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20's - Very Prosperous economies

Warlords - 1925-27

London was first successful world financial capital! But for the war, everyone
borrowed from America, which made it a creditor country!
-America gave money to every new government EVERY, basically every country
1929 - Market Collapsed

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in jail, rose the Nazi party from this book
Blamed Jews for everything

Lenin died in early 20's, replaced by Stalin who was just as bad as Hitler
Stalin forced economic development which cost a lot of lives.
Gulag - basically free labor or slavery
1932-33 - huge famine because of this^^, government did not do anything
about it to stop resistance
Great Terrors - Stalin killed anyone he wanted, which was a lot of people
He killed his top generals which was a detriment in WW2 against Germans

Hitler in 1933 took advantage of the crap economic, and made a good plan to
recover it and did it successfully to win the election and carry out his promise.
Hindenburg, President appointed Hitler as Chancellor
Political opponents silenced immediately - sent to concentration camps or
Jews were being taken care of!
Gave Jobs to all the unemployed, and gave money to merchants and
business people to invest into weapons
Hitler is getting ready for WAR! Get out of the depression…
New Airforce

Huge gap of notes missing - Get at Scoots (about German leader and pacific war)

Taisho - 20's Japan Leader,

Taisho Democracy
It died, and a young emperor took over Huririto?
1931 - Japan takes over Manchuria of China
Warlords - private armies
More notes missing - Someone allied with Chinese Communist Party (Mao Zhedong),
started a civil war

Hitler Youth
Little Wolves - Italy's youth programs
Every place has youth programs

Japan and China had a war, Japan acquired good parts of China but not entirely.
China got military help from west and Japan didn't have the biggest army
Italy took over Ethiopia in 1935
1936 - Germany takes over Rhineland
1936 - Spain civil war, some led by Franco, Nationalists eventually won
1938 - Hitler walks into Austria, and took it easily
In violation of Versailles Treaty
Now had covered 3 sides of Czechoslovakia
Hitler met with leaders (Mussolini and France)
Not intervened by Western powers
Then went into Czechoslovakia and just took it over

Churchill/Chamberlain notes

Poland being taken over by russia/germany

Nonagression Pact
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