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Social Studies Gr.

7 Course Outline
Teacher: Joey Strother
Phone: 403-500-2092

Grade 7 students will explore the origins, histories and movement of peoples who
have forged the foundations of Canadian Confederation. Students will examine how
political, demographic, economic and social changes that have occurred since
Confederation have influenced ways in which contemporary Canada has evolved.

Through an examination of events proceeding and following Confederation, Grade 7
students will acquire an understanding of how Canada has evolved into a
multicultural, bilingual, pluralistic and diverse society, and appreciate how these
dimensions of Canada have affected citizenship and identity over time.

General Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the distinct
roles of and the relationships among the Aboriginal, French and British peoples
in forging the foundations of Canadian Confederation.



Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how political,
demographic, economic and social changes that have occurred since
Confederation have presented challenges and opportunities for individuals
and communities.
Opportunities for students to engage in current affairs, issues and concerns of
a local nature will be provided. Investigating current affairs from multiple
perspectives will help the students develop critical thinking skills.


Our Canada: Origins, Peoples, Perspectives

Voices and Visions
Articles, films and other multi-media resources
Websites that can be found on D2L

Evaluation of student progress is cumulative. Reporting periods will reflect
student progress and work completed to the specified reporting period date.
Evaluation for Social Studies 7 will include a combination of formative and
summative assessments. The level of achievement is based on student
performance on a variety of assessments including classroom work, major
assignments (group and individual) and tests/quizzes.
The evaluation
breakdown will be based on student work and classroom needs.

Desire2Learn (D2L):

D2L stands for Desire2Learn a web-based learning management system
selected to provide students, teachers, and parents access to course content,
calendar events and other online communication tools. Our school district
has chosen it to become our main platform for online communication
between school and home. This platform is an excellent learning tool for
students, parents and teachers. It enhances learning for students, helps
connect parents with their childs education, and provides teachers with
many different teaching opportunities.
Assignments, upcoming tests and general information will be posted in
News. Assignments will be available in Content and students will have the
option to submit completed assignments electronically in the Dropbox.
Discussion topics may be posted throughout each unit. Later in the fall,
students and parents will have access to student progress in Grades.
It is strongly recommended that you review D2L with your child
once a week in order to stay informed with homework, assignments,
projects, tests and other important dates for Social Studies.
Students are expected to share their logon and password with their


Homework is an extension of classroom work. Although ample time will be
given to work on assignments in class, the use of that time will determine
how much work has to be completed at home.
In the incident that a student needs more time or has been absent, it will be
up to the student to contact the teacher about the missed assignment. If a
student misses a class, he/she will be required to obtain missing notes from
D2L, other students or the teacher. It is the students responsibility to ensure
they obtain all materials from missed classes.
Assignments that are not submitted will receive a 0 until the assignment has
been submitted. This will allow the student, parent(s), and myself to quickly
identify assignments that have not been completed. Once missing
assignments are turned in, the 0 will be replaced with the students full
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PARENT/GUARDIAN: I have read and discussed this Course Guide with my child. I
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