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The Prelude to the Islamic State - Muhammad Ibn Katebur Rahman

The Prelude to the Islamic State - Muhammad Ibn Katebur Rahman

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Muhammad Ibn Katebur Rahman outlines motives and necessity for establishing an Islamic state in this Hizb ut-Tahrir policy document.
Muhammad Ibn Katebur Rahman outlines motives and necessity for establishing an Islamic state in this Hizb ut-Tahrir policy document.

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Published by: Political Islamism on Mar 03, 2010
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Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem


The Prelude to the Islamic State
By Muhammad Ibn Katebur Rahman

Allah be merciful to us the Muslims and may He forgive our sins as He watches over us right now. This book has been written out of the necessity which has risen in me to address the political and religious stagnation we face these days. Even this book doesn't cover all the aspects which we face today due to our disunity and possession of a land fit to Islamic reign, Allah willing I have tried to do what has been easy for me to address the problematic issues of this nation of ours. I pray for all the righteous persons and groups in this nation of ours who has been an inspiration for me and a resistance against the enemies of Islam. I pray for all sincere political Islamic political organizations that are on the path of Ahl Sunna wa Jamah. I pray for all my teachers who have taught me and still teaching me, and I pray for my parents who has been always helpful and caring to me to learn Islam, who has facilitated me to learn Islam and still doing so. Especially I pray for the oppressed among us who have been an inspiration for me and a driving force. And to the Muslims I say that may this book Allah willing be a help even it be an atom's weight, to all of you to fight justly against the enemies of Islam, whether intellectual or armed to achieve the realm suitable for an Islamic existence individual, social and national. I ask from all of the sincere Muslims to pray for me for my sins which I have done in my life and to pray for me that Allah saves me from any possible sins I may do in future.


Introduction We have been given Islam as guidance and his guidance is divided in to, acts of worship wholly between Allah and His servants and acts of achieving aims to attain the Islamic sovereignty on earth. Acts of worship are Salat, Saum, Zabh, etc which have no rational reasons for its existence. Then there are acts which have reasons for its existence such as spending wealth, Jihad, speaking truth, fighting injustice, preventing zina, drugs, interests, etc which are there for the benefit and well being of societies and nations. Each intelligent worshipper in order to achieve these goals of universal benefits therefore must always seek ways to attain it and one of it is theological and political unity. In order to envision the gateways in the world to implement and realize these universal interests we then must know about the changing world, we must know about the age of information. We must know about its nature, behavior, progression which includes knowing about politics, history, technology, science, military, cultures, philosophies, psychology of nations, people of power and values, places of interest and value, resources of earth, international law, internet, humanity with its divisions on basis of wealth, power and their place in history and progression. Our Prophet (saas) stated that the knowledge is a lost property of a believer and indeed this knowledge is all those knowledge which by knowing benefits Islam and the Muslims both in world and hereafter. The intelligent among us especially the clerics, therefore study books and organizes people of knowledge on basis of their respective expertise so that they can give efficient and effective solutions for the attainment of those Islamic universal benefits. The Islamic politics is just there to realize these universal benefits, to humanity on whole and Muslims in particular Contents

Preface Introduction

Chapter 1 the Religious necessity of Islam's rule Chapter 2 the Islamic Party Chapter 3 Islamic Government foreign policy model Chapter 4 on Government Chapter 5 A sketch of European History Chapter 6 Islam and Humanism Chapter 7 the Three Divisions of Muslim Nation Chapter 8 the Jamat Tableegh Chapter 9 the Ideal Woman Chapter 10 Islam and Economy Chapter 11 the Diagram of the Islamic Command Centre Chapter 12 Some Policies on Some Important Sectors Chapter 13 Western Evolution Chapter 14 Democracy is unacceptable Chapter 15 One World

Chapter 16 Islamic Dawah Chapter 17 Islamic Military Mind-Set Chapter 18 the Islamic Values Chapter 19 the Revolution Chapter 20 the Arab Governments Chapter 21 the Islamic Constitution Chapter 22 the destruction of a civilization Chapter 23 the Media and Muslim Masses Chapter 24 Political Directions Chapter 25 A word to the Muslim rulers

Chapter 1 The Religious necessity of Islam's rule

Allah has sent the Holy Book and taught it to His Prophet (pbuh) and then His Prophet passed some of that knowledge to some of his chosen companions and then these companions to people after them and like this the tradition of Islamic knowledge has started. There are then the Ulemas and the general masses and the relationship between the two is not of rigid feelings but like a father to his son. When the nature of this relationship is broken and when such relationship reaches a level where the general people sees these Ulemas as high beings and objects of venerations and awe then the first door to religious extremism starts, and when the relationship takes a form where the general masses doesn't know what the Ulemas speak of, then this gap of lack of understanding causes the foundation of Islamic unity to evaporate gradually thereby making two worlds in Islam i.e. the world where the Ulemas reside in and world where the general masses don't know what Islam stands for. So the relationship between the Ulemas and the mass is that of simplicity, love and cooperation based on fatherly and family atmosphere between them. Sadly this is the not the case today in our nation. And one of the main reasons is that the non-existence of Ulemas in seat of power. When there is Islam in seat of power ruled by Ulemas who understand book of Allah then they can implement it and one of the great teachings and important command of Book of Allah is unity and cooperation. What we see today in our nation of the form as described is due to Allah's Book not being implemented with efficiency and clarity. The Islamic history we see that the first four rightly guided Caliphs were Ulemas whose relationship with the masses was on the basis of simplicity and clarity, mutual understanding and love. After them the more misguided caliphs came to power and they were not like the four Caliphs before and due to their lack of righteousness in the domain of caliphate a perfect atmosphere conflict and religious sectarianism rose, and they being either lazy or incompetent didn't try subdue the heretical sects. Then from this atmosphere the extended version of religious sectarianism flourished and the righteous Ulemas were sidelined and they were mixed with the unrighteous ones thus general masses were in puzzle and lack of insincerity from many from among the masses caused them to not seek the pure Islam, rather made them

sectist and harsh. Over that the taste of world which gripped the Muslims over ages has faded their vision and firmness to seek the simplicity and clear Islam of the first history of Islam (i.e. time of Prophet). All these started when the seat of power lacked a just, righteous well versed man of religion, and he is an alim who has these qualities in him. Absence of such a leader caused the unending attacks by the heretics and enemies of Islam. Who is there today to ensure that such don’t take place? No one, and for this a just, righteous knowledgeable man from among us is needed. Again here we demand a guided alim in power, the government of Ulemas, just as the government of the first four Ulemas of power (i.e. first four caliphs). Realizing of this will also complete our obedience to the slaying of prophet (saas) that we must follow the rightly guided caliphs after him. It is then to the present famous places of Ulemas that this change should come firstly by the way of continuous calling to the Muslim nation, then by activity. One of the most famous places is Al-Azhar with its traditional sheikhs. A united front of Ulemas of this place free from political command of the corrupt leaders and wicked agents of the enemies will make the first step to the revival of Islam and its proper place as being the ruler not the ruled. Along with this all the Islamic parties must unite and engage in the revival of Islamic state to implement the simplicity and benefits of Islam in their respective nations.

1) The Leaders 2) The different branches accordingly

The Islamic party is divided in to two main branches: the active branch and the inactive branch. The active branch will have no transfer of information from the inactive branch, or the opposite, except to the Shura council, as Shura council will be the highest decision making body. It is to maintain security. The active branch is the branch which will rule and act politically (both religious activities and politics in the modern sense) whether in power or not. The inactive branch even though its name suggest is inactive in respect to the active branch. This branch is the intelligence and the fighters who must stay in shadows and conceal their identities. The field agents and the workers of this branch must have a profession apart from their party demands and such profession must not be deeply connected with his life, and which demands low profile of him, such as shop owners, washers, taxi drivers etc. The party should also pay for them if it sees it necessary.

Chapter 2 The Islamic Party

The Islamic party must be strong and efficient with intelligent Muslims and brave warriors. It should compose of:

The active branch is composed of many intellectuals, political thinkers, economists, scientists and religious scholars all working together to support their respective work areas to further the cause and honor of Islam. They will engage with the world in an Islamic intellectual basis. Like this the Islamic party will have its opinions and views regarding all aspects of the Muslim societies and issues which Muslims faces today in the world both in the religious front and the worldly front. As has been said that in the active branch there should be jurists, economists and so on which an Islamic state requires, these people will work in their respective branches and will try to figure out how to decisively and easily implement Islam and give reports of the progress in conformation with Islamic sentiment and sphere, if Islamic party reaches to power by the support of the sincere and peace loving people, God willing. So these professionals will have the hard work of monitoring not only the local, social changes but also international flow of events which affect Islam and Muslims. So for example a scientist will examine the trends

and changes in the scientific world and will try to see its good and bad sides, passing it to the jurists to determine whether it is Islamically acceptable or not. Such scientists must express their conclusions to the senior committee with easy to understand scientific norm and easy to understand language. The jurists will then determine by the shura council (senior committee) whether it is acceptable in an Islamic state or not, and whether it is sanctioned in Islam or not in general. Also the economists will show his commitment in the economical domain, by analyzing economical events and changes both locally or internationally. Also co-operation between different intellectuals may also occur. For example, in the previous example of the scientists an economist/s may support the party by reporting to the senior committee the financial aspect of any certain scientific trend. Inshallah, by maximum effort and one day by realizing an Islamic state we shall see the fruits of such an Islamic party. This type of Islamic party is a planning party both for the present and the future. All the important decisions and opinions of the Islamic party of the active branch should be written down and organized in a book for future reference and ease. Such a party must focus on propagation of its ideas and opinions on large scale massive structure using modern media (owned/not owned) and local press. Hiding in the shadows cannot bring hope for the oppressed. Huge budget and managerial expertise are needed to run and form such a party.

5) All members must do a course on Islam (syllabus organized by the party on joint co-operation with Al-Azhar) before committing themselves to the party.

Other rules apply depending on the basis of the recruit and position in the party such as economical analysts need to have economical expertise etc.

Chapter 3 Islamic Government foreign policy model There are three reasons why we are oppressed today and they are a) Our lack of unity and mutual cooperation and love b) Abandoning Islam as something only consisting of rituals c) Aggression from the enemies whether political, or cultural or religious. Oppressions among us are spread mostly among a) The women on the shoulders of the evil doctrine of feminism b) On children by they being systematically killed through political and economical policies c) On our youths by spoiling their minds by the illicit taste of porn and seduction d) On old men and women by making them think in a tribalistic and/or aristocratic way thereby making matrimonial bonds take place among non-religious circles In order to wipe our Islamic existence the enemies are following all means to divide us and annihilate us the most important of which is the remodeling of the Islamic women for indeed the change of women will cause a massive change in all other social spheres. The Prophet (saas)

The foundational rules for accepting people in the party are:

1) Aqeedah of Islam (ahlu Assunna wa jamah) 2) Following the Islamic law in their daily lives, at least the obligatory Islamic rules 3) The Islamic principle of ‘hear and obey’ to the party leader who must be an Islamic jurist/scholar with knowledge of the contemporary world as well as history of Islam and its enemies 4) The leader is selected by the Shura council

said that the first fitna (road to destruction) that started among Jews was from the women, and that same plan Satan wants to use on us by his followers who are also today known as the feminists, secularists and women activists. Our enemies indeed have appreciated the hidden value of one of their lords named Napoleon when he stated "give me a good mother and I will give you a good nation", thus when our women are destroyed and degraded our nation will become weaker and degraded and this will ease the attacks on other fronts on us. The enemies have taken a plan to exploit our women by making them seductress and ambitious thereby creating a vacuum in the society for a good mother and an obedient wife. There is no doubt that the feminists, psychologists and the politicians are working together in secret to destroy our women and for that they have taken plans to make our women even more sexually responsive and also making conditions for them to sell themselves in to prostitution, and raping them thereby destroying their weak mind and tender heart. Allah says in Holy Quran that those who love to spread fahsha (indecency) among the believers for them is a painful punishment, and who else is champion in doing so other than who have sworn to make their free values dominate the world? We cannot sit idle while we see these going on our women, because they are being destroyed their children are being destroyed and youths/men are being attracted to see and/or to come to these poor women for their desires, and old men and women are abandoning their raped daughters and/or forced prostitutes among their daughters. All of these have made a big mess in our nation. We are to do something but Islam teaches us rationalism and justice, so killing on civilians who are non-Muslims won't solve this problem because many non-Muslims are also being deceived by our enemies. It is on to us that we present our image perfectly and at the same time work to solve these problems. Firstly we must know where are these oppressions and problems taking place and/or likely to occur due to foreign policies of our rivals. We say again, with our rivals peace treaty is always possible. After we know where are such oppressions taking place we then make a list of all women who are in this category taking in to consideration their numbers, names, family members' initial state of their problems and troubles. Then we see what the male members of their families are able to do as labor. Next step is to provide a fund to these people making them able to live by the bounties of Allah whether being able to make a living in that place or leave that country to other countries of Muslims

on the basis of government sanctioned facilities. It is must for the Mujaheeds to take notice of these oppressed people and how to protect them before taking the fight to the invaders. It is a national (Ummah) duty to help these oppressed people because the idea of democracy wherever goes takes with it the evils of porn and adultery which is more harmful to our nation than nuclear weapons all combined. The Mujahedeens must infiltrate positions of power and through foreign Muslim rulers' funding field activities of the Mujahedeens must continue. If we allow wicked people to take positions of power then the cries of oppressed will go unheard except by Allah. In this great time of need all the rich masses among the Muslims from around the entire world must make great donations apart from zakat in a fund monitored by capable Islamic intellectuals and such intellectuals will and must recruit all needed workers to distribute and monitor these fund such as accountants, doctors, hard labors, Jurists, political scientists, able lawyers, government officials etc. There must be professionalism, efficiency and clarity of communication among this organization. Some model policies: a) Financial help cannot be given to any male members who is known to be wicked and waster. The organization will select the most suitable male member from the oppressor's family and he will be giving this financial help. If it is a case of a woman and that the chosen male is not a mahram then the organization will make effort for a possible marriage between them by their consent, and then the fund will be given to him to support her wife (raped, forced prostitute, possible to fall in the two), and other members. Depending on the entirety of a family and or the case of the oppressed and her family amount of financial help is decided. b) Either the husband or in case of his absence, the first son or in case of his absence the next or if no sons are present then the father of the oppressed be given the help and if he is absent then a suitable male mahram is chosen, or a male in case if the oppressed is a child or a male. In case of selecting a new male member whether mahram or not we should look in whether the oppressed has any choice of their own that they trust. This whole article is just a brief model of how we should work together

and formulate the total foreign policy frame in this time of suffering.

