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18 TUGboat, Volume 31 (2010), No.

Theses and other beautiful documents with 2. Typography: Using good typography for a thesis
classicthesis requires expert knowledge, artistic skill, and of-
ten even more implementation effort. This is
André Miede
even more true if a personal design deviates sig-
Abstract nificantly from the design of the LATEX standard
classes (including the ones mentioned above).
There are a multitude of university-specific LATEX-
templates for theses, implementing various “formal” Regarding typography, we must note that the
requirements. This article introduces a template so- “formal” requirements of many universities make it
lution which focuses on typographical beauty instead nearly impossible to submit a typographically high-
and, in addition, offers an organizational foundation quality thesis. Often, the reasons for this have their
for any type of thesis or other large document. origins in the pre-computer typewriter-age and are as
numerous as they are incomprehensible. Arbitrarily
defined margins, font specifications and sizes, 1.5
1 Introduction
line-spacing or even double-spaced lines are just the
Theses challenge students with regards to both con- beginning of a long list of typographical atrocities
tent and organization. Most of the time, a thesis theses may be required to follow. This leads to
crowns academic studies and is gladly used as a work documents which are hard and painful to read, their
sample for future work in industry and research. contents notwithstanding.
The freely available typesetting system LATEX This topic is usually dismissed without discus-
offers powerful tools, for example, regarding mathe- sion as a matter of taste, but typography is not a
matical formulae or bibliography and cross-reference matter of taste. As Robert Bringhurst [1] puts it:
management. Furthermore, LATEX allows for creating “Typography exists to honour content. [. . . ]
documents of high typographic quality which can It is a craft by which the meaning of a text (or
be exchanged between systems and printed easily its absence of meaning) can be clarified, hon-
due to system-independent output formats such as oured and shared, or knowingly disguised.”
the Portable Document Format (PDF) or PostScript.
These features make LATEX interesting even for stu- The curious reader can find interesting and under-
dents from non-technical subjects. Easy-to-install standable introductions to typography in the works
distributions like MiKTEX [5] and TEX Live [7] and of Bringhurst [1] or Tschichold [6], for example.
a plethora of useful manuals enable even people with- The call for a general-purpose LATEX class for
out a great technical affinity a comfortable start with theses has existed for a rather long time and leads
a quick feeling of success. to lively discussions in the respective groups again
and again. However, so-called “formal” requirements
for theses as described above undo any approach
2 Challenges
towards a general-purpose LATEX class. This is due
Despite the relatively moderate ease of learning, us- to the fact that these requirements do not have much
ing LATEX for the configuration and typesetting of a in common except their ignorance for the experience
large document, e. g., a complete thesis, is somewhat of a traditional craft.
challenging. Excellent classes such as KOMA-Script
[2] or memoir [8] offer a sound foundation but still 3 A solution
require a lot of both skill and effort regarding config- Despite the requirements mentioned above, there are
uration and organization for thesis purposes. some students (or other authors) lucky enough to
The main issue in this context is usually the develop their work’s contents and layout in cooper-
tight schedule for preparing and writing the thesis. ation with their supervisors. For these people, the
Naturally, the thesis’s contents take priority over bundle classicthesis [3] offers the opportunity to
other aspects — two subsequent but important chal- use a typography-conscious layout and to concen-
lenges are the following: trate solely on the contents of their work. The term
“bundle” was chosen because classicthesis is more
1. Organization: As mentioned above, the configu-
than just a package for LATEX, it is. . .
ration of powerful LATEX classes regarding thesis
requirements is time-consuming and often com- • . . . a preconfigured and reusable framework based
plicated. Although the clever organization of on the KOMA class scrreprt, which offers a use-
the used input files and parameters significantly ful folder- and file-structure.
eases the whole work process, it costs time and • . . . a LATEX package, that provides a classic and
requires skill as well. high-quality typographic design based on Robert

André Miede
TUGboat, Volume 31 (2010), No. 1 19

Bringhurst’s book “The Elements of Typographic 4 Conclusions

Style” [1]. This design can also be used outside Theses and other large documents pose challenges
the bundle, e. g., for letters, résumés, and so on. not only in regard to their contents, but also in terms
Examples for the look-and-feel of the design are of organization and typography. Especially the latter
shown in Figure 1. two challenges are often neglected due to serious time
Apart from minor adaptations to the user’s needs, constraints of the whole endeavor.
classicthesis can be used right away, as the ac- The bundle classicthesis offers authors a pre-
companying manual serves both as an example and defined framework for the typesetting system LATEX
foundation for the user’s own document. featuring both an organizational and typographical
The standard font used in classicthesis is template, which “just” has to be filled with the au-
Hermann Zapf’s classic Palatino. It is freely available thor’s contents. This improves both the creation
as URW Palladio and is contained in most LATEX process and the layout quality of the finished work
distributions, thus, a separate installation is often significantly.
not necessary. Furthermore, this font is one of the
few free ones featuring suitable math fonts, real small 5 Acknowledgments
caps, and old style figures, which all work towards Many thanks go the LATEXperts who work tirelessly
a high typographical quality. Thus, every font that in forums such as (de.)comp.text.tex and who
comes with real small caps and old style figures can help to solve nearly every LATEX problem.
be used for classicthesis, for example Libertine I am also very grateful to those people all over
[4] as another free font or Robert Slimbach’s popular the world who sent me bug fixes, feedback, or post-
Minion as a commercial alternative. Fonts without cards for classicthesis.
these features are not suitable as they do not support
important design elements of classicthesis. References
A common source of skepticism of people en- [1] Robert Bringhurst. The Elements of
countering classicthesis for the first time is the Typographic Style. Version 3. Hartley & Marks,
setup of the text body due to its narrow appearance. Publishers, Point Roberts, WA, USA, 2004.
However, the line length was calculated based on [2] Markus Kohm. KOMA-Script, 2010.
typographical formulae which are a compromise be-
tween the amount of text per line and the reader’s koma-script.
comfort — long lines lead to some kind of uneasiness, [3] André Miede. classicthesis, 2010. mirror.ctan.
because the eye has to jump a long way back at org/macros/latex/contrib/classicthesis.
the end of the line. Supervisors and other skeptics
can be assured that this layout does not hold fewer [4] Philipp Poll. Libertine Open Fonts Project
(LOFP), 2009.
characters per page than the typical university de-
sign featuring 1.5 line-spacing or worse. In addition,
increasing the font size to 11 pt or 12 pt allows for [5] Christian Schenk. MiKTEX, 2010. www.miktex.
increasing the line length; precalculated widths and org.
heights can be found in the classicthesis style [6] Jan Tschichold. The New Typography.
files and are easily applied using a single line of code. University of California Press, 2006.
Last but not least, the broad margins can be used [7] TEX Users Group (TUG). TEX Live, 2010.
either by supervisors for review comments or by the
document’s author for informative “graffiti”, e. g., [8] Peter Wilson. Memoir, 2010. mirror.ctan.
short summaries. org/macros/latex/contrib/memoir.
Since the beginning of 2006, classicthesis is
freely available via CTAN under the GNU General  André Miede
Public License. It has been used worldwide for nu- Detmolder Straße 32
merous theses and other kinds of documents and 31737 Rinteln
was subsequently enhanced and stabilized. More de- Germany
tailed information can be found in the short manual miede (at) web dot de
and example document. In addition, the source files
are commented and both organized and named in a
helpful manner.

Theses and other beautiful documents with classicthesis

TUGboat, Volume 31 (2010), No. 1

14 examples
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Examples: Italics, A L L C A P S, Small Caps, low small
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André Miede
Figure 1: classicthesis example pages (reduced size)