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TIMBERLAWN DALLAS ‘August 27,2015 ‘Texas Workforce Commission ‘Attention: Layof/WARN 101 E. 15® Stret, RM 404 Austin, TX78778-0001 Pax: 512-936-0331 Dear Siv/Madem: ‘This letters being istued in accordance with the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) in order to notify you that Timberlawn Mental Health System is closing one or more its operating units, along with al of is affiliated programs, This includes the facility located at 4600 Sarmuell Boulevard Dallas, Texas 75228 along with Timberlawa Garlend 2300 Marie Curie, Gasland, Texas, 75042. This will result inthe permanent layoff of 160 employees. Attached, you will find a listing ofthe numbers and types of jobs impacted by the closing. ‘Timberlawn Mental Health System is not part of «union. Therefore, bumping rights for employees are not an option At this poin in time, all affected employees have been notified ofthe closure, This notice is being submitted based on the information that I have at this pont in time. Should you need farther information, I ean be contacted at 214-381-7181, Sincerely, pcltip- Shel Adans Chief Executive Officer ‘Timberlawmn Mental Heath System