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Creeping vegetation destroying aquatic life February 25 2010 ,

Creeping vegetation has always been
detrimental to aquatic life. Hundreds of lakes
in Ekhuruleni are victims of this natural
phenomenon. Now a multi-million rand
machine could be the answer to rehabilitating
lakes, dams and wetlands.
An invasive haycinth has clogged the
Ekurhuleni dam for years now. Shoals of fish
are dying. The Ekurhuleni Municaplity’s Louis
Sibeko says: "We're convinced based on the
info that was given to us that this machine will
be able to help us. We are happy because we
only started yesterday but after some few days
or weeks we'll be able to come back and check if there's progress."
The machine is valued at over R7 million and critics believe it’s a waste of tax rands, but
some environmentalists differ. Environmentalist, Lebogang Raliapeng, says: "Its like 4
machines combined into 1, its a boat, also a dredger, it can also do what you call back howing
and when you can excavate it also does pool driving."
Ekurhuleni municipality is home to over 200 lakes. Authorities have urged local communities
to remain ecologically conscious and refrain from dumping waste into dams.