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The Hands On Technology course is designed to provide an educational hands on
experience in various areas of technology. We will explore and experience the following:
Information Technology: Various computer applications and project research.
Solid Fuel Rocket Project
Engineering and Design: Basic drafting
Westpoint bridge Software
Model Tower Project
Architecture and Construction: basic architectural design and construction principles.
3D Home Architect
Building Homes on our Own software
House frame project
Manufacturing: basic manufacturing design and fabrication principles.
Various wood working projects
Within each of the above units, we will also: identify related careers and educational
requirements; learn to use applicable tools and computer software; and apply basic
These instructional units involve many expensive and hazardous (if handled carelessly)
computers, tools, and equipment. The use of these items is imperative to the learning
process. As a result, all FSMS and Principles of Information Technology rules must be
followed at all times.

1. Arrive to class on time and be prepared for the days work.
2. Listen to instructions and immediately follow all teacher directions.
3. Work only with the equipment and materials that you have received permission to
4. Practice safety and handle equipment/ materials with care.
5. Stay on task and remain at your desk or shop work station at all times.
6. Be aware of due dates and work diligently to complete assignments and projects on
7. No candy or food.
8. Respect others, their personal property, and projects.
9. Follow all FSMS (including Dress Code) and Principles of Information Technology
10. Cell phones, i pads, or other personal communication/ electronic devices
may be used in class under teachers supervision, strictly for learning purposes
only. Student who is found texting, calling, taking pictures, recording, videoing
or listening to music the device gets confiscated.


MINOR OFFENSES: Inappropriate behavior, that is minor in nature, will result in the
students removal from the current and / or next activity.
First Offense: Activity removal for one day and the students Conduct Grade
will be lowered to Satisfactory.
Second Offense: Activity removal for two days and the students parents will
receive some form of notification (e-mail or phone call).
Third Offense: Activity removal for three days; the students Conduct Grade
will be lowered to Poor; and the student will be referred to the Principal.
Additional Offenses: Activity removal for the remainder of the current activity
and/ or the next activity; the students Conduct Grade will be lowered
toUnsatisfactory; and the student will be referred to the Principal.
MAJOR OFFENSES: (fighting, insubordination, negligent or willful damage to
equipment, endangering self or others, etc.) will result in the complete removal from the
current activity; the students conduct grade will be lowered to the appropriate level; and
the student will be referred to the Principal. In severe cases, the student may be removed
from the Hands on Technology course and placed in different elective course.
NOTE: Students who are removed from activities will be required to complete textbook
or other written assignments. If the length of removal prevents the student from
completing a graded portion or all of the activity, then the grades derived from the
textbook/ written assignments will be used in completion of the required grade. A grade
deduction will be assessed due to the students inability to participate, work safely, and
follow proper procedure in the required activity. The Hands On Technology Student
must maintain a high level of maturity, follow the rules, and be conscientious of safety at
all times. Students will be held accountable, without exception, for their behavior.

Tardies will be recorded and managed on a semester basis. Students must be in the
classroom and making progress toward or seated in their assigned seat when the tardy
bell sounds. Any student arriving late to class must have a pass from a teacher or school
administrator. A student who arrives late to class without a pass will be marked tardy.
First Tardy: Warning
Second Tardy: Morning Detention (8:25am) and parent notification (Detention
Third Tardy: Morning Detention (8:25am) and parent notification (Detention

Fourth Tardy (and every additional tardy): Referral to the Principal.

DAILY GRADES: Includes daily assignments, homework, quizzes, and safety/
work productivity grades. Daily grades comprise 50% of the Nine Weeks
MAJOR GRADES: Includes projects and tests. Major grades comprise 50% of the
Nine Weeks Average. Student is required to take a safety test and the passing
grade is 100
SEMESTER EXAMS: Each semester exam will count as one-seventh of the Semester
Average. The semester exam could be derived from a written test or the
completion and evaluation/ testing of a major project.
LATE WORK: Most assignments and all projects will be completed in class with an
adequate amount of time provided. Any late work that occurs will be accepted at
the Instructors discretion.
MAKE UP WORK: It is the students responsibility to ask for make-up work upon
returning to school following an absence. One day of make up time is allotted for
each day of absence. However, many activities and projects cannot be made up
and as a result, an alternative assignment will be provided (see Attendance).
TUTORIALS : Are only for work related to drafting or computer related projects
not for woodshop projects. The days are: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:15 am. Student is
responsible to ask a teacher for a pass a day before the session. Student without a
pass will not be admitted

Regular class attendance is strongly encouraged. All of our projects are completed
during class time using computers, equipment, and tools that cannot be sent home with a
student. As a result, a student who is absent often, will fall behind quickly and find it
difficult to complete his or her current project. Extra time in the Tech. Lab or Shop,
before school, can be scheduled for the student who has an occasional absence and has
not fallen too far behind on their current project. However, make up time will not be
permitted for work time missed due to Unexcused absences, Activity Removal, or
ISS/ Suspension. Also, students who develop extended periods of absence or chronic
attendance problems will be required to complete written assignments instead of projects.


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