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(1.5 page 163—Part 1)

Pages 163-173:
1. What is the title of this story?

2. Who is the author of this story?

3. Why kind of dinosaur is on page 164?

4. Does anybody know what dinosaurs sound like?

5. Why?
6. How long ago did the dinosaurs die?

7. How do we know a lot about dinosaurs?

8. What have they found in nests?

9. Were dinosaur eggs big or small?

10. Were most dinosaurs big or small?

11. How does the dinosaur on page 168-169 keep her eggs

12. What is the name of this dinosaur?

13. What does she make her nest out of?

14. Was she a good mother?

15. Why does the mother need to watch the nest?

16. How did the babies breathe in the eggshells?

17. Were the baby dinosaurs hungry on page 172?

18. How long did the babies eat?

19. Did dinosaur babies have small heads?

20. What where the babies’ heads and eyes like?

21. Are dinosaur babies born with teeth?

22. What is the name of the dinosaur on page 173?


(1.5 page 164—Part 2)

Pages 174-185
1. What did baby dinosaurs eat? Write all 5.

2. Was it safe for baby dinosaurs to hunt for food alone?

3. Why?
4. What do you think an enemy is?

5. Could baby dinosaurs fight or run fast?

6. What could baby dinosaurs do?

7. Why were some baby dinosaurs lucky?

8. What is a herd?
9. How did the big dinosaurs keep the baby dinosaurs from being

10. Were the babies safe in the herd?

11. Did the baby dinosaurs always stay small?

12. What happened to many of the baby dinosaurs?

13. There are 13 different kinds of dinosaurs in this story. Write

6 of them.

14. Miss Fatimah has a secret. She has a dinosaur that lives at
her house! Shhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. If they know, they will
come and take the dinosaur away from Miss Kaitlin. Miss Kaitlin
named her dinosaur “Daisy.” Miss Fatimah and Daisy like to do
many fun things together. They like to go for walks and play
games. They also like to listen to music. Daisy is a small purple
dinosaur. She is very beautiful. She is smaller than Miss
Fatimah! She is the nicest dinosaur in the world. Sometimes
Daisy likes to eat bad students when they make Miss Fatimah
really angry.
1. Who is Daisy?

2. What does Daisy like to eat?

3. What does Daisy look like?

4. Who is bigger? Miss Fatimah or Daisy?

5. Should you tell anyone about Daisy?

6. Why?

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