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Introduction to Drupal

Pavel Zemliansky, Ph.D


Description of SMAD 404

Study of advanced techniques in

interactive media for online and
fixed media delivery. Emphasis on
emerging technologies and
professional development
strategies. Includes creation of an
interactive portfolio.
The Purpose of Today’s Session
—Provide a brief introduction to Drupal

—Outline some possible uses of Drupal as a web design,

communication, and interaction platform

—Demonstrate the basic steps of configuring a Drupal site

What is Drupal?
—Drupal is a content management system

—Drupal is an open-source content management system

—Drupal is a very versatile and extendable open-source

content management system
Advantages of Using Drupal
—Almost limitless extendibility

—Allows for quick creation of social web sites (web 2.0)

—Ease of installation

—Like most other open-source software, Drupal is

comptetely free

—Drupal is supported by a robust community of

developers and designers

Disadvantages of Using Drupal
Fairly steep learning curve for novices

To radically change the look and structure of pre-made

themes, some knowledge of CSS and PHP is required

No centralized tech support, which may be an issue for

enterprise and organizational users

A Drupal Configuration Walk-Through
Some High-Profile Drupal-Based






Resources and Tutorials
—The Drupal Handbook (

—12 Drupal tutorials for beginners (

—Drupal Therapy (

—Funnymonkey—Drupal for Educators (

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