Moving into the Modern Age

By wintercool612

Great Britain played a role in shaping our modern world in two ways: • It helped develop a representative government.

• The industrial revolution started in Britain and spread.

Representative Government

Britain’s Government:
• A Monarchy - rule by a King or Queen
• A parliament - lawmakers who’s representatives are elected or appointed (sometimes the position is inherited) Would you agree with these types of government? Why? Or Why Not?

Did these advancements help government in Europe? Did they influence other countries outside of Europe?

Industrial Revolution

Britain was one of the first nations to industrialize.
• Coal was used as fuel
• Iron was used to make machinery • Raw materials were imported and sold to and from it’s colonies.

Since 1900

After World War II…
• Nearly all of Britain’s colonies gained independence • Former colonies had ethnic conflicts because
the British set up boundaries without regard to were their rivals lived.

The Irish Question

A problem that is still here today…
• Protestant English rulers gave land to Scottish and English Protestants • Without land to grow food, many Irish were left in poverty • In the 1840s famine caused over a million Irish to move to other lands • In 1921 the Irish gained independence and the island was divided into two states • Northern Ireland had a Protestant majority and remained part of the United Kingdom • This caused violence that plagued Northern Ireland