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I n s t r u c t o r : Ms. Juliana Anselmini

O ff i c e H o u r s : by appointment only

ENG 101: Course Syllabus

E m a i l :
B l o g :

I. C o u r s e M e e t i n g s : S e e CONTACT p a g e
II. Course Description: ENG 101
This course is the first half of a two-semester sequence, completed by either ENG 102 or ENG
122 as required by program of study, which focuses on the development of the students skill in
writing expository prose. Prerequisite: ENG 099, if needed. 3 lecture hours and one conference
hour per week. 3 credit hours.
I I I . C o u r s e L e a r n i n g O u t c o m e s : by the end of the semester each student will
demonstrate skill in college-level writing, reading, and critical thinking
demonstrate in writing the standards of grammar and style
demonstrate an understanding of writing as a process
investigate the ethical dimensions of an academic or cultural issue through an essay,
presentation, or discussion
produce a research paper that demonstrates academic ethics and applies information
literacy; the final draft must incorporate meaningful improvements built from a previous
I V. S t u d e n t R e s o u rc e s :
1. Kirszner, Laurie and Stephen Mandel. The Blair Reader - 5th Edition. (Upper Saddle
River, Pearson, 2005)
2. Diana Hacker A Pocket Style Manual (Bedford St. Martin)
V. C o u r s e R e q u i re m e n t s :
1. A t t e n d a n c e P o l i c y :
Two (2) absences are allowed.
Three (3) absences will result in the loss of a full letter grade.
Three (3) tardies exceeding 5 minutes will result in an absence.
Assignments are due digitally on the due date regardless of your absence.
2. C l a s s P a r t i c i p a t i o n : Participation is essential to your success in this class. Writing
is a social activity and much of the growth and development will occur in class working
with peers. Attendance, preparation, and active participation will impact your grade.
3. R e a d i n g A s s i g n m e n t s : s e e s a m p l e s c h e d u l e
4. Wr i t i n g A s s i g n m e n t s
1. I n f o r m a l - journal entries/reading reactions/in-class writing
2. F o r m a l - Your formal writing pieces should have a connecting theme.
These will take the form of:

Union County College

ENG 101: Course Syllabus

N a r r a t i v e E s s a y 3 - 4 pp.
D e s c r i p t i v e E s s a y 2 pp.
C o m p a re a n d C o n t r a s t 3 - 4 pp.
A r g u m e n t E s s a y ( R e s e a r c h - b a s e d ) 4 - 5 pp.
We b s i t e a n d Wr i t i n g R e f l e c t i o n

5. We b p a g e : Each student will create a Weebly webpage for class. This will showcase
your writing and create an audience for your work.
6. I n f o r m a t i o n L i t e r a c y R e q u i r e m e n t : By the conclusion of the semester, all
students who pass English 101 will have demonstrated in at least one substantial graded
essay, that they understand the fundamentals of research. This will include doing basic
research, being able to evaluate sources and citing at least three of these sources in the
proper MLA style in the graded essay. Some of these sources must be electronic,
including but not necessarily limited to the Internet. Students must pass this essay with a
grade of C or higher, and students will not be allowed to pass it unless they can
adequately demonstrate their ability in this area to quote and integrate multiple
VI. Grading:
Grades will be determined as follows:
1. Formal Essays - 60 %
2. Attendance/Participation - 20 %
3. Informal Writing- 10 %
4. Website - 10 %
**Specific rubrics will be provided for all major assignments.
V I I . Te a c h i n g M e t h o d o l o g i e s :
A variety of approaches to reading and writing methods is encouraged at UCC. Teaching
strategies are
1. Workshops
2. Peer Response
3. Conferences
4. Projects
5. Written Feedback

Union County College

ENG 101-012: Course Outcomes

General Education Goals

and Objectives

Student Learning Outcomes

Assessment Methods of

NJCC Goal Category: Written and Oral Communication

a: Comprehend and evaluate practice skill in writing and
what they read, hear and
critical thinking

Class discussion and formal

and informal writing

b: State and evaluate the

views and findings of others

demonstrate the ability to read

and write on the college level;
demonstrate an understanding
of writing as a process

Formal essays integrating

multiple sources in an
appropriate style

c: Logically and persuasively

state and support orally and
in writing their points of view
or findings

construct a well-defined thesis

on a topic pertinent to the
course and develop it into an
effective and well-organized

Class discussion, formal

and informal essays

d: Evaluate, revise, and edit

their communication

demonstrate in writing the

standards of grammar and
style; correct errors in
mechanics to develop a clear
and readable style

Formal essays

NJ CCC Integrated Goals: Ethical Reasoning and Action

a: Analyze and evaluate the demonstrate an understanding
strengths and weaknesses of of writing as a process
different perspectives on an
ethical issue or situation

Class discussion and

presentation; formal and
informal essays

b: Take a position on an
ethical issue or a situation
and defend it with logical

Class discussion and

presentation; formal and
informal essays

discuss the ethical dimensions

in writing, research, and other
forms of communication

NJCC Integrated Goals: Information Literacy

a: Identify and address an
information need

conduct effective research on a Class discussion and

chosen topic, using both
presentation; formal,
Library and Internet resources research-based essay

b: Access information
effectively and efficiently

conduct effective research on a Class presentation; formal,

chosen topic, using both
research-based essay that
Library and Internet resources measures students ability
to locate, evaluate, and use
information to demonstrate
a thesis

Union County College

c. Evaluate and think
critically about information

ENG 101-012: Course Outcomes

complete research that
distinguishes among a variety
of resources based on a
standard criteria

Formal essays

d: Use information effectively utilize computer software to

Class presentation; formal,
for a specific purpose.
present data on a specific topic research-based essay
or issue
e. Use information ethically
and legally.

demonstrate an understanding Formal essays

of the rules of academic
integrity by citing sources
accurately following an
appropriate documentation
style (preferably the MLA Style)