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Mau Zedong

China was cut off in 1942, everything went by air from India
1st priority was Military Arms
Peasants suffered dreadfully
Taxes extremely high
Conscription took 14-15 year olds
Warlords were useless, had plans with japanese
Army was more political
Italy should not have joined the war
Not industrialized
Bad agricultural
Bad army
No food from import, sunk by British
Lost most fights
Mussolini was very popular
Flew biplanes
Became more dependent on Germany as the war went on
Was friends with America, so going to war against them was stupid
Army was inefficient
1943-Italy was on its knees - starvation, riots, strikes
Japan had been at war for a long time
Industry was narrow
Heavily dependent on agricultural imports
People only knew Japanese Propaganda
Hitler was always popular
As war went on, they became less popular
Won battles and put people to work
Kept peacetime during first part of war
WTF - production of other things went on
Used foreign laborers - unpopular - caused revolts
Hitler was a soldier himself - popular
Ludwig Beck - Anti-Hitler Conspirator
Most generals were aristocrats
Kept allies up with what Hitler would do next
Still followed orders - lost respect of Allies
1942 - Munich University
Scholls and Sophie - saw what happened at war, and told all their friends
Printed anti-war posters - got executed so quickly
White rose movement
Occupation - Germany policies were different everywhere
Less brutal in the West
East was death
Kill all Jews and Slavs
Stole children
3 All
Peasants smuggled crashed Americans out to safety
3 all was japans' motto to destroy everything
Fear is primary Motive
Quisling - such a bad leader that he was fired by Nazis and then after the war shot
by the Norwegians.
France surrendered to the Germans
Cheese eating surrender monkeys
All governments never gave up but ran to Britain.
France took in the Vichi Regime
Charles DeGaule called out the regime,