisation and

industrialisation depends on industrial policy. The first
industrial policy of the Government of India was announced
in April 1948. Subsequently Industrial policy resolutions
1956, 1980, 1990 andd 1991 were announced. The book has
evaluated the efficacy of different Industrial Policy
resolutiosn in Industrialisation/development of the nation in
the background of unsatisfactory performance. The latest
Industrial policy resolution 1991 has been prepared under
the frame work of globalisation and liberalisation. But the
author has pointed out that rural industrialisation issues in
completely missing from it.
About Author :
Dr. Bachcha Pathak is a young economist of legal
background. The book is based on his research on which
Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University has awarded
him Ph.D. degree in 2005. He is devoted to the legal
profession. But has continued his interest in Economics. He
has contributed papers in leading journals and participated
in various seminars, symposia and conferenes. He is alife
member of the Indian Economic Association and the
Economic Association of Bihar.
Contents :
Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction Historical
Perspective at Indian Industrial Policy Industrial Policy
Resolution (Prior to 1991): A Critical Appraisal New
Industrial Policy 1991: Issues and Options Findings and
Suggestions Appendices Bibliography Index