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Jacob Shufro

Chem 6


Properties of a Saturated NaCl Solution


The purpose of this lab is to determine the Ksp for NaCl in H2O solution. This

will be done by creating a saturated solution to determine the solubility of NaCl in water

at a specific temperature. The molarity will then be used to determine the Ksp of NaCl.


• 250 mL Beaker

• Graduated Cylinder

• H2O

• NaCl

• 150 mL Beaker (dry)

• Electronic Balance

1. Place approximately 10g of NaCl in a clean 250 mL beaker. Add approximately

25 mL of water.

2. Stir and add additional NaCl until the solution is saturated. When the solution is

saturated, some of the NaCl crystals should remain at the bottom of the beaker.

3. Weigh a dry 150 mL beaker. Decant between 10 mL and 20 mL of solution into a

graduated cylinder. Record the volume and poor it into the dry 150 mL beaker.

4. Place the 150 mL beaker with solution into the oven to evaporate.

5. Record the volume of the 150 mL beaker after evaporation is completed.


1. Mass of dry NaCl remaining after evaporation:

a. mass of beaker with crystals - mass of empty beaker: 69.05g - 65.25g =

2. Moles of NaCl in solution:

a. 3.80g NaCl * (1 mole NaCl/58.44g NaCl) =

3. Molarity of NaCl in saturated solution:

a. 6.5023x10^-2 / 1.249x10^-2 L =

5.206 Moles/Liters
4. Chemical Equation for equilibrium in the saturated solution:

a. NaCl(s) + ENa+ + Cl-

5. Solubility product expression:

a. Ksp = ([Na+]1[Cl-]1) / ([NaCl])

6. Molar Concentration of Na+ and Cl-:

a. NaCl(s) + ENa+ + Cl- and [NaCl] = 5.206 moles/liter so [Na+] and

[Cl-] = 5.206 moles/liter

7. Calculate Ksp for NaCl:

a. [Na+][Cl-] = 5.206 moles/liter * 5.206 moles/liter =

8. Define: Solubility, Solubility product:

a. Solubility: “Solubility is the amount of a solute that will dissolve in a

specific solvent under given conditions.” –Wikipedia

b. Solubility product: The product of the equilibrium concentrations of the

ions in a saturated solution of a salt. -


The purpose of the lab was to determine a value for the Ksp of NaCl at our

laboratory conditions. The value found was 27.102. The value for Ksp doesn’t use any

units, as it is a reference number used to compare solubility. The higher the Ksp of a

substance, the more soluble it is. The Ksp found for NaCl was a rather high one, meaning

that large amounts of NaCl can be dissolved into water.