motivations are, and its allegiance is to: a) Government of the stronger states act in such ways because of the pride connected with its being powerful, the tendency because of this ruling over the others, due to its cultural pride and racial heritage. It is simply the collective ego of its history and people which make it acts in ways it acts. Weaker states on the other hand act the way it act normally because it has to exist as a state which cause it to oil the stronger states, and secondly the inter-political conflict of the power plays due to the stupidity and selfishness of its people. b) All Governments of man this day on earth have shown allegiance to their ego first, then to their people and then to humankind. Each government will sacrifice its people for its own sake, and it will sacrifice human kind for its people's sake and then they will sacrifice some other things not in conflict with the two for the sake of human race. c) Power play motivates all governments. The only form of government which transcends all these and solely works for the cause of God and justice is Islam, but to realize the maximum of this justice Islam needs an empire or a state powerful and rich. The state is run by Islamic people, Imams, Clerics and Islamic intellectuals who has three goals which are firstly to serve God, then to maintain Islamic dominance and then to maintain the peace and tranquility among the people and in the land. The authority drives its power solely from Holy Quran and Sunnah, not from parliament, or any sayings of person religious or not. The best form of government where the people and the leaders love each other and they show allegiance to the chief. People have the right to ask their leaders their confusions and issues without doubt and people has the right to demand answers for their real problems and issues of life, which are not provocative towards the Islamic rule or the general mass or any religious sentiment, questions which are not fuelled by CIA or the Mossad, but which really comes from people's sincere heart and honesty. Only this government i.e. Islamic government can ensure peace and justice in people's heart and life.

Chapter 4 On Government Many forms of governments exist today in the world but a certain version of democracy has the upper hand today. What Democracy has given to people is the easy access to the realization of their carnal materialistic urges, extremities of immoralities and unethical vision of life. Justice, Law and Order is driven by the politics of some people and by the ignorance of the general mass that has no idea of what justice, law and order means. These three things are entirely seen on the people's hedonistic and liberal outlook of life. Unlike in a centralized system the three are much efficiently implemented. In the Democratic state the people and the government are in incomplete touch with each other, and people know of the leaders through speeches and promises in the times of elections. It is possible that once elected leaders may act in ways contrary to the demands of even the liberal outlook and freedom of the mass. Thus in this sense there is no difference between the elected whether in democracy or in the Kingdom or in the dictatorial regime. The only difference being is that democratic leaders work their twisted agendas behind the cover of deception and propaganda, where as the dictators do not care about it at all what the people thinks. In this sense Dictators are sincere than the Democrats. In all forms of government never the people or the government is at full and complete knowledge of each other. Democratic process is slow and time consuming, thus under the democratic rule the opinion of the leader about a certain area regarding people's lie or issue is not swiftly and efficiently implemented because this opinion needs to go through the slow process of the parliament and, the critiques of the media, which may be harmful in long term for the people and state, but under the centralized system the opinion is much more swiftly implemented, thus a good dictator is the best ruler, and the good dictatorial regime is the best friend of the people. Islamic Government through its Divine ways and lofty system is thus the best positive dictatorial government in existence, rather the best government in existence. In the present world the governments act in ways it acts, the reasons for its

Chapter 5 A sketch of European History When a comprehensive broad change is to take place we must analyze the total "going-ons" in a society and the people in it. Our mind must understand the ordered link of the "going-ons" in that society. A nation's change to a new step is thus coming when this "going-ons" occur in a rapid and unceasing way drifting the nation to a revolutionary change in comparison to the previous state of existence. Ideas, beliefs and actions are thus connected in this phase of change. The road to colonialism and imperialism has a beginning like this. It didn't come up by suddenly, but rather gradually and extensively in phases. Thus no European state was to have an empire by night; rather their progress to this imperial and colonial stance was due to the "going-ons" in their societies: The desire to change and to leave the traditional state of social, economical and political state. All these had a beginning with the basic human curiosity of "desire to know" which in turn defined the "desire to have a change", thus we see the scientific realm of European heritage was to have an impact on the people's lives and societies. When the Europeans saw this great marvel of scientific world they were ready to depart from the long oppressive church which dictated their lives. Thus the scientific marvel excelled the religious grip in the European history. People so, in Europe demanded a greater standard of living flamed by the new idea of freedom and liberty. People flocked to the cities because of a new hope which was given birth by science and for a new life which was given birth by the new philosophies. Religion became personal rather than social, but social meant "existing in the new ideas by its dictates". The government had its thoughts. As has been told that the change in Europe was gradual yet extensive with intensity at the deeper height of evolution, government or the people of authority didn't try to eradicate this change, but rather conformed to it with a new vision for a broader and greater Europe envisioned in their eyes as the new European empire. These leaders saw that the present Europe if it needed to exist by its new ways demanded new lands and resources. They had already started the idea of colonialism by the brute force of might resulting in Imperial Europe. They invaded colonies with power and deception and divided them in to exploitable and settlement colonies, taking the invaded subjects as mere servants and secondary

human species. The idea of racism had already been born. This new idea of empire was formed so that the inland problems of Europe could be spread across to lessen it and control it i.e. putting your own burden on someone else. New colonies thus meant new benefits and such benefits were systematically distributed to the European people while as the evils of the Europe were thrown at these newly conquered people. By this great deceit Europe rose to unjustified grandeur, at the expense of others and this is still the case today. They have formulated the theory: "Keep a nation lame for sometime by plunder and destruction, you break its backbone to ever rise again with comfort", and they have realized this plan across the globe. That is why almost all nation turn to Europe for education and other supports, which was not the case with human kind before. If we Muslims adopt their way of thought and life style then we must consider their existence very closely both historical and present. We should consider the entire process that Europe had gone through to be what it has become today, and the events, ideas and the many phases of pragmatisation of these ideas. We should ask ourselves "Do we have the race-consciousness similar to that of European race?" If we have not then we cannot possibly tune in to the European mind with the hope of attaining their dreams. In reality the faithful cannot be said to attain that dark mind of the European existence thus our rise is not through the European pathway but rather through the Book of God and Sunnah. We must return to Islam and forget the European psychology; we must rid ourselves from European consciousness and emotions. The race of oppression can never be the model for the race of Justice.

Chapter 6 Islam and Humanism

Humanism is a blasphemy on God's authority and a rebel to His Lordship, because Humanism is the gateway towards man's united rebellion and selfishness cutting God's connection with the human race. What Humanism has done is that it has taken the moral values of other

religions and some invented ones integrating these chosen moral codes in to a system of human harmony and human unity which sees a vision of the code "man for man" thereby rejecting the connection of God to man. Humanism has to do with the betterment of human existence and relationship rather than what God holds to be better for them. Humanism is a result of the conflict of Church and liberalists' ideas. The people of the west was horrified by Church's brutal execution, tortures and intellectual oppression, and these resulted in a massive exodus of people's revolt thereby ending the age of Darkness and starting the age of science but science hadn't given the people moral codes, and people were in need of moral codes and ethics, so they had to invent one, and through philosophers new morals and ethics rose with the integration of religious morals and ethics. Thus Humanism is a result of this conflict; it rose out of this revolution and is still evolving. "The time has come for widespread recognition of radical changes in religious beliefs throughout the modern world. The time is past for mere revision of traditional attitudes. Science and economic change have disrupted the old beliefs. Religions the world over are under the necessity of coming to terms with new conditions created by a vastly increased knowledge and experience. In every field of human activity, the vital movement is now in the direction of a candid and explicit humanism. In order that religious humanism may be better understood we, the undersigned, and desire to make certain affirmations which we believe the facts of our contemporary life demonstrate. (Humanism Manifesto 1)" Islam doesn't recognize this religious humanism which calls for disruption of old beliefs and reformation of the old system for there is no difference between old and new in the Islamic fundamentals. Humanism is a threat to Islam. It promotes massive individualism and self determination which is harmful for the fabric of Islamic unity. Islamic existence is not about the multiple collections of some diverse self determinations but rather Islamic unity results in a whole process of self-determinism. Failure of Christianity cannot be the measure for Islam. Christianity has failed and in that place Humanism rose, but Humanism has no right to challenge Islam, except that it is forced on us by imperial might, by might of injustice and deception. Western culture and the change in that sphere cannot determine the changes of the people of world, for if the human existence is seen with the western eye the co-existence of humankind will be in chaos and the result will

be sever. "Religion consists of those actions, purposes, and experiences which are humanly significant. Nothing human is alien to the religious. It includes labor, art, science, philosophy, love, friendship, recreation-All that is in its degree expressive of intelligently satisfying human living. This distinction between sacred and the secular can no longer be maintained. (Manifesto 1, No. 7)" The Islamic view of all that is said above about love, friendship etc varies greatly from the Humanistic concept of those. Humanism is an evolution of the free mind which has broken all shackles of loyalty to God; it is a multiple ripples of thoughts where the desired ones get in to the domain of Humanism. Islam is unlike that and it is not an evolution of thoughts but the evolution of thoughts should be guided by Islam. There can be no unity between the secular and the sacred as long as Islam exists, for the secular is the folly of human actions and the sacred is the loyalty of human actions. Humanism promotes free society and universal living where man is for man for a common cause. What is this cause? This cause is not written in to the books, but an imagination of the universal evil, the product of the evil whispers of human souls. Man is weak and greedy, in him is the great force of evil which if not ruled by the sacred will see humanity engulfed in to the abyss just as we see today. Thus the universal good cannot be the product from the humaninside but the gift of the heavens (God), to which the human race should pay loyalty to. "...The goal of Humanism is a free and universal society in which people voluntarily and intelligently cooperate for the common good" (Manifesto 1, No 14)" We believe that the purpose of humanity is to serve God and live under His Mercy and Guidance. Until and unless we the human race pay allegiance to one Ruler there can be no universal agreement of the common good. "...Traditional moral codes and irrational cults both fail to meet the pressing needs of today and tomorrow. False "theologies of hope" and messianic ideologies, substituting new dogmas for old, cannot cope with existing world realities. They separate rather than unite people (Manifesto 2)"

If Humanism says that religion is the cooperation and charity of the human race among each other and that the Lordship of God is not important and authoritative then Humanism is nothing close to Sacred. Humanism unites people on material needs but destroys them on the spiritual side where as religion unites people spiritually and guides them also in the just material distribution. The pressing need of world today is for the disloyalty towards God, and misguided venture of Human race in to the world of discoveries and inventions have made them power hungry and rivals which has made wars and tyranny on land. The way out of this is choosing one Supreme Ruler over us i.e. God. The irresistible drive of the free world to separate the people from their traditional ways has triggered a self destruction process with in humanity, destroying cultural balance and human mutuality. So Humanism is the bedrock of liberalism, secularism, contemporary democracy, and hedonism and all together paves the way for the gradual emergence of modern Satanism whose father is the Satanist Crowley. The western mind came up with such theories because the western lands were in disarray and was searching for stability within their lands and person. They had class conflicts, state problems, church oppression, tyrant rulers, immoral codes of lives, and a fear of the Islamic Caliphate, so they had to have a new hope by which to deceive humanity. Western context made the evil i.e. Humanism and the philosophers have carried this idea. If Humanism is what people want then this is rebellion against God and man's united rebellion against God will never go unpunished.

