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Learning Record

Name syed sajid

City/Country 2530849 / India


Time spent studying on ALISON 06hours 29min

Courses studied Work in Progress

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Training: 36.36%

(COURSE) The basics of the world's most popular Web browser. Enter data into forms,
search the Web.

ALISON points 10

Each time you achieve a percentage of 80% or more within a test or quiz on the ALISON
platform you are awarded 10 ALISON Points.

All learning on ALISON is presented within the following organizational structure:


A TOPIC or QUIZ is a single learning object and as such is the smallest amount of
discrete learning available on ALISON.

You do not need to complete any one LESSON to be awarded points and they can be
accrued from any ALISON course.
The acquisition of ALISON Points is a way of illustrating your general knowledge and your
level of achievement and experience on ALISON.

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