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Form : 4 Science 1

Day : Friday

Time : 8.00a.m - 9.20 a.m(80 minutes)

Subject : Chemistry

Topic : 9.0 Manufactured Substances in Industry

Main Concepts : Sulphuric Acid and Ammonia and Its Salts

Keywords : 1. Contact Process

2. Acid rain

3. Haber Process

Aims : 1. To know the uses of sulphuric acid.

2. To understand the manufacture of sulphuric acid.

3. To know the uses of ammonia.

4. To know the properties of ammonia.

5. To understand the manufacture of ammonia.

Teaching objectives : At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

1. List the uses of sulphuric acid.

2. Explain all the stage in manufacture sulphuric acid.

3. List the uses of ammonia.

4. Explain the synthesis of ammonia.

Noble values : 1. Having an interest and curiosity towards the environment.

2. Think rationally.

3. Appreciate the uses of sulphuric acid and ammonia in life.

Thinking skills : Classifying,predicting, interpreting and simplifying.

Teaching methods : Explanation,discussion,analyzing.

Teaching aids : 1. Chemistry Form 4 textbook

2. Chemistry Form 4 CD-ROM

3. Chart

4. mahjong paper

5. handouts

Lesson contents : Sulphuric acid,H2SO4 :

• Uses of sulphuric acid are manufacture of

detergent,production of fertilisers,manufacture of artificial
fibres and leather tanning.

• Sulphuric acid is manufactured in industry through Contact


• There are three stages in Contact Process.

• Sulphur dioxide can cause acid rain.

• Uses of ammonia are to manufacture of fertilisers,
manufacture of synthetic fibres and manufacture of

• The properties of ammonia:

 Is alkaline

 Is a colourless gas

 Has a pungent smell

 Is less dense than air

 Burns in oxygen gas O2 but not in the air

 Is very soluble in water

• Ammonia is manufactured in industries through Haber


 Combines nitrogen gas, N2 from the air with

hydrogen gas, H2.