sanctioned to be part of our existence. This virus has thus resulted among us three divisions: a) The religious sects b) The obedient ones c) The moderates a) These religious sects are the sects among Muslims distinctive by their beliefs and some specific religious activities. These sects depend on their respective scholars. Amidst these sects there is the true sect which is very difficult to get hold off from our present state until and unless we break our stubbornness to sit on the table and talk sense. There are then those who study the religion from an institution and becomes a scholar and by his looks and certificates people come to think him as representative of Islamic authority, yet we never ask the credibility of the Islamic institutions which mostly run on the money of the capitalists and the twisted politicians. When the root of Islamic education is filled with inability and backwardness then what can be the result except mass darkness over us and mass mind conflicts among the religious class? To the religious sects it must be said that choose representatives for your sects then schedule a long era of meetings and dialogues on the table and get started with the process of learning to live together by our differences, and if it's not done the enemies will crush us totally as it has been doing since the beginning. b) The Obedient are those who love Islam for its teachings and follows the scholars, but amidst these followers there are two sub-sects: those who understand to follow Islam simply and with moderation and those who are extreme and blind to some high scholars of the sects. It is due to these extreme people that sects continue to flourish and the sectarian mind-conflicts are existent among us. Most of these are students in the religious institution. What these scholars should do is to unite the moderates and the extreme people by words of love and hope, and not by harsh words and repulsive speeches. These scholars must look up to the Prophet (saas) of how he united a barbaric people and shaped them in to like lambs of God, and the Prophet being the shepherd. c) The third class is the moderates of the western version who see religion as the stupid west portraits it to be, which Humanism is. To these people Islam is Humanism yet they are deceived by the western

Chapter 7 The Three Divisions of Muslim nation

We have a virus in our nation, the nation of Muhammad (Pbuh) our Imam and Leader, and this virus is eating us each day, and had eaten us since it took hold with deception and shrewdness, a virus which the devils have planted in to our minds and hearts. As long as this virus exists we will be self destroying ourselves, and this virus is the sum total of greed, hatred, arrogance and love for the world which is not

liberal ideas and freedom in to thinking this, where as they have no idea about the western agenda. These people are Muslims as Christians are Christians today. Most of the people of power and fame these days among us are from this class, and western education is just there to mould Muslims in to this western moderate Islam. These new prototypes of the western version of Islam believe in almost all the modern ideas of freedom such as democracy, the parliament and so on as well as many moral viruses such as birthdays, valentine days, music and vile songs and so on. Such a class needs to be dealt with and only preaching won't bring a quick control over them, but rather a state intervention and that is only when a state becomes Islamic. These people and their activities are the breeding ground of western dominance, and they are very threatening, even more than the western military. Such new prototypes work intently or un-intentionally for the demise of Islamic values and sentiment from the Muslim lands, and they cause for the suppression of Islamic education and Islamic intellectual prosperity. The other Muslims are in disarray for their agendas and activities, and they are making a great rift in the Muslim nation. Unless until all these three classes have this awareness of they being the servants of God, and realize this and its demands, working for the realization of the demands sincerely, the Islamic peace-the highest degree of peace, can never be realized in us universally.

entire norm and pattern of such an Islamic education is resolved and changed there won't be an end to this sect and in order to change the education need to sit on the position of authority i.e. The government needs to be Islamic.

Islam has encouraged us to seek knowledge both religious and worldly, which is necessary for the betterment of human in general and society. If Islam becomes tableeghi we shall see many setbacks of which are: An end of Islamic awakening Islam and knowledge turning against each other A dark age like that of Europe engulfing us entirely We ending up humiliating Islam The ignorant and fools ruling and exploiting us, our lands and properties and having a say in Islam )a )b )c )d )e

Chapter 8 Tableegh Jamat (The democrats' Islam)

When it is said "democrats version of Islam", it is meant that the secular authority realizes the separation of Islam and state is achievable by this sect. Many people of power and fame in Muslim societies give their time in this sect nourishing its legacy and ensuring its evolution and spread, including many students of Islam (medrasas) also support this sect in societies where pro-western elites rule and religious education is marginalized and poorly cherished and systemized. Until and unless the

The sincere Muslims must then bring this sect and its process of evolution and spread to an end. On the religious basis this sect too has no grounds because: Their formation in an heretical and extremist place is )a known (deoband) Their founding fathers' religious beliefs are known )b (heretical) Their extremism to a single mazhab is known )c Their ground beliefs on six usools (principle) with no )d mention of Hajj, Zakat and . Jihad is known Limiting their preaching (Dawah) to Muslims only is also )e known All these make them a heretical sect in Islam with a sectarian prejudice which Islam abhors. On all what has been said we can see the barricade it possesses to the

revival of Islam on earth. It is a danger to Muslims and Islam and a facility to the secular authority.

Chapter 9 The Ideal Woman

Beauty, purity and impurity are three things essential for the perfect constitution and composition of an entity in the creation. God says "Who has created and further given order and proportion (87:2)". There are beauties in things yet such are not wholly similar to each other yet not wholly different. Women, flowers, heavens, lakes etc all are symbols of beauties yet they are different in their composition of beauty. Yet even though amidst this difference the heart finds peace from them and that is because there is a common thing which binds all beauties that is calmness and tranquility in their being. Female is a creation of God who is a symbol of beauty whose beauty is possible to be emanated from in herself and from her external being. She consists of natural as well as physical constitution. "Surely we created man of the best stature (95:4)". Females vary from their composition of the two, some may possess natural beauty yet some the physical one. Her natural beauty may consist of innocence of her heart, simplicity of her thought, patience, shame and humility. Such a beauty is attained through moral molding through her religious actions befitting her status as female, yet some are inbuilt, yet such inbuilt are further shaped in a greater degree through religious guidance. The physical beauty is the beauty of her body, and any female without the natural beauty is in the category of seducers and immoral perverts, whose hearts are like the devils. The temptation proceeding from such women are intense sexual hedonism with extreme perversions. The soul yearns for such women with the evil language of the soul. How then can females become such when the ingredients of purity and impurity exists in her? When one speaks of purity and impurity then natural one is meant here, but not only the physical one. The ideal woman knows the balance of the two

thereby attaining the beauty of her womanhood. Islamic guidance teaches women to balance the purity and impurity in her and in her physical being. The natural beauty must always rule her, and physical beauty must not be allowed to take over her. By taking over we mean exploitation. Modern thoughts of freedom and liberalism allow such exploitation thus a woman in the present systems of land and rule are being hunted and exploited, which we cannot allow for Muslim women. The freedom of women and thereby allowing her to exploit her beauty creates in societies, brothels, rapists, perverts and facilitates immoral ways of life to take over. The balance of a moral society is destroyed and the essence of matrimony starts vanishing, and we see chaos in human relationship. That is why women should have her natural beauty rule over her physical beauty, and that properly implemented Islamic law and Islamic education on land will lead to that.

The new idea of women and their place in human race has been resulted by the dark past of the European social chaos. Their treatment of women has brought forth the idea of equality of men and women and their freedom. It should be said that European's ignorance about the reality of women cannot be a validation for accepting new wrong ideas about women. We have our religion and our religion has given us clear idea about women, so we are not ignorant about the entity called female specie, we are not ignorant about their being, thus such nonsense ideas of women having the new freedom and vague concept of equality cannot be accepted.

Chapter 10 Islam and economy


Command economy can work only for that nation which has a purpose to work for, a struggle to continue and a meaning to life; whose existence is the service to this purpose. Also too, a nation with a purpose demands devotion to this purpose, but if the purpose is weak and short sighted the end will be sad, due to people's weakening loyalty

to this purpose over time. This purpose is then should be transcendent, powerful and inspiring. This purpose then should include people's universal issues from the tiniest to the largest of his entity, of his being, so that people are dealt with in the proper manner. This purpose is what Lord of the Heavens and earth has laid down in His Revelation: "Say: Lo! My worship and my sacrifice and my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds (6:162)". Today the world has shifted to market economy and this shifting has been mostly due to people's change in way of life, cultural trends and hedonistic taste. People have no cause to live for in the broadest sense. They desire to maximize their comfort of life and their living standard. Obedience to authority has vaporized. New visions of life, new ways of spending one's wealth and new inventions have changed people's attitudes towards life. They have started seeing life as a process of continuous activity with pleasure at the each end. Due to this Democracy and Capitalism has succeeded, where the powerful forces the mass and subjugates them in a life from which there is no escape except a revolutionary exit. People are forcefully made to cope with a fast system and a pacy progress of life where religion becomes unimportant and other follies are prioritized and even one's devotion towards God is circumstantially subdued. Such is the gift of modern Democracy and Capitalism. It has made people in to materialistic machines. In this system there is no such thing as the high loyalty, the greater purpose. There exists in such systems high individualism and subjectivism and both of it are contrary to the code of "hear and obey". We Muslims cannot live like this, as we need a consciousness of unity under the supreme ruler, loving him and his opinions. Ours is a greater cause, and universal one. We need unity, economy and military and these three under the rule of Islamic centralized government. Our lives devoted to God, obedience to the authority, not provoked by foreign incitements and war of words. Our authority is religious and dictatorial in the sense that dictating our political, economical, and religious life, on behalf of God by Holy Quran and Sunnah. Narrated by Abu Hurairah: "The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: "It is obligatory for you to listen to the ruler and obey him in adversity and prosperity, in pleasure and displeasure, and even when another person is given (rather undue) preference over you (Muslim 4524)". In this hadeeth lie the great secrets of politics, economy and war. Our economy is deduced from the above principle, and our economy

and policies must not be pure market based but largely centralized. Market economy promotes rivalry, competition and the thirst of maximizing profit all of which are contrary to Islamic principles. The only result of the market economy is moral sin i.e. tying the hands of the rich while the poor suffers and dies. Islamic economy foresees a new dawn of economy with a dimension which had never existed in west or in USSR, but the fact is that the present intellectuals are making the so called Islamic economy on the basis of western economy and theories but not independently from within Islamic core. The Islamic government must see then the blood of the economy and must always intervene to change the course of this blood to a more suitable and proper direction befitting the Islamic interests and the nation.

Chapter 11 The Islamic Command Center -

The joint committee must be established with the scholars of Al-Azhar, a committee supervising the religious education, religious verdicts and religious issues of all the Muslim lands. This committee shall make academies and centers in each Muslim country and the scholars of that Muslim country shall bond with this high council of the scholars through those opened institutions and academies. In each country such institutions shall be central based in big cities and sub branches spreading out in the whole nation to deal with Islamic matters and social issues of Muslims. Scholars will send agents to record various norms of data of Muslims, their problems and the issues which matter them in their worship of one true God. The supreme council (i.e. the committee) shall select books and lay down education curriculum in each Muslim country for Islamic academies and Islamic schools. Any academy or school not within the permission of this committee will not be held as appropriate for passing down Islamic rule and Islamic solutions. Each Muslim should pay for the formation of this grand worldwide Islamic scheme and the opening of Islamic central religious authority. All scholars coming out from Islamic academies and

institution must acquire a certificate from this central committee in order to be held as a scholar.

Chapter 12 Some Policies on Some Important Sectors

Introduction: The art of governing requires maximum intellectual capability of the man power and with it their maximum efficiency which is to be extracted by training through academies and institutions of the state. A government must be based on divisions of work and hierarchy of ranks. In a government the people of the government starting from the command officers to the field executors all act on the basis of command and obedience, ending in the Holy Book and the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas). In a government thus generally we should have the commanders, the executors and commanders being also executors and a separate branch which oversees the execution (monitors who oversees the running of different government institutions reporting directly to the Imam), also noting the fact that with in all of them there should be divisions. In an Islamic state we need active, efficient and honest people, and the system of government must ensure that such people are put in the grand scheme of the government. Gradually if we do not adopt and put people of the right order then on the long term the system will decay and corrupt officials will take over, which will lame the country for years to come. In the system we should first calculate the number of duties and posts that ought to exist, then after this we move to the next step of dividing these duties and posts to the people, and also the selection process is too a matter which requires great attention. In this world great changes came either by force and blood or by sacrifice and perseverance. The murderers of the western countries in the name of democracy have killed Afghanistan and Iraq and to implement their system we see today

how many people are dying each day. We Muslims must take road of patience and perseverance to see an ideal Islamic state in this modern age. Moving on to our discussion, duties are of two types: the general duty which is the day to day running of the system and the special duty which are in times of emergency. Each Muslim land should know the situation of its own land, its people and the crisis and taking all these in to considerations the nature of duties and posts is to be designed. So we need data, statistics and surveys of required fields. In the system there is also the matter of time. In what time frame should each organs of the system carry out their duties? In order to get the maximum output we need clarity of communication between government people and different institutions. We should also take in to account the nature of human which Allah has created us with and that is in this case fulfilment of physical needs and mental comfort of the workers, the people of government. This is done by allowing them rest period and suitable payment. The Islamic state: In an Islamic state the central authority is important and from this the many rivers shall flow its diverse ways. These rivers are different government bodies at the end all linking and taking its commands from the central authority. In an Islamic state there shall be three norms of interactions which are the Government institutions and the private institutions and the methods and policies by which each interacts with each other. At the end the government shall interfere in any matter of the state whether private or public, whether individual or group, it seems fit. Many people may think it is against liberty of institutions and individuals but there shall be liberty by the dictates of the Islamic Law, extent of which is measured by Islamic Law. We need to first deal with the psychology of the humans before we lay a system of human government and societies. Unless we deal with this basic psychology it may become the reason for the decay and gradual downfall of the system. Allah says in Holy Quran that the human self part of it commands evil, and also man is created in haste, thus when haste and evil is allowed to join force there will be anarchy in an individual and in the nation as a whole. The goal of the Islamic state thus will be to ensure that these two are not allowed to join and that evil is suppressed and patience is taught. The Islamic state will thus need a proper blending of Islamic education along with the worldy

