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Proving Once Again that No Good Deed Should Go Unpunished

An associate in a Boston law firm claimed that his former employer had unlawfully retaliated
against him by not giving him letters of recommendation he wanted after he filed a complaint of
racial discrimination against his employer. His employer successfully defended the claim
through trial and appeal after the court refused to grant the employer summary judgment on that
The suggestion though that you have to give good letters of recommendation to every former
employee who demands them is, itself, disturbing. However, what makes this case particularly
disturbing is the fact that the employer had given the associate 6 months within which to find
another job during which he maintained his office and received all of his salary and benefits
before he filed his complaint with the EEOC. The story in the ABA Journal with a link to the
First Circuits appellate decision is here.
9/1/2015 Lawrence B. Hunt of Hunt & Associates, P.C. All rights reserved.