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Scite for editing .

srt subtitle files

The right Text editor to edit subtitles or write plain text in Windows.

Install for Windows from here:

Then, open Scite and configure it,

Go to Options menu and select Open Global Options File

A file will open, looking like this:

In those numbered lines, you should change some options. Look at the
numbers in the left side, and change.

Line number Original Change to this value

15 position.width=576 position.width=776
37 #toolbar.visible=1 toolbar.visible=1
50 line.margin.visible=1 #line.margin.visible=1
159 #wrap=1 wrap=1
293 *.odl;*.idl;*.rc;*.rc2;*.dlg;*.de *.txt;*.srt;*.rc;*.rc2;*.dlg;*.def;\

Having changed those values, check Save in the File menu. Then close Scite,
re-open it, and it will work quite well with .srt files.