education. Through the Islamically guided education will the Muslim nation be taught and shaped. Thus Allah willing we can summarize two principle goals of the state as: a) Making conditions for people to avoid contact with evident evil (the extent where freedom takes over people's desires and thereby become absolute desire seekers). Such frantic liberty is not allowed. This will cause social friction and the breakdown of family ties and ultimately self annihilation. b) Controlling the ideas of what people should know and what they shouldn't know i.e. the masses. The masses must pass through an ideological purity. The intellectual part of the masses however may be allowed to have access to ideas of the world so that anti-Islamic threat is understood and the world consciousness is realized. The Islamic state doesn't allow such means which promise a foreseeable debased and undisciplined human nature. This only comes by the allowance of frantic liberty which democracy promises and promotes. Democracy has defeated its rival Communism largely due to the masses in Communist rule were psychologically made to be overtaken by the rebellious tendency of human ego and its thirst to attain frantic pleasure, by covert actions of the CIA. Communism had failed to counter this but Islam promises a better life of peace and balance and can fully counter the evils of frantic liberty. The power of struggle will determine the longetivity of the cause. The foundational basis of the state has been discussed and now Allah willing we move to the bureaucratic front which are the various institutions of the government. In the Islamic states such institutions will vary from state to state on the demand-basis of the state where all the problematic factors and various issues of the state, society, and mathematical data are taken in to considerations. There are yet some institutions which I believe should be common to all Islamic states and they are: a) Ministry of Justice b) The religious police agency (monitoring the Islamic religious values, other religions and religion related issues) c) The ministry of Zakat and Sadaqa d) The ministry of home finance, domestic funding and financial aid (which deals with how people earns, what he earns and how much he

earns) e) The central bank of the Islamic state f) The Intelligence agency with its home intelligence and foreign intelligence branches. g) The ministry of information (dealing with all forms of media in all its aspects) h) The ministry of education (both Islamic and general) I) the ministry of health care j) Ministry of trade k) Ministry of social issues and matrimony l) Ministry of Islamic research m) Ministry of defence n) Home ministry o) The ministry of labour p) Ministry of scientific research q) Ministry of natural resources (what is beneath the soil, over it and in the sky) The functioning of these ministries needs a planned start and only through gradual progress of planning and then activity can these ministries come on the track, Allah willing. Some policies in some important fields: The Intelligence: - Training of how to collect field data (use of technology and decision making) - Knowing how to interpret field data - Teaching the agents and the agency the understanding of culture, nature, psychology and history of the enemies - Intelligence service must have various expertises in languages, science and humanities. - The agents must learn Islamic morals and day to day worships which are obligatory. - The recruitment policy must ensure a thorough bio-data and personality profile of the agent being recruited, and testing him in real life before recruitment. The Medical policy: - The Medical experts must list down the most harmful and most occurring diseases to humanity and to the people of the Islamic state

specifically, and building the medical policies, ethics and methods of treatments on the basis of this. An efficient system demands reliability, trust and sincerity, along with clear and well defined boundaries for the staffs and swift communications among them and the people without delay and giving false hopes and promises. The Social policy: The general principle is that the women must not be allowed to work as the burden of care is on the male husband, thus work force must be make based for ensuring maximum male employment resulting in maximum family ties and family dependency Allah willing. Allowance of work force to be mixed with women will cause male unemployment which will in turn make a family who depends on male suffer. In this way Islamic principle of male authority and burden of care will be violated and friction in the human social norm will be evident. All women must be educated till the age they reach buloogh (adulthood) and after that they will be given a one year education in family care and Islamic duty towards husbands and her rights, along with sex education. In the Islamic state it is of utmost importance that sexual tension is men and women don't reside without the means available for them to relieve it and that means Islamic state must give marriage to people who want marriage helping them financially and socially. Many so called modern Muslims may leave the country due to them, finding these policies harsh, making space and situation for Islamic minded people to rise to power of business and industry. More Islamic people mean more strength for the state and the nation. There will be no policy of persecution and force against people as long as they abide by law of the Islamic state and its values. Islamic state must be just with people. The Institutional policy: All NGOs and NGIs must have some foundational rule and aims which they must abide by and must submit these to the ministry of private funding and financial help at the moment of their start and any changes in these must be brought to the attention of the ministry before its application. All private owned businesses must have license from the proper ministries after the ministries have analysed the aim and purpose of such. The Legal/Judicial policy:

There must be two types of court: the lower and the higher court. In the lower court day to day matters will be dealt with along with family issues, marriage, quarrels etc and the lower court has only the ability to pass down the tazeer punishment and fines etc. In the higher court the matters of Hudood will be dealt with. Once a judgment has been passed down in the lower court the same issue can't be taken to the higher court. People must proceed to the ministry of justice to be clear as to what court they will take their cases to. The ministry must make it clear to the people. The courts must be learnt by competent jurists who has firm knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and has understanding of the usools of all mazhabs thereby being able to select and make clearer views and opinions. All jurists must have license from the centre of Islamic Law run by the Government. No private institution whether foreign or national will be allowed to license and/or train any jurists. In any matter of the state which requires a legal solution whether temporary or permanent a government appointed shura of Islamic jurists (high committee of the ministry of justice) will be set up and the majority view will be implemented. Other experts may be called in to clear the matter at hand. In order to implement the Islamic Law the overall situation and problems of the people and state must be understood. Rank making policy: In an Islamic state ranks in the administration is based on the management of resources, management of assets, management of people's expertises and on the basis of division of duties and problems of people and its solutions excluding the ranks which Islam has textually laid down such as Imam, Qadi etc. Compensation policy: When a person possesses something of another person for a certain amount of time by their mutual agreement, then the possessor should deposit some amount of money on the basis of the value of the possessed thing and the income of the possessor in a fund monitored by the compensation fund council under the authority of ministry of finance. Each month a certain amount is deposited in this fund by the possessor as long as he possesses the thing. This is to ensure that if any damage is done to the possessed thing then the owner doesn't ask compensation at one go while the possessor fails to pay it. At the end of the term of possession the money is returned in full amount to the

possessor. However such a fund can be cancelled by the mutual agreement between the owner and the potential possessor, however no compensation may be asked at the benefit of the owner rather than the compensation will be given at the benefit of the possessor. Instalment policy: Not all people can buy things which they want so in Islamic state an instalment policy should be taken allowing people time to pay on a periodic basis. Those who allow instalment policies must not take more money at the end of period than they have put on the object of sale. So the seller for example when he sells an object worth 100 gold must divide it in the capital value and the profit value. Say for example the cost price is 80 gold and the profit then is 20 gold thus when he allows instalment on such an item he ought to take x percent of the cost price and y percent of the profit on a period of z months/years, having at the end 100 gold in full. When such a method is taken and there are many buyers then at each period of instalment the seller will be having x+x1+x3+....xn amount and profit of y+y1+y2+y3+......yn over z+z1+z2+z3+....zn in total xn+yn in zn time.

Chapter 13 Western Evolution

The west or rather I should say the white people of the Germanic tribal descendants who have their firm hold on the soil of Europe, and from among them some took over the lands of the American Indians. The white supremacy is seen here. These white people believed and still believe through a hidden agenda about their racial superiority. Such racial prejudice is exposed through the idea of Democracy and many modern concepts of life and death. They feel through this lordly and proud. Their racial superiority is transmitted through ideological implementation either by force or by intellectual activity for example science and philosophy. Throughout their history they conquered, oppressed and plundered. First they did so among themselves when the

world was ancient and people were lonesome. They ruled themselves like barbarians then they set to rule others. They spread throughout the land of Europe and each sect of the white tribes from the Germanic descendants divided the lands of Europe among themselves. Many weaker ones vanished and the stronger ones remained. When they had found their lands and realized a need for tribal dominance and prosperity they set on the race of conquering and waging wars against each other until or unless a greater threat was there for them. To confront this greater threat to their collective consciousness as being of the father race, they formed pact or sometimes lonely. To give an example the Saxons against the Britons but the diverse tribes of Britons, Saxons and Anglos united forged the state of England though such a unity came at a price, through wars and rivalry, till the point that the British consciousness of these diverse tribes was formed. This day the foolish Arab nationalism has also been formed by the might of imperial domination and persistency of anti-Islamic dreams of a free Arab existence. Britain set out to be a state and nation by map and some commonly agreed values but in truth these diverse tribes of the ancient barbarians is what made up England and in fact the British state. The inner war of the whites was fought for land and wealth, but the root cause was tribal prejudice long in the blood of the ancestors passed down from father to son. Teachings and customs have been the reason and are the reasons for this. Throughout this long evolution religion, philosophy and science was used to promote racial superiority on difference phases and circumstances, such as Paganism, Christianity, Darwinism and Democracy to name a few. This trend of the psycho is inter-related. We can say official Christianity is largely on the pattern of Paganism from the time of the Roman emperor Constantine when he ordered the compilation of Bible from many versions and scripts of early Christianity. Then when the grip of Christendom fell and science rose, the famous theory of the Jew Darwin named Darwinism came in to play, and to a latter time Democracy shook hand with the previous ideas to completely give a new age of religious ignorance and pagan era. We need to understand the way of the ancient barbarians of the European race, their life and custom. It was pure pleasure and joy they were after, with pagan rituals and awe to their so called mother nature. All of the four doctrines Official Christianity, Darwinism and Democracy have high essential resemblance with these ancestors. Pagan rituals as in official Christianity, awe to mother nature as in Darwinism and joy and pleasure as in Democracy. Their deepest part of mind hasn't changed but what changed is the identification and symbolization of

their old ways with new names. It is this stock of people that wants today a chaotic world which they call freedom, they want Islam be separated from life and state, and it is these people for achieving this have killed Muslims, plundered their lands, and is still doing this day. Are we to rise up? Is it not the time to question our existence under their reign?

reveal itself and this is the work of rational scientists who discover laws, but not the voices of nature and its will, as nature has no will because it is limited by laws. We see then that such questions can never be answered with precision and justness, but rather will go on in philosophical terms and arguments, and how can we follow an idea which hasn't been solved? Criticism 2: Who defines the majority? I don't mean the number but I mean what constitutes the idea that will bind the majority? To what length and what field the majority rule apply? If Majority denies that government has to stop an action from doing is the government bound to obey? According to the above definition they are bound to obey but in reality of the western democratic existence it is not the case as in the case of Iraq. Majority number of Muslims revolted against the war in Iraq, and these Muslims are a part of the world population, and the war in Iraq was an action on the Muslim land, Iraq, thus Muslims should have the first voice. We should remember that international issues are not domestic matter rather international voice is a rule (as in this case the opposition of the Muslims), because the general implication, the definition of Democracy says "but the general principle is that of majority rule". Democracy as it is defined has failed long ago as stated in Wikipedia, Encyclopedia "It is called direct because the power of making decisions is exercised by the people directly, without intermediaries or representatives. Historically this form of government has been rare due to the difficulties of getting all people of a certain territory in one place for the purpose of voting..." Criticism 3: Written in the same source "The history of democracy is made complex by varied concepts and definitions used in different contexts and discussions". Whose "varied concepts and definitions" should be accepted and on what basis? It seems that to do so will require time consuming process which we Muslims must not take when we immediately need an Islamic revival. Criticism 4: Written in the same source "20th century transitions of liberal democracy have come in successive "waves of democracy" variously resulting from wars, revolutions, decolonization and economic circumstances". All these terms have deep connections with western foreign policies against us and the world in general which has created a situation of compulsive acceptability of this idea of Democracy thus Democracy can be said to have come to rule on us through the power

Chapter 14 Democracy is unacceptable

Here we speak logically against Democracy as this is an idea of government and society, a fancy of the masses, and a tool of hypocrisy and double standard for the politicians. Communism and other ideas fell due to the power of democracy on its masses and people's lack of support for the former. The same reason is amidst us that we have failed to establish the Islamic government and its holy dictates on our own lands. Therefore it is necessary that we refute this idea of Democracy. What is Democracy? Democracy is rule by the people (from Greek "Demos" meaning "people" and "Kratos" meaning "Rule". The methods by which this rule is exercised, and indeed the composition of "the people" are central to various definitions of Democracy but the general principle is that of majority rule (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia). Criticism 1: The rule by the people but in reality it is impossible to rule by all the people as both history and present day shows there can be one head of government or cabinet or the state, because all people can't rule at the same time and if you say that the leaders represent the people then it is false as no leaders can represent and implement the will of the people as leaders run government by themselves without knowing the will of the people at all times. The next is when we say the irrational statement "rule by the people" then we ask what type of people is in this category, and who will determine what type of people will be in this category and in fact who has given the people authority to rule themselves? Nature? But nature depends on people to discover,

of political shrewdness and brute force among which the most latest example is the case of Iraq and Afghanistan "Implementation of this idea by force". This man made system of the state and life is frictional to the norm of stability and moral outlook of religion. Democracy is either the people's rule which validates the negation of government decisions by the majority rule or it is the government decisions and not the majority rule on the basis of "citizens cannot and should not rule because on most issues, most of the time, they have no clear views or their views are not very intelligent". (Same source) Criticism 5: Written in the same source "Laws and policies should be based upon reasons that all citizens can accept. The political arena should be one in which the leaders and citizens make arguments, listen, and change their minds". First of all this is really time consuming and Islam doesn't allow this time consuming process of rule which harms the efficiency of the Islamic centralized government. Secondly such freedom of public participation in making rules and laws of the state cannot be allowed when these very public allow gay marriage, lesbianism porn and brothels in the state. Some facts must be noted here that democracy is the only idea and system of government and life which has maximized the prevalence and spread of universal religiously forbidden unethical ways and immoral life styles and actions. Islam doesn't allow democratic existence for these mentioned reasons and that the philosophy of Islam regarding the state is different.

