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Registration of Books Act

The Press Commission also recommended changes in the Press and

Registration of Books Act, 1867. The Act deals with the registration of
printing the registration and preservation of books. Despite this Act,
there was little or no check whether a newspaper came out regularly and
whether the information or declaration submitted by it was correct.
Therefore, one central authority named the Press Regulation of India,
exercising supervisory jurisdiction over the press was appointed.
Registrars who were also appointed in each State, were required to
maintain complete registers of all the newspapers and periodicals, news
and advertising agencies in the States who were obliged to register
themselves under the Act and, on their failure to do so, would become
ineligible to carry on their business.
As per the recommendations of the Press Commission, the Press
Registrar has been issuing annual reports giving information about the
press, also indicating the trends and giving a fairly clear picture. The
Commission recommended filling of all newspapers with the National
Library of India, along with books. These recommendations were carried
out by the Amending Act of 1956.