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JALECO USA INC. LIMITED WARRANTY JALECO USAINC. 310 Era Drive Northbrook, tinois 60062 (708) 460-1 ‘anus FoR auc TOTALLY RAD FROM DUDES. 17s JUST ONE oF MANY MOST EXCELLENT AND BODACIOUS GAMES WE WILL BE BRINGING OUT FOR youn NES. WHOA! YOU FOUND THE TABLE OF CONTENTS, DUDE. ‘THE TOTALLY RAD STORY OF AMOST UN- PRECEDENTED REGULAR DUDA VERY FicHTEOUS BABE. AND A CNAALY OLD MAGICIAN WHO USED TO LIVE IN AMOST BODACIOUS SPREAD INSIDE THE SAN ‘ANDREAS FAULT. 2 ‘OBECTOF THE GAME AWESOME THINGS THAT, IFNOT MADE KNOWN TO FELLOW ‘DUDES UKE YOURSELF WOULD CONST TUTE A MOT EGREGIOUS OVERSIGHT ON OUR PAR, . GETTING STARTED (SAP THIS PART AND ‘CFOERAPIZZAOR SOMETHINGINSTEAD, Dudes, “case THIS STUFF IS OO SSMPLE REALLY, 3 (ON SCREENDISPLAYS(WHOA FEADTAS ‘CAUSE TELLS YOU HOW TOGETANEW GPeronsune, or ‘CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS (EVERYB0OY NEEDS TO. KNOW WHAT BUTTONS. TO PUSH DUDE On THe WORLOASWERNOW IE WOULD COME TOACOMPLETE STAND. SMULFORSURE). ct USING MAGIC (A MOST PRODIGIOUS EXPLANATION OF THE MAXTTUDINOUS CCHOIGES THAT APPEAR WHEN YOU HIT SuEStanT BUTTON, 3 ASK THE RIGHTEOUS QUESTIONS, GET ‘Soe RioHTEOUS ANSWERS, DUDE. 10 TAKING CARE OF YOUR JALECO cave 7 HELP ANLECO INVENT GAMES YOULL ke 18 THE TOTALLY RAD STORY OF A MOST UNPRECEDENTED REGULAR DUDE, A VERY RIGHTEOUS BABE, AND A GNARLY OLD MAGICIAN WHO USED TO LIVE. IN AMOST BODACIOUS SPREAD INSIDE THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT! So Jako ust this roguar dude right? And Alison is this voy sightzous babe, right? ‘And Zobdih this Goal ld magician who used to ve bares the eurtaca ofthe sath ight? So, that's tho sory — unless you want me to eiaborat totaly. For Sure, Trew you woul. (0K, s0 Jake i just this regular de wh has this thing for hover Fghtous babe, ‘Alison. And he two them moot this gral ld magician named Zebedah, who ‘actualy happens be this creature person eld om the underground wot nly there's no way youre supposed to know hat yet, OK? 2) ‘Anyway. Zsbedahs magic is nt your usual totaly bogus prestigtaton that onl 2 toll bonahood woulsbotove was rl. Noway. Imean, when's the last ine the ‘magica tat your Mom hired for our ie sister's thay party turned hinsol ito fan eagle, or cured up a ttaly major wid soem, or topped ne? Not to recent, rah? For suo, Zabeciah can actualy do al that racial tt, only he can do a whole ot ‘more tan al that racial tit, too, He can also change ino a omcrestre or ‘Rotamesphosize into this totaly gagsome fh hing, or eause bodacious bouders ‘around — justo mention afew. Soke and Alison wore impressed othe th ‘ower, and Zabedia ot this special connection 10 Jako — kid fa toxchy oly ‘ing without the touching or teling. Its so har tak about thase kinds of fooings for sure, you know? Wel, one thing lads to another and before you know it— maior boom, for sue “Zebedah teaches Jake everyhing he knows ad Jake changes om agar dda ‘wih marginal skateboarding sil ths realy unprecedented regular Gude weh mar {nal sateboaring sls who can change ino an eagle, + ho, of a gagsome eh thing, and who can also eause mar envionmental havoc wi is newound magical powers. So now Jeke is sta whole ot more ertraning at pares and everything i Sreatant gh? Wrong. Lite di Jake and Alison know that hey had become pubescant pawns in the pestlen power pots of Eden, the maleasant underground menace who, through mental mabracice and mesmerism, had managed o impose the malvolont eanderings this morally morbund mind.on he majrty of fe inhabant ofthe underground world. Whoa! Somebody slap mol Say could use a picture break, How abut you, does Where wore we? OK, soittums out hat Edogy has totaly grandote design on {aking over a major churk of Calloria above ground as well ax blow, ann the ‘tue spit of know thy enemy” he decides fo Kidnap one of vs abovegroundes to fd ‘ut al he can about how we hi, fee, and mak weapons. 4 ogy decides that he wants okdnap Allon’ dad, a prtessor and th smartst ‘Quy onthe West Coast — excop that Alison's da ves naa he Holiwood Free ‘nay takes ho Holywood Freeway to work, works nar the Hoyood Freeway, and basicaly hardly ever leaves he Holywood Freeway and, as &hsppane, ogy has this maj pubic transportation advocacy tng and teres no way hel get anyahere ‘0a the Holywood Freeway. Soe Kinaps Alison instead, igung that Alicon's dad wilbo lured away tom he Holywood Fresway long enough fo save his daugh- ter, Turns outhe was right ‘So dudes, now Egy has bth Alison and Alison's dad without having had o go anyaore nea the Holyncod Freeway. He figures be has made an awesome sia ‘on taking over Calflora, andhe also fgures someone wil come ater Alison and ‘Alison's dad, so he sonds out some ol hi ‘tay grotesque underground ende who ave