one culture, one economy, one philosophy of justice, one body of government and maps and lines on the world become useless. When it is said heiarchized it means that "ordering of items and objects in each domain according to priority and desirability". Globalization is a type of imperialism on cultural, corporate and political front, according to experts. It is based on the philosophy of humanism and secularism, rather chaotic state of flow of events towards the making of a single country to the entire world. It is the making of a world where rich rules poor without a shred of human feeling linking the two. Each has to make his own way in this world thus with the rise and spread of globalization, the rise of means towards acquiring aims are increasing which includes aims to achieve criminal and vile goals. Thus globalization by securing freedom of individuals and access towards means is making and starting a race between what is morally right and good with what is morally evil and wrong, where human decision and the power of ego and hedonistic part of the self decides the victor. But it is certain that if human nature is controlled and guided by authority and that if human freedom is not checked, the evil will triumph. Human self is much composed of evil which if unleashed will bring greater havoc. Globalization is doing just that, allowing greater freedom and lesser conservatism, thus greater rise of evil self. This gradual rise of evil part of human psychology will affect trade, technology, business, government, law, societies and ultimately the human existence. When the world and even the government becomes the pawns of some business people (corporate and capitalists), then we shall see the rise of a new tyranny, where the people with money will make decisions, and the relationship of government and the general masses will become the hand made of that rich class. Political decisions and war will be based on the boss of the political hierarchy who in turn will be forced to make such actions on the dictates of the corporate bosses and capitalists, who in turn has been able to buy off the ego and hedonistic grudges of the general mass, thus the rich people headed by the corporate and capitalists will rule the world, and government will be theirs, so called legal representatives.

Chapter 15 One World

Globalization is a concept based on human egoistic and hedonistic psychology of good and material acquirement. Where materials and commodities are heiarchized, people of power and politics are heiarchized, culture is diffused till heiarchization takes place, legal system and ultimately people's desires and thinking patterns are heiarchized and universalized in one frame to the point that the top items and objects of hierarchy are ruling element while the below and lower items are put aside, and a one country emerges in one world with

Chapter 16 Islamic Dawah When we see that a person is not following a certain command of Islam then are we to say to him "follow it?" or are we to say to him "are you Muslim?" or are we to say to ask the question "on what condition of heart and mind has he received and grasped the philosophy of Islam? Understanding this point is the most important aspect of preaching. Indeed world has changed and with it the psychology of humanity has evolved to a tremendous complex level where he sees both world and his existence as a thing of mutual co-operation and continual existence. The first thing we need to do in order for someone to call him to Islam is to make in his heart an inclination for the philosophy of Islam. What is the philosophy of Islam? Is it praying five times, or fasting or charity? Or are we to define the boundary of the philosophy of Islam within the dictates of Law or are we to generalize a certain vision on which laws are built on in Islam? This latter is more generalizing and worthy and this universal philosophy of Islam is the realization of a mind that the existence of each individual is the servitude of Allah also realizing his position and status with respect to Allah and humanity. When a man has attained a state where he realizes this servitude in his heart along with the realization of his humanistic position i.e. he is a servant of Lord, then one can say that a person has taken the first step in to Islam. But this realization is not free of questions and confusions. Before one reaches this realization one need to get clear idea about Allah, creation and the way of relationship between Allah and the creation. Indeed with intuition of that realization can a man proceed to unlock the answers of his confusions and questions? If Allah willing he has attained the level where he gets clear vision of his questions and confusions then we can say he will start integrating more and more in to the realization i.e. the general philosophy of Islam. Each preacher of Islam then must proceed the preached on the basis of universal human psychology and those are found in Holy Quran of which are:

1) Man is created in haste 2) Man has an evil part in him which tries to subdue him 3) Man is always curious for something 4) Man is pleasure seeking 5) Man seeks questions and answers to that which he doubts or is curious towards 6) Man is more inclined to the evident rather than the hidden. 7) Man is weak Thus we can see that a preacher has to learn a lot including Islamic principles, creed, law, philosophy, psychology and diverse culture. Indeed this is a time where individual preaching has become very difficult because the complexity of knowledge and its interpretation along with Islamic conformity demands the joint venture of multiple critical minds. Thus in this time we need an institute which shall study civilizations and knowledge attained by humanity, then understanding it in the light of Holy Quran, then making topics and dealing with issues and the visions of Islam towards such knowledge and wisdom which humanity has attained from Allah since the beginning. There is no principle field of knowledge left untouched by Holy Quran; rather there are yet more principle fields which haven't been discovered by humanity yet still in Holy Quran. But the preachers' duty is not discover new fields, rather to compare and unlock and deduce links and theories between the knowledge of diverse fields and Holy Quran and Hadeeth, and then present it to humanity generally and to people classified by their psychology, or culture or field of study, specifically. Indeed we need to build such an institute where preachers can be able to think and link Islamic side with each branch of knowledge with clarity and understanding and present it to the humanity generally and specifically.

Chapter 17 Islamic Military Mind-Set Jihad is continued to the end of days- The Holy Prophet (saas) So long there are men there will be wars- Albert Einstein

The Jewish scientist has stated the continuation of war till the end of days, and the Prophet (saas) has warned us to face the wars of the disbelievers by stating the continuity of Jihad to the end of days. By The One in whose hand is my life verily I wish to fight in Allah's path then die then I wish to fight again then I die again and then I wish to fight again then I die again- The Holy Prophet (saas) Death is nothing but to live defeated and inglorious is to die dailyNapoleon Bonaparte Verily we have the power of Allah with us and the faith to drive us in His path, where the disbelievers have the power of patriotism which is nothing to the power of faith. Indeed some acts of our religion demands the necessary attachment with some other acts without which such acts are not realized, and such is Jihad, which demands the highest faith from the believer and pure Islam. Verily God doesn't love the transgressors-The Holy Quran The death of one man is a tragedy, but the death of millions is a statistic- J.Stalin Indeed the force of disbelief which drives the mind of the disbelievers wrecks havoc throughout the land which if not halted by the army of God will affect the entire world which in turn will affect us inevitably. ...So don't fear them, fear me if you are truly believers- Holy Quran He who fears of being conquered is sure of defeat- N. Bonaparte Indeed the present world of Muslims especially the Arabs is full of fear and awes for the enemies of Islam i.e. US and Uk. We are so fearful that steps towards militarization of our youths haven't been even started except in case of Iran. In this fear and cowardice we can only see our lands being conquered on a routine basis. And the disbelievers are the oppressors-The Holy Quran Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, we know more about killing than we know about living- General O.Bradley

Indeed the unfaithful mind which manipulates the resources of humanity and looks after its uses shall make ways of pain for the future of humanity. Indeed the Faithful doesn't turn his back the day he faces the enemies of justice and peace- Creed of Islam It is foolish and wrong to mourn for the men who died, rather we should thank God that such men lived-General S. Paton Ours is a faith which builds the strong belief that wheresoever's there is tyranny and oppression our brethrens make it their duty to wipe the taints of such evils, for ours is a religion of peace and peace is not carried by cowards for the enemy of peace is Satan. And do not say to those who is killed in the path of Allah dead, rather they are alive with their Lord being cherished-The Holy Quran From my rotting body flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity- Edvard Munch. Our death is not death but it is a great leap towards Allah, where as their death is nothing but a dream to exist in the fragrance of the flowers. Indeed the Islamic scholars who say that Jihad is not there where there is no Imam has never tasted the pain of a woman being raped in front of her family-A Muslim Sympathizer The real war will never get in the books-Walt Whiteman There are some among us who hasn't known the pain of the oppressed among us in lands where we have been invaded. They have been killed, tortured, their sisters raped and sold in to prostitution, their children molested and resources destroyed, the pathway towards an evil democratic society is being made and the bases of the disbelievers are being put, while our corrupt leaders say that no Jihad must be made for stability is needed and some Islamic scholars with them say that as there is no Imam there can't be any Jihad. As long as there are sincere Mujaheeds willing to fight united there will be jihad. We will not sit idle while in the name of stability evil culture and immoral filths are spread throughout our lands and Islamic values erased from the consciousness of our nations.

Keep away from seven deadly sins...Attributing partners to Allah...turning your backs the day you meet the enemy- The Holy Prophet (saas) In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance- J Stalin Indeed a believer never turns back in the face of enemy as for him is the fire whosoever turns back from the enemy of Allah. The punishment of a man is nothing compared to the punishment of Allah. And kill in the path of Allah and know that Allah is Hearing and Knowing-The Holy Quran Patriots always talk of dying for their country but never killing for their country-Bertrand Russell Indeed the twist of the words can make changes and that this atheist B. Russell has revealed. Many a people say that Islam advocates killing but many a people turn their eyes when nationalism and patriotism drives genocide or unjust killings. And what is with you (o believers) that you don't kill in the path of Allah when the weak among the men and women and children who is saying O our Lord make us leave this land of the oppressor their residents, and make us from you a protector and make us from you a helper- Holy Quran Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few- W. Churchill Indeed the Day of Judgment will witness the cry of the oppressed and the justice on those who were held back from the oppressed for their laziness from among us i.e. the leaders, rich men, the able warriors, the military commanders. The disbelievers has waged war for their nations when even they were few yet we are sitting idle not even started the first step for our welfare and the welfare of the Oppressed among us. Those who believe fight in the path of Allah- Holy Quran A soldier will fight like a dog for a bit of colored ribbon- An US general These people for honor give their lives and sacrifice their worldy pleasures yet they have nothing promised by Allah in the hereafter, yet we have been promised paradise if we die in Allah's path sincerely, then

how come they rule us while we get ruled? So if they stop then no enmity except on the oppressors- Holy Quran If the opposition disarms well and good and if not we shall disarm them ourselves- J.Stalin The ethics of Islamic warfare is justice and to end oppression, where as the ethics of the unbelievers is national interest and domination. And prepare against them whatever you can of power...-Holy Quran It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it- General D. Macarthur We must take the fullest use of our potentials and prepare strong military organization and strategy to counter the enemies, after we have put our trust on Allah. And fight in the way of Allah the best you can- Holy Quran If a man does his best what else is there?-General S Patton Only after we have used our fullest potentials and resources and counter the enemy with outmost organization and effort on the field can we hope for Divine Help. Chapter 18 The Islamic values This is an age where there is a war of values, the values of conservatism and the values of liberalism. Islam is the only ideal conservatism and all other which negates it are the branches and roots of liberalism. The values of Islam are such which colors the Muslims with an identity on a whole basis which only by the whole picture differentiates a Muslim from non-Muslims. Such values here are divided in to values which are specific to a certain class, and values which are shared by all class. Class is here in the sense of either Man, woman, youth, girls, children and old men and women, ruler and the ruled, or the workers. Values of Man:

1) Man is the ruler, the guide of his family; he becomes the father, the care taker of his family and his parents. He has authority over his wife and children. 2) Man is brave, lover of Islam and Allah and His Messenger, follower of His Commands as much as he is able with in his sincere ability. He has feeling for Muslims and Islam. 3) He has a beard, he has a dress similar to Islamic culture and heritage, and he gives precedence to this dress. 4) He is guiding his family and is aware of them, not negligent, has love for Jihad and piety. 5) He is helpful and he is simple and kind hearted. 6) He is helper of the oppressed among Muslims according to his ability as well as the oppressor (by trying to stop oppression), and if he is unable to do so he has sincere intention for it and is ready to realize it. 7) He doesn't like un-Islamic culture, indecency and filth of human moral degradation. 8) He fights against his evil desire with sincerity as much as he is physically and mentally able, always in a desire to realize the good side in him. 9) He doesn't like being ruled by un-Islamic ideas and laws, as well as government and people. 10) He believes that all Muslims are united by the love of Allah even if some of them are not doing good things for Islam, but he wishes those good advices and return to correct way and thinking, without killing him with words or hands, or turning him to the non-Muslims or their friends. 11) He is not extreme in following his religion or loose. He follows his religion with love and doesn't enforce on to others what he likes for himself. 12) He respects the Ulemas and heeds their words. 13) He doesn't like to speak about anything which he doesn't know of. 14) He doesn't believe the word of a non-Muslim against a Muslim, or that of a persistent arrogant, rebellious, transgressing Muslim against a good Muslim. 15) He is aware and he according to his ability is willing to help Islam and Muslims with sincerity of heart and actions. Values of woman: 1) She is modest, shy, and loves to stay inside her home. 2) She loves to her husband, obeying him and loving her children.

