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Grant funded projects have become a major economic sector and are specifically
designed to solve problems that are not being solved by mainstream statuary
funding bodies.
Over the past ten years, both in Europe and developing countries, analysis has
shown that the failure rate for projects achieving their stated objectives is
extremely high, 60% in some cases. This is primarily due to poor project design
in the first instance. Poor project design occurs due to a combination of factors;
these are:
• confusion between designing projects and writing project proposals;
• a lack of understanding of the real issues facing potential beneficiaries;
• not taking account of the assumptions on which projects are dependent;
• not appreciating the social, cultural and political framework in which
projects have to be implemented;
• generating unrealistic objectives and outputs, time frames and cost
• having unclear objectives and no practical method for monitoring progress
of projects;
• inadequately involving stakeholders at the outset in designing the project
and securing their support and commitment.