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Grading Policies & Practices

A students grade is determined by the knowledge he/she demonstrates in class. This
grade consists of homework (20% practice) and quizzes/tests (80% performance).



Athletes, musicians, and performers cannot expect to be at

their best during any performance time without practice.
Nor will they be at their best if they do not take personal
responsibility to ensure the practice is done to the best of
their ability. I believe the same holds true with students in
the classroom. Without practice and personal responsibility,
math students will not learn or improve their mathematical

Therefore, students can expect to have homework practice
almost every day. It is expected and imperative that
students do their best to complete the homework, so they
can return to class with questions and be ready for
constructive feedback on the mathematics concepts.

Because I believe the sole purpose of homework is to practice
concepts taught in class, there may not be a grade assigned
to a completed homework assignment. Instead, there may be
completion grades listed in the gradebook indicating
whether an assignment has been completed or not.
Homework grades will be derived from homework check-ups
in class where students will be given problems to complete as
a way to show understanding (think homework quiz). In
addition to these homework check-ups (HWCU), there will be
formative assessments (quizzes) within the unit and
summative assessments (chapter tests) at the end of the unit.

Because we want to keep our materials in

the best condition possible, it is required
that all math textbooks be covered using
a paper sack. The textbooks are too large
for the stretchy-type bookcovers. In
addition, each student is responsible to
return their textbook in the same
condition as when they received it. (Fees
may be assessed for damage.)


As a school, we believe that a persons
work ethic and behaviors are just as
important as the concepts learned. Each
student will receive a Life Skills grade in
accordance to the schools rubric. Please
see your students agenda for the rubric.

I provide a text and email reminder
service. For more information and to sign
up, please contact Mrs. Freeman or visit

I need math help. What can I do?


First, ask yourself: Am I

paying attention and doing my
best in class?

2. Ask questions in class.

3. Attend TCB sessions
for extra help.

Ms. Freemans Math Class 2015-2016

4. Use online resources on specific

topics such as:

5. See Mrs. Freeman before

school. I am usually available by
7:15 each day.
6. After school
help with Mrs.
Freeman is
available with an