3) She is praying, fasting in Ramadan, keeping herself chaste and guarding her husband's property by not devouring it unjustly. 4) She doesn't wish to be seen by ghair -mahram. 5) She doesn't go outside except by a mahram, and except under dire necessity when mahram not present. 6) She loves purity and loves to remain pure, by not inclining to acts which are widespread among the indecent women. 7) She is calm and quiet, and not bursting in to words which may degrade her honor and sanctity. 8) She depends on her husband and wishes him good always. 9) She loves her parents and her children. 10) She loves Islam. 11) She thinks and believes that her husband is the most cherished thing after Allah and Prophet (saas), thus no other thoughts keep her busy. 12) She doesn't like to be ruled by what is un-Islamic and by un-Islamic people and government. 13) She reads the Holy Quran but doesn't think deeply about it, as she doesn't need to teach other people by going outside of her house. 14) She respects the Ulemas, and she meets the Ulemas when needed in accompany with mahram. 15) She needs to learn of religion as much as it is necessary for her (Faith, prayer, purification, fasting and being truthful) 16) She reads on Islamic books written by Ulemas to teach herself and her children, and not to teach other people. 17) She always wishes the good of Islam, her husband and family. Values of youths: 1) They are moral, loving Islam and Allah and the Prophet (saas) 2) They are sincere and working with each other for good and righteousness. 3) They are not intermingling with girls. 4) They are respectful to their parents, Ulemas and teachers. 5) They don't like un-Islamic culture of west and east, and north and south. 6) They recite Holy Quran and study their courses sincerely, hoping to give something to the Muslim Ummah. 7) They are helpful and have no arrogance and hatred for poor and oppressed. 8) They think they have a duty towards Islam, and they are in rivalry

with the youths of non-Muslims in knowledge and education. 9) They are united with each other and helping each other. 10) They wish to make bonds with each other with a bond of family by giving their sisters/relatives in marriage with their brethrens. 11) They are making seminars and meetings to know and give possible solutions to the societies and Muslims in cooperation with Ulemas and other intellectual experts. 12) They are eager to join the Islamic military. Values of Islamic intellectuals: 1) They are always in the belief that they can give something to the Muslims in the world, and thereby make Islam stronger and the Islamic societies better. 2) They try to make new ways of education and ease them which will facilitate the students to attain knowledge with clarity and ease, because they work on the principle found in the command of prophet (saas), "...make things easy and do not make things hard..." 3) They always try to make the world of knowledge accessible to Islamic students in a way of ease and flexibility, whether religion, science or arts. 4) They try to make new policies and ways for the Islamic government in close cooperation with the Ulemas. 5) They try to differentiate all other cultures from Islamic culture in this complex age of integration and globalization, on the basis of studying Islamic heritage and legal texts and rulings. Values of Ulemas: 1) To teach people religion with a way which people finds it easy and alluring to, and not continue this teaching on a repetitive basis thereby making it hard for people to follow Islam. 2) Advising the rulers in to all that is Islamic and good, and warning them against all that is evil and is against Islamic awareness and dictates. 3) Keeping a good and friendly relationship with youths and general masses and encouraging the youths to marry and their parents to assist them in such. 4) Keeping a broad knowledge of time. 5) Safeguarding religion from all types of attacks whether political, theological, philosophical etc.

Values of the Rulers: 1) They are aware about their role of being the protector of Islam and its integrity 2) They respect and value the advices of Ulemas and Islamic intellectuals 3) They are closer to people and see the people as their own family 4) They do all within their capacity to work for the prosperity of Islam and Muslims, as well as the general masses. 5) They are upright and just The Ruled: 1) They obey the ruler, respect the Ulemas, and have close ties with each other as being part of a society 2) The non-Muslims see themselves as part of the ruled as not secondary class citizens as west would have them perceived but citizens with rights and dignity under the rule of Islam 3) They are aware, efficient, and supportive to the ruling authorities and government institutions and different parts of the government 4) They see honesty and truthfulness as the symbol of their being part of the Islamic state. 5) They do not bulge to any foreign threats and pressure and hold firmly to the just and righteous Islamic ruler. The workers: 1) The workers of the Islamic state in all government as well as private institutions are honest and they see their work as being a great duty which will shape the overall existence of the state. 2) They hate cheating, bribe and lie, because it is their work which will define them as human being in front of God and Muslims are ought to be more aware about this than non-Muslims 3) They put forth in to the work their maximum effort and in times of discomfort or any errors from the high position they do not go in to strike or rebellion thereby making matters worse, rather they take the path of dialogue and co-operation. 4) They try to give new ideas and policies which they think is helpful for maximizing efficiency and benefit for the state and they present it to the authority in charge.

5) They see that the bond of the workers among themselves and the employer is that of co-operation and not rivalry and Hasad.

Chapter 19 The Revolution

In order to attain this we should learn history, culture, psychology of our enemies and the masses, and above of all Islamic guidance from the Holy Quran, the Prophet (saas), and the four Caliphs taking those points from those which deal with situations of oppression and facing the enemy, their identity as given by Holy Quran and Sunnah. We must try to understand how we should face the enemies on stages and plans thereby realizing the possibility of attaining Islamic state. This confrontation should deal detailed plans and movements both in political, social, cultural and military level. I say to all of my brothers that not to base Islam on the basis of this plan, but rather taking this plan to attain the great goal of attaining Islamic dominance on earth.

The essence of all revolution is the perpetual existence of oppression by the elites on the general masses, until a leader emerges and leads people against the tradition of those elites thereby turning the entire edifice of elite-system to that which is alien to the elite system and this is revolution. We Muslims today are oppressed by a class of Jews and Christians and our lands have been invaded and yet we see no revolution, and one of the reasons is that the inability of some scholars to give a clear view of the political situation in which such oppression exists, the misunderstanding of our situation, the gap of our understanding, disbelief among ourselves, the laziness of the Muslim rulers and their dumbness, the ignorance of the Muslim masses about the oppressed, and the absolute inability of the organized groups in us to organize resistance. Only one man i.e. Our Prophet (saas) by his sincere effort and wise words has changed the structure of the entire elite-class and system of Arabia by Divine guidance. Today we have Allah's Book, but lack the leadership and organization. We lack trust, sincerity and co-operation; we lack the necessary struggle to face the wave of injustice and oppression. It is because our leaders and some of our Ulemas have shown differences against political revival and Islamic revolution. Our wealth is being misused where we should have been using it towards this revival; our education is godless where we should have taught students about Islamic charisma and Islamism. What do we need to do at this critical time? It is necessary that all of our brethrens and people of power and wealth make one aim i.e. revival of an Islamic state with well, clarified implemented policies and methods without any differences leading to sects and conflict within us.

Chapter 20 The Arab Governments

The authority in Islam is important for it is the authority which is responsible for the protection of Islamic values and awareness among people. Islam has given much importance to obey the Islamic authority, as well as a Muslim person in charge who yet even doesn't judge by Islamic Law, but when this point comes, that a Muslim person is in control of Muslims' affairs to what extent should he be obeyed, and not obeyed? In all that is good he is to be obeyed and in all that is antiIslamic, disobedience to Allah must not be obeyed. This is the general principle of authority and the ruled in Islam. There are then many issues which come later and the most important one in that is "efforts from the Muslims to change the regime", what is the point where Muslims ought to change the regime and put another in its place better than it? In the Holy Quran Allah commands to obey the people of authority and in Hadeeth the Prophet (saas) specifies it to only good commands, but when the authority starts injustice and wrongdoing on the Muslim masses to what point they should resist? Indeed fighting against the unjust Muslim authority is part of Jihad, rather fighting against all

injustices is jihad, but the question is the efficiency of this battle and the probability of attaining greater good rather than greater harm universally. Are the people of truth able to wage a fight? Can they uphold their fight? Will it attain greater good than evil/harm? In hadeeth the Prophet (saas) warns not to comply with unjust rulers or to help them in any way in doing wrong and spreading it over the masses whether directly or deceitfully, yet also the Prophet (saas) commands to obey the Muslim rulers even if they do wrong and injustice, but in the Holy Quran Allah has sanctioned for the oppressed to wage war against oppression. Actually there is no contradiction in these commands, but these commands direct to a critical balance between aggression and non-aggression. When the oppression reaches a high level according to the judgment of the Islamic intellectuals residing under the oppressed ruler then they are to plan a rebellion to change the existing regime in response to the commands of Jihad in Holy Quran. When the Islamic minded intellectuals and scholars think that a possible struggle resulting in greater good and justice is possible then all efforts to fight the oppressive Muslim regime must begin. This is one way, and the second way or second reason to rebel against the Muslim authority is that when he performs open disbelief for example killing the Muslims with the infidels or assisting them in doing so, or stopping people from following Islamic guidelines in everyday life, or waging an intellectual war against Islam or allowing such to take place. These are some examples of open disbelief and most possible of taking place in today's Muslim societies. Turkey is an example of an atheistic, un-Islamic state where all efforts of ending Islamic awareness is evident. The sincere Muslims of Turkey should not go against the so called Muslim regime because the whole mass of turkey is a rebel against Islam. Most Arab states are in some ways oppressive and helpful to the infidels who have made their agenda to end Islamic awareness among Muslims. If it is possible to change these oppressive regimes of the Arab states then one should do so only when greater harm to Islam and/or Muslims is not earned. No Arab state is islamically aware, even Saudi Arabia, and all Scholars of Islam should never help these rulers in their policy makings and judgments unless it results in Islamization of societies and people, directly. As to Iran it is Islamically aware more than any other Muslim regimes in the world even though they are Shias, they have managed

Allah willing on the basis of determination and continuous effort to uphold Islamic awareness and Islamic values in their country even though there are many pressures and obstacles from within the masses. Curse be upon the Arab rulers for these rulers are full of stupidity and rubbish because they are helping for the demise of Islamic sentiments and values which if they had done the opposite (effort to Islamize the societies and people) the Sunni Muslims in Arab nations would be more helpful and co-operative with Islamic change than Iranian people. Many Muslims in the Arab states are being deceived by their rulers but what they should have done is like the Iranian regime. To give an example in Saudi Arabia there you can see nude dresses hanging on nude female idols in the streets of Madinah, you can see a shop their (a center of western culture) where adult films are available in Madinah (Shop name Maktabah Jareer), you can see banks taking interest for example the Samba bank (Saudi American bank). Once I talked with a taxi driver not very much educated who opened an account in that bank. When he first heard that money (deposit) will increase over time he from his simple mind understood that it was interest (riba) but the bank officials told him that it was Islamic based system, and convinced him to deposit money which he did because he was fooled and deceived due to his un-education, but Allah willing later he found discomfort in his heart and left all the money which he gathered on basis of interest (about 200000 riyals). If this is the case of Saudi Arabia which is the most conservative in Arab nations then what is the case of the rest of Arab nations? These Arab rulers are deceiving their own people even though many Arabs would like an Islamic way of life. Gradually these Arab regimes will be the reason for the emergence of Arabian-turkey (a state like Turkey). For this reason all Islamic groups such as Muslim brotherhood and their allies must go on fighting to establish Islamic states and the Islamic scholars (Ulemas) must make People aware about the lies and hypocrisy of their regimes.

All Arab governments are humble to US, and they bow down to US for their support and stability of their power. The Saudi takes direct help from US military to protect itself from its enemies. It is a known fact among political people that Roosevelt and the king at his time of Saudi Arabia made a pact of protection and oil supply. How many Muslims know this that the Saudi regime is taking support directly from US? My intention is not to encourage people to take up arms against Saudi

regime as it is of more harm than benefit, unless Saudi regime becomes like the dog Kamal Ataturk and Turkey. He was an enemy of Islam, and it is right for all just Muslims to go against such rulers as Kamal Ataturk who waged war against Islam. The Hadeeth states that unless we see open disbelief from our rulers we won't take up arms and changing Islamic ways and values shrewdly or openly to that of infidels is disbelief. It is necessary for all just Muslims to hate their regimes and never to love them from heart and only to obey them in good and not in those acts which facilitates the direct implementation of infidel's ideas and systems, thus the Ulemas must know politics and ideas of our enemies so that they may guide the general Muslims as what to obey and not to obey among the commands of the people of authority. Unlike the previous times we had never faced the fear of infidels but now we fear their plots to change our way of life just as they did to the once Islamic state Turkey for example. We cannot compare with the politics of the Islamic caliphates at the past and the modern scene. It is just not possible. No Caliphs of the past even Yazid took direct help and advices from the infidels. We cannot sit by while we see the lands of Muslims being taken by the enemies, resources being looted by their companies and businessmen, while our women are forced in to prostitution out of poverty, teenagers forced in to robbery, drugs and crimes out of poverty and etc. It is on to the shoulders of the Muslim intellectuals and Ulemas to bring about a gradual political change, or swift if possible by the majority support of the just Muslims as happened in Iranian revolution. For this firstly we must make allegiance to the reliable just intellectual Muslim leader in a society at first step then the progress towards an Islamic state. This allegiance is not the allegiance as understood for the Caliphate but rather this allegiance is allegiance of support and obedience for the realization of Islamic government just as Imam Husain had allegiance of his followers, or Muwaiyah had allegiance from his followers even though Caliphs were present. We must start a struggle of justice against oppression, we must be together organized and in brotherhood. Our struggle is not suicide bombing, or mass destruction of civilians and properties, but our model is Imam Hussein, Abdullah Ibn Zubair, Salah Din Ayyubi and all those just warriors who stood against injustice and oppression. I hear many times from some Ulemas not to go against the people of authority, and yes even this is a good word for the masses, this word doesn't apply to those whose duty i.e. the Ulemas is to reveal to people the evil plots and pro-western policies of the government. In the past