very excelont names ike Rubyia and Bicopero various pots along the routoto hie hideout ‘Soby now you've probably got figured right ues? Joka, wah Ie help rom ‘ebesah, has to rescvo Aon ans Aliso’ dad, nt Jake's gong fo have to use his totaly rad magic totaly wipe up the flor with Edogy's eal grotesque ends ashe makes he way toward Edony. know 'sboen kindof along story, bul t's 30 taal youkrow? Later, dudes, 5 ‘OBJECT OF THE GAME (AWESOME THINGS THAT, IF NOT MADE KNOWN TO FELLOW DUDES. Like YOURSELF, WOULD CONSTITUTE A MOST EGREGIOUS OVERSIGHT ON (OUR PART.) (OK, dudes. Tiss a pct of my boss. He dows have ‘anything oo wth ths gama, youknow? Sowhat you have foo is save Alson and Alsons dad trom the Cues of Edogy. Ine process, yu ood to work {hrough the game’ ve lovle. Each lave has either wo or three stages witua tho love. Atthe ond ofeach vel, Jake has o totaly take out one of Edogys huge and grctesaue fans in ore to proceed io te net love ‘Youve got 12 totaly rad magic powers to lp you. They are described lator inthe ‘manual Youre going to have t9 use magic wey and spaingly, because you're only ‘Given ited amount of power to use magic. W's important to igure tthe righ ‘laces inthe gam to vs the various magical powersin ower fr you to win 6 Here's a description of each stage and each of Edogy's gross frends ‘wo await you at ho end ofeach level mace 11 — STAGE 21 — THE CITY STREETS ‘user Pan Aopen, Edoy any reiarts he ion ctonn Jae bagi ‘hatch ote stAce22— Te sewens eee Riri ena Soar einarmak aie een age cele ene ee ee ‘track, ” STAGE12—UNDER THE BIGTop —THECITY so flows Edo stralto he REMSTIED Shean Hae surires the pris cthe Big Top, Rubyllia, one of Edogy’s Sian ‘measly associates, awaits to prevent ees o She fom gn , DOWN on Control Pad: Duck (ermove curser down on magic selection mend) UP on Control Pad: Move eursor up ‘on magi selection mens 2 ‘Abuton: Jump. (rst ye ot mapeon mie {electon menu) Blbuton: Fre or turn to main game seen wihoutsolecing new pa of magicon magi salecton mend) UP and B burton: Use elects mage START: Bing up magi election ment (ecru oman game cereen witout selcing anew ype! mage-on mage Seleton menu) SELECT: Pause game or retin to ‘ction om pause USING MAGIC (AMOST PRODIGIOUS EXPLANATION OF THE TOTALLY MULTITUDINOUS “CHOICES THAT APPEAR WHEN YOU HIT THE START BUTTON) -Aaytine you waa! use any af the 12 kinds of magi avaiable 0 you, fet prose START to bring th magic selection menu onto the screen. Use the Corl Pad 0 ‘move he arow-shaped cursor unl appears above the typeof magic you wantto ee. Than, ross the Abutlon‘o slet the mage. The magi solecion monu wil <ésappear rom te screen Topputthe sleciod magic it ato, press UP onthe Control Pad than press the B baton whe conning to hold down UP). Keop in mid that you have ited power fx performing magi. Whenever you uso 8 ‘magical power. you decrease he amount of energy thal you hava 9 paform magi {sindeated by the number of blu bars on he sat indicator nthe upper lthand potionattheserven, Whan you Rave no bus bar lt on thesia inet, you ‘canot use any more magic. 13 Here are the 12 types of magic, the number of magic points (blue bars) ‘each requires, and a description of thelr tects: WAND (2) JAKE (015) EAGLE pis) Powertip spl fat Retinske b romal_ Talos Jake rian UFE UP (4 85) FRE 2 pts.) Seine ornare at FonLIOH EAGLE oF gp Ets hrrcasee i gage ape mesos er weak tomes on 0 em rmesrum ( 0) ‘re onomas on cr Fi Ou FE HALF UP (2 pts.) DAMAGE SHIELD (2 pts.) WATER (2 pts.) Sg cea eek RN a os se ae emmmertrnm Reeaeensset ie reeccc* — fommrweciess | nips Eat at 14 aa a th thhththhbhhhhh bbb hbhhhh hhh sh ‘ASK THE RIGHTEOUS QUESTIONS, TAKING CARE OF YOUR JALECO GAME GET SOME RIGHTEOUS ANSWERS, DUDE. «This Jaeco Game Pak a precision rated devs with complex Paes = econ ereity. Avo! ute tio unde Shack or exomes Meceateie os eae aes Temperature. Never attempt io open or cismante the Game Pak. nee "= rot ouch he terminal ado alow tem to come ino cortac with 9 ‘eater ortte game cruty wi oe camsges +. vnenyou soot, you can merase te power at your sot wp totes Ri += Anays make sue your NES Corto Decks SWITCHED OFF when ey eae) ee ee ee ee inserting the Game Pak or removing it from the NES Control Deck. the more powertl your shot 2. You can contro the height of your jumps. The longer you bold down the ‘Abuiton the higher your jump. 3. Choose your use of magic carefully. Using the right magic atthe right tie is vial to wirning the game. \WARtaNG: 00 NOT USE WITH FRONT OR REAR PROJECTION Tv Donot we Str a pacon sn wh os sn Eranment Sen (ES) an i vee ge Yor poet oraz sen ay bo emery cmoged ‘eee gone ssa svar © pane re payeson eur Ponce mewn ‘Siar Savage may ase dou pac sno gos has orate. 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