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War in Umuofia

Mariah Greenwood
Chris Phillips
How does war affect
• If a man has great success in wars then he
earns great respect. It doesn’t matter how old
the man is.

• If war does threaten then it can

be avoided if the enemy clan
gives up a boy and a young
virgin. This presents
trust to the opposing tribe.
How did war affect
How did war affect Okonkwo?
• Success in two inter-tribal wars got him
great respect.
• Okonkwo would tell stories about tribal
wars to Nwoye and Ikemefuna.
• He would cut off and keep the heads of
their enemies.
War in the Ibo
• After the Ibo were colonized and enslaved,
war was triggered.

• Igbo Women’s War of 1929

The British imposed a personal tax on
every Ibo. The Ibo women protested and
the British army killed a lot of them.

• War of Genocide (1967 – 1970)

A political crisis let to a massacre that killed
thousands of Ibos.
• Nigerian Civil War
Also known as the Biafran war caused a
lot of genocide among the Ibo people. It
was caused by a political conflict.
Hospitals, schools, and homes were
completely destroyed. The Ibos were
denied access to the money they had
saved before the war. They also faced a
lot of discrimination. They became
one of the poorest ethnic groups
in the 1970s.
• Does war in America compare to war in
the Ibo tribe?

• Has war benefited the people of Umuofia?

• Does war have the same benefits to us?

• Is it fair of the British to have colonized

and enslaved the Ibos?
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