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Weekly Overview
US History
March 1 – March 5

Take up the White Man's burden--

Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;

-- Rudyard Kipling, “White Man’s Burden”

Unless otherwise indicated, assignments are due the day after they are assigned.
Day Topic Assignment

Monday Into. To Imperialism. Where Read 18.2. Be sure to consider

does it come from in the US and the know and do questions. Use
what does it look like? How do the link on the class website to
the racial attitudes of the time fill out the current issues survey
help encourage its by Friday.
development? Ultimately, what
are its goals?

Tuesday Spanish American War Finish preparing for tomorrow’s

discussion prep. We’ll read a discussion. Also, read 18.3,
selection about the concept of once again consider the know
Race in America in the late 19th and do questions.

Wednesday Spanish American war Read 18.4 and imperialism

discussion. handouts.

Thursday Lab 377 N working on American Imperialism and the

Imperialism essay OR Current Spanish American War essay
Issues project. due on Tuesday, March 9.
Submit the current issues survey
by tomorrow.

Friday Lab 377 N working on Work on your essays. For next

Imperialism essay OR Current Thursday, you should also have
Issues project. five articles and an overview for
your current issues project. We
will be in the lab for one more
day on Monday.