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Today 7 january 2010 and it’s mean year 2009 is over. Although year 2009 is over but it has
given me lovely and wonderful moments in my life. In addition, i think 2009 is my lucky year
because after STPM examination, i still can futher my study to univercity. In Mac 2009, the
result has come over and i get the good result. I has choose UPSI as my first choise
univercity. Eventhough Malaysia Studies is not my first choice but i’m still greatful because i
can futher my studies.

Julai 2009, is my first time at UPSI. I come from Sabah with out friend n family member.
After i arrived at UPSI, i feel so bored and lonely because still dont have a friend. After 2 or 3
day i got many friend’s, and after that i feel happy with my housemate and all new friend’s
that i have here. So, i think year 2009 is my wonderful year and the wonderful moment in my