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The ZM Makeba Trust

On 28th August, 2004, Miriam Makeba initiated the setting up of the ZM Makeba
Trust with the following objective:

“The Trust shall be devoted to to maximize the benefits accruable to the

beneficiaries and its principal objects shall be the safeguarding of all the
intellectual property assets of Z M Makeba”

Miriam Makeba had spent (then) 52 years plus building her intellectual property
assets which she then assigned to the ZM Makeba Trust.
Miriam Makeba, was, amongst many things, a woman of great vision who saw far
into the future, and with her uncanny and acute sense of history, she determined that
her legacy was to be of benefit to her family, and by consolidating intellectual
property, she determined that her legacy would also be of benefit to her community,
her culture, her country and indeed all the world ...and should never be abused.
The term of the ZM Makeba Trust is 75 years
The ZM Makeba Trust is responsible for the safeguarding, protection and maximizing
the benefits accruable, in,to and from all Miriam Makeba’s intellectual property
assets, including her copyrights, trademarks, URL, image rights, archives,
performance rights, naming rights and the like. During the last ten years of her life
Miriam Makeba made a conscious effort to locate, source and secure all intellectual
property rights to the ZM Makeba Trust. She was successful in her efforts.
Miriam Makeba is a registered trademark owned by the ZM Makeba Trust.

Important Notice
Any party or organization or institution or individual that wishes to make use
of the name Miriam Makeba for any reason, commercial, con-commercial or
otherwise needs please to communicate with ZM Makeba Trust, and arrange
clearance for the use.