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I am weaving a yarn
from my bag of adventures,
deeds, misdeeds and ventures ---

some those which bore fruits

and those which did not

Telling a story is not so easy

-the yarn may not be queer or breezy

But I promise you, that the yarn will have

the tigers, the deer and the bears

The trees and the bushes and the flowers

The rivers, the cataracts, the clouds and the thunders

The Bushmen, the cowherds and numerous birds

There will be a fjord and some fords to crossover

and on the other side, among the vines,
A beautiful bower (for you to rest and dine)

It will also have: some dutiful guards, some guards wayward

Some tenacious officers some officers coward
Some great leaders some leaders dastard

I hope you would enjoy the twists and turns

As I move forward and the story churns