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Love / Fear Name:

Contact Sheet Evaluation Period:


______ / ______ 10 points Shooting Objective

I have shot 24 exposures of black and white film based on the love / fear art problem .
Each of my exposure are of high quality. They have been properly exposed and focused.
I have shot at least a variety ideas using a variety of compositions.

______ / ______ 10 points Film Exposure (shooting)

I have accurately used my camera’s light meter to successfully expose my film to have contrast and clarity.
Each of my exposures is sharp, clear and have a wide range of values.
I have utilized bracketing techniques to ensure that I have good high quality prints.

______ / ______ 10 points Film Processing

I have properly loaded my film on to a processing reel and into a processing tank.
I have carefully used the chemicals in the proper sequence, proper agitation and the proper times.
I have correctly cut and organized my negatives in order by number or by composition.
I have labeled my negative sleeve properly (in permanent marker, on the negative sleeve before creating my
contact sheet). I have included my name, period and title of the shooting assignment .

______ / ______ 20 points Contact sheet / evaluation

I have used a clean glass easel to successfully print a contact sheet
I have used a TEST STRIP to determine the proper amount of time to expose my contact sheet for.
I have completed all evaluation questions using complete sentences / thoughts.
______ / ______ 50 points

Contact Sheet Brainstorming and Evaluation

1. Use an scissors to cut out 2 sets of frames you are thinking about using. Tape frames to the back of this
sheet in the design you are planning to use to show your diptych. Leave enough space to answer the following

2. Label your love, Label your fear.

3. Do these images go well together? Why or why not? Think about conceptual and compositional connections.

In a plastic Sleeve - Turn in with your negatives, contact sheet, and this evaluation form