times there was no such thing as psychological war, or media war unlike these times. The western governments i.e. US and UK and their allies except the neutrals, are in a psychological war to change the values of Muslim societies and there is no other way to challenge this except being political (in the modern term). Imam Hussein didn't show allegiance to Yazid even though many other companions did. Imam Hussein had indeed perceived the greater maslah than those Sahabis who had perceived the lesser maslah. I am not criticizing any Sahabis here but in this great sacrifice of Imam Hussein lies lessons for Islamic leaders and Muslims in general and this is that Muslims must not show allegiance to a wicked person and that allegiance doesn't take place in hereditary rule. The other Sahabis did show allegiance in the fear of avoiding fitna (instability, bloodshed and chaos) but Hussein showed resistance to safeguard religion from misinterpretation and vanities. He safeguarded religion from the Bidah of hereditary rule. As it has been pointed out in his book Muwaiyah ibn Abi Sufyan by Dr. Ali Muhammad that Hussein based his verdict of resistance on the basis of Command of good and forbidding of evil is on the shoulders of Ulemas (and as he was a Scholar he had to do it) and that injustice from Yazid prevented him from allegiance and he saw that he had to change the evil and this was not going against the ruler rather resistance against falsehood (the un-Islamic rule of Bane Umayyah). We then say that we need to win the support of people to change the un-Islamic, unjust regime, and without the help of the majority just Muslims it is not possible. Imam Hussein didn't show allegiance nor did he go against Yazid until he won the alleged support of the people of Iraq which was rather false as they refused him later. The Islamic political party will always call people to justice and good, and will encourage people to accept Islam as the authority, and will tell people not to vote any party which will be a reason for the implementation of manmade unjust laws and as to the armed rebellion against the oppressive regime for example regime in Egypt or the regime that was in Iran, it is a point which will come when the majority people support the Islamic resistance and revolution, and such people must be lead to the right path by the Islamic political activists and Ulemas.

Chapter 21 The Islamic Constitution (Largely based on Saudi-Iran Constitutions) Article 6 The Shura council will select a body of analyzing the texts of the Holy Quran and Hadeeth Saheeh to form new ideas, policies and methods of government and justice. This is to achieve an easy and suitable way of running the Islamic state, and these new ideas will be passed down to the Shura council and analyzed. Article 7 The Government must direct its effort to ensure: Creation of a favorable environment for the growth of moral virtues based on faith and piety and the struggle against all forms of vice and corruption Raising the level of public awareness in all areas through the )a proper use of the press, mass media and other innovative means. Free education and physical training for everyone at all levels, )b and the facilitation and expansion of higher education. Strengthening the spirit of inquiry, investigation and innovation )c in all areas of science, technology and culture as well as Islamic studies through research centers and encouragement of researchers. Elimination of Imperialism and prevention of foreign influence )d Ensuring freedom within the framework of Islamic Law )e Abolition of discrimination as perceived by Islam, and the )f provision of equitable opportunities in both material and intellectual spheres Strengthening of defense by building up the defense system )g and personnel by Muslim and Islamically aware people. Planning of a just and correct economy system in accordance )h with Islam, making welfare, eliminate poverty and abolish all forms of deprivation with respect to food, housing, healthcare and the provision of social insurance for all Ensuring the safeguard of people's rights as sancted by Islam )i Eradicating racism and aristocracy among the people and their )j consciousness through efficient education and social steps and planning

Article 1 the (country name) is a sovereign (ethnicity) Islamic state with Islam as its religion, God's Book and the Sunnah of His prophet (saas) are its basis of constitution, (language) is its language and (capital) is its capital. Article 2 the Islamic state is a system based on belief in: One God, His exclusive sovereignty and right to legislate, and )1 the necessity of submission to his commands, divine Revelation and its fundamental role in setting forth the laws Article 3 In the Islamic state the entire edifice of government is based on the protection of Islam, its implementation, and the welfare of the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Article 4 All institutions of government will be made on the basis of Islamic progress, the need of the people and the spread of Islam and its survival, the survival of the land, its resources, its boundaries, its air and its sea and rivers. Article 5 The Shura council along with the help of other scientific, security and technological experts will form the outline of the government institutions and the nature private institution and organizations will work in the country (It is not possible to make a new Islamic state from the scratch, but rather a certain state is converted to an Islamic state and this process of conversion will take time and thus the article) Extension: Ministries are set up according to the shura council dictates

Article 8 the state's flag shall be: (Anything except the depiction of any inanimate objects and/or pictures of living beings) Article 9 all aspects of the law must be based on Islam which are overseen and analyzed by the Shura council. Extension: The Shura council will define the Holy Law and will give the charge to the judiciary a selected body of competent jurists. The executive will obey the judiciary in the case of implementation of Law. Any disputes in the government system or branches will be presented to the Shura council. Extension: The new laws on the basis of Holy Quran are passed down through media and newspapers so that the people may know the new laws. Extension: The Shura council will consist of a member who totals the overall government institution of the Islamic state (such as all the ministries, organizations, etc). Extension: The implementation body of punishment will be the court carried out by selected people.

The Imam is not obeyed if he works in direct violation of explicit texts of Holy Quran or Sunnah Saheeh. He is to be replaced by Shura council provided that the existence of Islamic state is not threatened. If so then patience is to be taken by the Shura council. Extension: The authority of the state will be hierarchical yet all are answerable to the Shura council. The judiciary will be selected by the Shura council and the executive will be selected by the Shura council at a time interval which the shura council seems fit in the situation of the Islamic state. The Judiciary and executive will be headed by the member of the Shura council selected by the Imam of the Shura. The matters and issues of the Shura will be solved by Shura but the Imam will have the last say. All government institution will be headed by a member of the Shura who have been selected by the Imam and Shura council after consultation. The members of the Shura council will select the future members of Shura council and as well the Imam. If the shura council finds lack of efficiency from the Imam then they will present this matter to the Imam and will urge him to make an election to select a new Imam. The Imam will do what is best at this time. If he denies then the Shura council must obey the Imam till he dies. All members of shura council will be equal to each other except that the Imam will be the leader of them and the state. Article 11 Citizens are to pay allegiance to the Imam on the basis of Holy Quran and Sunnah in submission and obedience, in times of ease and hardship, fortune and adversary. Article 12 In accordance with the command of the Holy Quran (43:38), consultative bodies-such as Islamic consultative (subshura), the Islamic consultative assembly, the provincial councils, city, regions, district and village councils and the likes of them are the decision-making and administrative organs of the country where the members are selected and elected by the decree of the Shura council. The nature of such councils throughout the country, their duties, scope and jurisdiction, functions determined by the constitution and Laws

Article 10 the absolute power lies with the Imam the head of the Shura council, appointing the president as well as interfering in any matters of the state which he sits necessary. The supreme leader i.e. the Imam is elected by the inter-cleric voting where senior members of the shura shall vote to choose the head of the state .i.e. Imam. The Imam is the supreme head of all the state and the government institutions. The Imam has no power to dismiss any member of the Shura council without the majority vote, and only this is an exception, but the Shura council must obey the Imam and his word is the last say.

Article 13 Government in Islamic state derives power from Holy Quran and Sunnah Article 14 the family is the kernel of the Islamic society and its members shall be brought up on the basis of the Islamic faith and loyalty and obedience to God, His prophet and to the Guardians (Ulemas); Article 15 Respect for and implementation of the law, love and pride in the Islamic state and glorious history of Muslims and Islamic heritage must be one of the main of ideological and moral education. Article 16 No individual group, or authority has the right to infringe in the slightest way upon the political, cultural, economic and military independence or the territorial integrity of the state under the pretext of exercising freedom. Extension: The security body will be the police, the intelligence, the military and the shura army selected by the Shura council for special tasks. This body will be answerable to the Shura council only and won't be active like other security institution. This body will carry out orders and will command other bodies by the command of the Imam whose command will be directly aired through video to other bodies. If the command of the Imam is not aired then this body won't be obeyed by other bodies.

Islam, thus any ruling of the state in religious and other matters must come down from the shura council of jurists through their careful study of the four schools and applying the most suited one corroborated by Holy Quran and/or Sunnah and/or rational precedence in the light of the former two. Article 20 (60:8) directs us to treat non-Muslims with kindness thus the Islamic state has to respect the rights of non-Muslims and respect them within the boundaries of Islamic Law, as long as they do not conspire against Islam or Muslims. Article 21 Zoroastrian, Jewish and Christian are the only recognized religious minorities who within the limits of Law are free to perform their religious rites and ceremonies and to act according to their own canon in matters of personal affairs and religious education. Article 22 The Law will define the nature of benefitting from the natural resources God has given within the territorial boundary of the state. Article 23 Privacy of the citizens is respected as defined by the Law Article 24 the law must lay down the norm of dealing with the two entities: public and the private. Finance and economy: Article 1) All the state's revenues and expenditures will come under monitoring bodies (appropriate ministries and institutions under such ministries) and all the state's movable and immovable funds will be controlled by such ministries in order to confirm the good use of these funds and their preservation. An annual report will be submitted on this matter to the head of the Council of Scholars. The council of scholars will define the competent control body and its obligations and prerogatives. Article 2) The caretaking body will be appointed by the council of scholars (Shura council) to monitor and look after all the government institutions.

Article 17 (21:92) demands that the government of the Islamic state takes steps to work for the betterment and unification of the Muslims worldwide starting from in their state through dialogue, education, and scholarly meetings and speeches to the masses. Article 18 Islamic societies is based on principle of preventing evils and the means leading to it, thus the legal principle of "Sad Zaria" is carefully implemented by the government. Article 19 The official religion is Islam in the Islamic state and the jurisprudence is the combination of the four schools of thoughts in

Offenses of the government and private institutions will be investigated by this body and an annual report will be submitted on this matter to the Shura council. The Shura council will make such a caretaking body who will consist of workers of needed expertise and knowledge suitable and able to understand the running and method of the institutions both government and private in the country. The core ideal of all the workers of this body should be that they are devout to Islam and the welfare of Muslims. Article 3) State's revenue and its entry in the state's general budget should be seen and monitored by the selected body of economists and accountants. Revenue is entered and spent in accordance with the aims and objectives taken by the Shura council based on Islamic principles and guidance. Article 4) The Shura council will take emergency measures to deal with immediate threats and obstacles whether administrative, military, social or international. For this a special fund is made. Article 5) The annual budget will be divided in two categories: amount payable for government employees according to their work and positions, amount payable to the poor and helpless people, amount payable to education, military, scientific research, administration running, social welfare and government loan. The details of these categories will be defined by the Shura council. Any new additional field needed will be opened and a new budget will be made. The budget will be announced at the start of the Islamic calendar each year. Article 6) All revenues collected and added to the budget from the people will be monitored and looked in to by accountants and economists and passed down to the Shura council. Article 7) If any institution (private) or any business is thought to have deceived the government from giving its proper due to the state then it shall be looked in to either by state intelligence or by the court depending on the delicacy of the matter.

Article 8) All financial reports must be published with details and a summary to the Shura council. Article 9) The system of economy will be: Producer/manufacturer-distributorconsumer and/or Importer/distributor-distributor-consumer. The proper ministry will look in to dealings of this relationship. Article 10) Tax is implemented. Imposition, amendment, revocation and exemption is only permitted by the law Article 11) Zakat is collected and distributed by the proper ministry to the proper recipients Sealed principle: All writings are changeable except the book of God thus Constitution is amended by the majority vote of the Shura council including the Imam

Chapter 22 The destruction of a civilization (Women as a modern exploitable political and social interest?)


