AN ACTIVITY PLAN Group: 10 Ss Gender: 3 males, 7 females Age: 7 to 8 Level: Beginner Materials: A Cell Phone and its Photograph

Time: 5 min. Interaction: T/Ss, S/Ss. OBJECTIVES By the end of the lesson, 1) The students will have practiced “the numbers”

STEPS  T asks a S to sit on a chair in front of the class and gives him a cell phone.
 T writes a sentence to the board and hangs a cell phone photograph.  T asks other Ss to look the photograph and say the numbers equal to each letter

in the sentence.
 T wants the S having the cell phone to type every number they say as a “Short

 T asks the Ss to say the numbers one by one.  T asks the S to turn the board and write the sentence on the cell phone.

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