God says in Holy Quran that permitted for those who are oppressed, battle (). In this present world the disbeliever especially the western agencies, Jews and NGOs, are using the oppressed state of people to blackmail them, and I mean Muslims. In areas where there are conflicts the Jews, are spreading moral evils and social disasters to color the Muslim Ummah with taints of immoralities and unsound human conducts. It has become the motto of Jews and their western allies who fund different private institutions in poor countries that the promotion of free values is of the utmost importance of western stability in the present world of chaos. This free value is nothing but the foreseen destruction of conservatism which Islam has long cherished, and the destruction starts from women, molesting their chastity, and innocent nature thereby destroying a family, its children and gradually the society and the nation. The Prophet (saas) indeed stated the most valuable thing in the world is a virtuous pious woman, and what can be better reason than they being a stable catalyst to care the peace of a nation. The first fitnah of children of Israel started in women and they were destroyed, the Jews know this, and they along with their allies have made it a primary agenda to molest the dignity of Muslim women in various names: “feminism” “women oppression”, “Human rights” “equality of sex” etc. When they see that a society is conservative and values are deeply Islamic they try to damage it through political and economical means, even cultural means. Exploiting the sexual psychology of a certain portion of people is enough to start the reaction of immoral revolution. They penetrate these Islamic societies by buying of powerful elites and/or promoting sexual vices through the facility of modern technology and gradually work for the spreading of such vices. And the western allies and Jewish scum gradually open brothels, target helpless oppressed Muslim women, and lure them towards pornography and prostitution. Like this, they are able to spread this news throughout other societies and draw people’s attention, and gradually more and more people are flocked and attends this vile place and tends to take pleasure from it, and gradually when the situation becomes difficult and goes out the hand of the government, government is forced to make changes to meet the crisis, and for this

they think of increasing crime fighting resources, thus an extra budget is needed and they look towards other rich nations among Muslim countries. However other Muslim countries are not very much Islamic and are bounded by western treaties and conditions which they are not to be broken. In such a helpless state Islamic society finds it difficult for the cherishment of Islam, and they face two choices: either allow the spread of vices and keep your country stable, or try to stop it by force and you endanger a possible political chaos. It has become the cases of most of the Muslim lands, immoralities and evil are gradually increasing because government are either helpless and on their own, or they have taken a pro-western policy. The jihad which is needed and is continuous to the end of days is to be taken to solve this issue. Thus Jihad to fight these hostile and hidden enemies by spending more and more money to buy technical and man power resources, and/or Jihad to fight the enemies in battle to stop the spreading of such evil. In the war places, the enemies of Islam are at a higher ground. Where there is war there is suffering and where there is suffering there are needs, and where there are needs there is the door of blackmailing the oppressed towards their goals. Firstly there is always a pro-western mind in almost all places of Muslims lands, starting from the elite class to the middle class. The war torn places are no more different. In war torn places the enemies of Islam use their handmade government in many phases: first phase is the installation of such a government, and at the same time the spread of evil and vices among the masses to counter the jihadi threat on one hand and to permanently install poison amidst the Muslim societies on the other hand. When the Mujaheeds perceive this threat and oppression that is being spread around they fight, and the people in power by twisting the realities of events through media state that “terrorists” are not allowing the installation of government”. The people in reality don’t know this and the critical situation of the war place, thus they believe what they hear from mass Medias and people of power. It gives great rage in Muslims’ hearts when someone says that there is no Jihad today in the world, and some say Islam is no Jihad rather Dawah comes first, some say Islam is not politics but rather a private

issue. These all are cut and run in religion. Firstly there is no Dawah to the oppressed unless their state is solved, secondly as long as there is oppression in Muslims lands there will be Jihad and the Hadeeth confirms that Jihad is continuous to the end of days. As to politics, Islam may or may not be politics but it demands the change of entire unIslamic political situation. The 23 years life of our leader and Prophet (Saas) is the proof. I don’t see how Islam is not political when each individual’s life is related with politics. I do not see why Islam is not Jihad when we Muslims are being killed and our women and children molested and sold like objects. I say to these people that may be when you say Islam is Dawah you mean Dawah to that new religion which is free of Jihad and political ideals and agenda. If you mean this then you have made a new religion yourself. When it is said Islam is political we need to see what is politics? Before I go to that I would like to say to these people that if you don’t like Jihad and Islamic political activities then you need to keep quiet and allow the Mujaheeds fight and the Islamic leaders do their political work for the establishment of justice and peace (Islamic law) on land. Politics is defined as activities or steps to promote values and interest of a certain class or group of people. Each Muslim’s heart is for God and thus the Islamic political activists’ interest and values are that of Islam, thus Islamic politics is activities or steps to promote values and interest of these people which is Islam. Through the 23 years of journey the Prophet (saas) activities and steps was to establish Islam in people’s hearts and on God’s land, which He has succeeded through many means of which are:

6) Managing and organizing Muslims unity and Muslim activities. 7) Being able to understand the social and economical situation and thereby foreseeing potential threats and possible breakthroughs.

He had done these steps and with many other connected to these for the sake of Islam throughout His life on the basis of Divine Guidance and His personal understanding. Is not then we are to learn from our Ideal leader, our Model the grand planning and long-term tactics to achieve what Islam has achieved in his life time?

Chapter 23 The Media and Muslim mass

This I write to make the students of Islam aware about how to meet information from media they receive. This has been termed as the age of information. Whenever you read an article, hear news, or see news try to question the content. Firstly whenever you read news or hear news from any place, Look at the style, the words used, the way it is said, against who it is said, what is the Intent of the said content, what is the relationship of culture and ideas between the reporter and the reported? Whoever you see news in the TV or any other place then try to question the image, the content, and the extent to which it is being shown. Try to think what could have been omitted; try to think what can really happen in the place. From which such news are being shown. Are such possible occurrences been deleted or not? For example, in a place of war, a news media shows that someone is firing gun and running and so on, yet you haven't seen any killings or dead bodies. This can occur in war place. So question has the reporter omitted such events and if so why? Same goes with language and words, for example when a news reader reads a news try to see what style he/she is using and what can it result

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Dialogue with the polytheists and disbelievers Calling then to Islam and explaining what is it Helping the poor and oppressed Doing Jihad Making treaties and rules and policies for the first Islamic state (Al-Madinah).

in to people's consciousness. For example, A news reader reads "Islamic terrorists are blowing up themselves..." here ask yourself Why with Islam terrorists have been added? What is the motive and what can this result? In very shrewd way the media and its other branches are making Islam look alien and evil and partially reporting the condition of Muslims and the reality. It is to us not to be fooled by them. In very shrewd way the media and its other branches are making Islam look alien and evil and partially reporting the condition of Muslims and the reality.




Chapter 24 Political Directions 1 2 3 4 There is a difference between organizational consciousness, organizational culture and organizational structure. Politics and bureaucracy is based on the collections of diverse collective and conflicting interests of entities. Political interpretation of events and world depends on certain way of viewing by certain group of individuals. Some deny Shias all together and I too deny their beliefs, but unity with them is a political necessity for Islamic revival in the Sunni world bearing in mind the fact that their beliefs are made aware among the Sunni masses with clarity including that of secularists and infidels of all types. Making our women prostitutes and whores is a western agenda of feminist freedom, and it doesn't come except with democracy and all non-Islamic political doctrines of state and government and all those who believe in free sex are potential prostitutes and whores, and supporters of prostitution and whoredom. Shias cannot face the western might without the Sunnis help The realization of an Imam Adil (just) over us is a continuous Jihad (struggle) and the realization of it also demands a continuous jihad (struggle) i.e. ensuring its stability. It is better to fight and suffer than to suffer and be defeated.





6 7




Those that call for the salafi aqeedah yet leave the call of the unification of all Muslim lands divided by the imperial oppressors on the excuse of its impossibility are the lamest of Islamic people Those among the Salafis who call for dawah leaving aside the political war among us is really dreaming a dream because they have failed the realization of the magnitude of political evil in the Muslim lands, and such a threat can only be dealt with political Jihad. The struggle against oppressors and imperialism has started since the early days of the fall of the Caliphate and it shall Allah willing continue till the advent of our Imam Mahdi, the last Caliph. Each time the struggle dies Allah brings forth another group to aid His cause, as seen in the Iranian revolution, which took the isolationist position but were forced to come out of it. In an Islamic state a fixed mazhab must be first implemented as to the law of the Islamic state, a mazhab suited to each region and was there from before until through Islamic education competent Mujtaheeds are made and a tradition of Ijtihad starts, and only then obedience to a certain mazhab will be exchanged with the implementation of the Ijtihadi views of the Mujtaheeds, Allah willing. The most beautiful creation of Allah is system and Law that He has implemented to His creations from an atom to the universe and within this vast framework of system and law the hierarchy of man and woman is the vital point of human existence, the existence of family, societies and civilizations, and any attempt to breakdown this hierarchy of man and woman as endowed by Islam is brining chaos to the beauty of human relationship and moral boundaries. My brothers, the power of the enemies are our weakness, but not only their materialistic and economical power. They do not work to make themselves powerful, but make us weak. They know our unity will defeat them for history shows Allah has helped us when we were united. The general Muslim masses should be aware about the threat of some western political and economical institutions and about their twisted agendas, which we are unaware of these days and this is a great blow for our perception of the western existence. The aim of the infidels is to alienate us from the world consciousness so that they can attack us, kill us and dominate

17 18




us. For this they use media, and thus it is important on the Muslim leaders that we scrutinize their media. A large part of politics is the study of the minds of the transgressors. What we need is a good leader to lead us. A good scholar of religion is not necessary a good leader but a good leader must understand the religion. All the four Caliphs were great leaders, great policy makers and great scholars of religion. To lead one needs to understand religion and his society where he will work for Islam, which today means knowledge of politics and understanding of the social consciousness (collective psychology), thus a good Islamic leader today must know both religion and politics. There must be a great change in us. We need a great revolution in our thinking and life. We must break the shackles of passivism and rise to the fiery competition of activism with the enemies of our beloved Lord Supreme. We need our youths to learn the political world, the world of military progress, the shrewdness of the secret intelligences, the trickery of the money hoarders, the leaders; our youths must learn history of nations and conflicts. They must uncover within themselves the barrier of confusion and with the religious guidance along with the nourishment of worldly knowledge must cross this great barrier. Our women must be good wives; they must be great caretakers of their family. We must envision the ideal Islamic ecstasy in us and in our lands, thereby attaining the great heights of Divine Light. Politics is the study of individual and his group which is driven by a positive individualism (his high individual influence affecting others) or a negative individualism (being influenced by other), and what this produces in the form of a system and structure and how this system and structure proceeds and activates. In Holy Quran we see that Allah talks about individuals such as Haman, Pharaoh and their evil state the Egypt which is their institution and the system. But the thing is Holy Quran is not only dealing with this but in that story of pharaoh and individuals there are many teachings and not only politics. In the third world countries the developed western states want to see democracy so that they can bring parties which fit their interests to power by secret funding scheme. There are

22 23



exceptions such as the oppressive party of Egypt which USA don’t want to see go because no other party better than Muslim Brotherhood is there to replace them, and USA and UK hates this party. There are many other exceptions but the vision of the western states to their third world exploitable countries is that they want to see existence of multiple parties and the process of election by the mass illiterates so that the western liars may bring their choice to power and exploit the land. The bayat to Imam Mahdi will nullify the obedience to all other ulil amr of Muslims both Arabs and Non-Arabs. The conflict of the Government and of the private interests will necessitate the win of the Government interests. This happens in the western states latently while they talk about freedom. In reality their talk of freedom is ensuring the exploitation of some private individuals for their benefit at the cost of governments and nations. In an Islamic state the categories (as mentioned in Rauda by Imam Nawawi) from which zakat is taken must be allowed to flourish in trade and business so that people may acquire such wealth and that the basis of Islamic religious taxation is firmly built up. In order to represent Islam as a world changing idea and system Muslims need a political identity which will represent Islam, an identity which will make know the world people that Islam matters, and that Muslims are important when they have become Islamic. Such a political identity will continuously remind the world mass that Islam is hope and salvation, a force and resistance against oppression and injustice.

Chapter 25 A word to the Muslim rulers Exploiting your personal situation and taking the opportunity to apply a greater war is the way of the devil. One who takes the opportunity of his situation to extend a broader goal of his activities will find himself in

a long era of prolonging his own ambitions. This so called September 11 which the world so much sympathizes with has not only made America feel more opportunist of this disaster which has occurred on them but rather have given them a greater hand to apply their dominance on the world. Nations should have only shown general sympathy towards them. Such sympathies which extend your universal help with America will made them feel being supported and thereby give birth to a consciousness of superiority and a latent permission of "take your moves". Terrorists and terrorism occurs throughout world and nations who are sane don't attack nations to prevent a terrorist or terrorism, but rather they take balanced means which are taking help of international laws, international crime fighting units and foreign governments. Government institutions collaborate with foreign government institutions to prevent terrorists. Insanity makes you attack nation to stop a terrorist or an act of terrorism. In this sense the US war on terror (rather war on Islamic conservatism) to promote democracy and install friendly regimes and Israel's mass oppression of the oppressed people in Palestine is no different. Both have the excuse "we are fighting terrorists". Ask the question, "fighting terrorists by mass suppression of the masses and nations as the Nazis?" The data will show that Muslim nation has been devastated in many ways and sides, by this so called war on terror. What we to do now? First we need to help the oppressed in these lands and one of the ways has been stated in chapter 3. All Arab leaders and political organizations of power must stand up to help these oppressed people in the oppressed lands. It is our problem and we cannot depend on foreign aid organizations to deal with our oppressed people, people of Islam, the Muslims. Thus Arab governments must make sure that they take active and firm means to make aids go in to the hands of the oppresses to the point that poverty doesn't force the oppressed to sale their daughters in to prostitution, or sell their children to foreign parents, or die out of shortage of food or medicine. How come a Muslim sale his own child to a non-Muslim out of poverty while the Arabs sit idle and do nothing yet calling themselves people of Islam? Why won't Shias be praised and be supported by the common consciousness when such is the case of

Sunni Arabs? But this is a time when we must co-operate and not quarrel. We must search for friendly neutral nations which are many, and forge friendship with them. We must distance ourselves from further future traps of some of the western regimes. In order to break the shackles which are around us from these oppressive western regimes, some efforts and losses must be made, but the potential benefit of such loss in comparison with the newly forged friendship and policy moves by the Muslim rulers among themselves as well as with neutral states of the world may be nothing. We cannot hope for the solution of our problems if we do not act by ourselves, and Allah willing Allah will help us when we act the way we should have acted long time ago.


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