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Ulangan Harian I Semester Ganjil Kelas VII Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tahun Pelajaran 2009 – 2010
Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c or d on your answer sheet! 1. Ben : Good morning, Tom.
Tom : Good morning, Ben. The underlined utterances express : a. Introducing c. Inviting b. Greeting d. Congratulation


Ari : Will you have some more coffee? Lia : No, thank you. Oh, it’s almost seven o’clock. I’m afraid I have to go now. See you again tomorrow. Ari : See you. The underlined utterances express… a. Greeting b. Leave taking c. Apologizing d. Inviting people Yeni : … Tini, Mira. She’s a new student. Mira : How do you do Tini? Tini : How do you do? Glad to meet you. a. Please see b. Please meet c. Please look at d. Please watch Amir : Hello, Didi. This is my brother, Toni. Didi : How do you do? Toni : How do you do? The underlined expression shows… a. Thanking people b. Introducing people c. Agreement d. Displeasure All the students like her because she is nice to them. Nice here means… a. Beautiful b. Diligent c. Honest d. Kind Susi’s uncle is carrying a bag. … is going to the office. a. She c. He b. His d. Him Look, that is Rudy! … is my classmate. a. She b. I Look at the notice!

a. b. c. d.

Keep clean. Don’t litter! No smoking area. No parking Don’t answer the phone!


Tony and I have many books. These books are… a. Theirs c. yours b. His d. ours


10. I have a cat. … is black. a. It c. He b. Its d. She

11. There are ten children in the yard. Seven are boys
and …are girls. a. the others b. the other c. another d. another children 12. Mr. Ali’s daughter is not here now. …has gone to Supermarket. a. He c. They b. She d. We 13. We collect some money from ……classmates to help the poor. a. You c. Our b. Me d. She 14. Tomorrow is Tuesday. What day was it yesterday? a. It was Wednesday b. It was Monday c. It is Sunday d. It was Sunday 15. Today is Friday. Tomorrow is… a. Thursday b. Sunday c. Saturday d. Wednesday 16. What is the seventh month of the year? a. June b. July c. August d. September 17. When Rini and I were in the yard, father called… a. us c. their b. they d. we





c. You d. He


18. I have a book. This is … book. a. your c. his b. my d. her 19. These things are usually found in the classroom, except… a. Chalk b. Fork c. Desk d. Chairs Read the following dialogue! Sandi : My name’s Sandi. What’s your name? Diana : I am Diana. And this is Nita, my friend. Sandi : How do you do, Nita? Nita : How do you do Sandi? Sandi : Where do you live Diana? Diana : I live at 15 Jl. Merdeka. I and Nita are neighbors. Nita : And where do you live, Sandi? Sandi : I live on Jl. Pahlawan 25. How you go to school? Nita : We go to school by bike. And you? Sandi : I go to school on foot because the school is near from my house. From number 20 to 24 based on the text above. 20. Diana has a friend, her name is … a. Sandi c. Diana b. Nita d. Tina 21. Where does Diana live? a. I live at 15 Jl. Pahlawan b. She lives at 15 Jl. Merdeka c. I live at 15 Jl. Merdeka d. She lives on Jl. Pahlawan 25 22. “We go to school by bike.” What does the word we refer to? a. Nita and Diana b. Nita and Sandi c. Santi and Diana d. Sandi and his friend 23. The opposite of the underlined word on the dialogue above is … a. Short c. Long b. Far d. High

26. “They have two children with different profession from them.” What does the word “they” refer to? a. Mr. Sadewo and his wife b. Sadewo and Hapsari c. The children d. The profession 27. Can Hapsari speak English well? a. Yes, she is b. No, she isn’t c. Yes, she can d. No, she can’t 28. How to read this 22 + 18 = 40 a. Twenty two plus eighteen is fourty b. Twenty plus eighteen is fourteen c. Twenty two plus eighty is fourty d. Twenty two plus eighteen is fourteen 29. One of the statements below is a command. a. Nice to meet you b. Fine, thank you c. How tall is he d. Close the windows

30. All the characters of the fable are not tame but …
animals. The opposite of the underlined word. a. Wild b. Domestic c. Rare d. Primitive 31. “There … many posters of artist in my room.” a. Is c. Was b. Are d. Were 32. Which one is correct? a. Sixteen minus nine equals seven b. Sixteen times nine equals seven c. Sixteen divided by nine equals seven d. Sixteen plus nine equals seven 33. Make a good announcement! 1. Remember, keep study at home. 2. Attention to all students. 3. Thank you. 4. You may go home earlier. 5. There will be a meeting at ten o’clock. a. 1-2-3-4-5 b. 2-4-5-1-3 c. 2-4-1-5-3 d. 2-5-4-1-3

24. Why does Sandi go to school on foot? Because …
a. b. c. d. The school is far from my house The school is near from his house The school is not near from my house The school is not far from her house

Occupation Mr. Suwarno works at school. He is an English teacher. His wife Mrs. Parisma works at hotel. She is a front office manager. They have two children with different profession from them. Sadewo works at hospital as a doctor. He is quite helpful and kind, so his patients love him very much. His sister, Hapsari, works in a foreign company. She is a secretary. She can work there because her English is very good. 25. Where does Mrs. Parisma work? She works … a. At school b. At hotel c. At hospital d. In a foreign company

34. Teacher: Please … early. Don’t be late.
Students: Yes, Ma’am a. Come b. Put c. Wait d. Take Read the announcement and answer questions 35 and 36! Listen, everyone. This ancient house used to belong to Mrs. Grace Inola, a great story teller who lived a century ago. She wrote more than 110 stories. That is why this place has been made as museum that preserves most of her works.

35. Who is Mrs. Grace Inola? a. A great story teller. b. A great director. c. A famous athlete. d. A great architect. 36. What kind of building is it? a. A movie b. A palace c. A museum d. A new house Attention please! Argo Bromo train is departing soon. 44. Farah : Where can we get some food and drink? Lusi : At the … a. Library c. Classroom b. Laboratory d. Cafetaria Look at this picture and answer questions 45 to 47 with correct preposition.

37. Where do you usually hear the announcement above? a. At the railway station b. In a supermarket c. In a garden d. At the zoo 38. My father is lecturer. He … to campus by car at 07.00 o’clock in the morning every day. a. go c. will go b. is going d. goes 39. Arrange the jumbled words into a good sentence! Does - ? - your father – the doctor – with – have – an appointment – every month. a. Does your father have an appointment with the doctor every month? b. Does have your father an appointment with the doctor every month? c. Your father does have an appointment with the doctor every month? d. Have your father does an appointment with the doctor every month? 40. Anto : What is Usman’s hair like? Susi : … hair is curly. a. Our c. Her b. Your d. His 41. Din Roy a. b. : Where is your new car? : The blue one is … I c. my me d. mine

45. Tono is standing … the window. a. Next to c. behind b. In front of d. in 46. His school bag is … the chair. a. In c. under b. On d. behind 47. His cat is sleeping … the table. a. in front of c. in b. on d. under Bobby is my nephew. He is still five years old. His …(48) actions often make us laugh. He never feels …(49) although having played all time. It seems that he is always …(50) with his life and never worried about the future. And I think all children are like that. Do you think so? 48. a. sad c. funny b. close d. dangerous 49. a. happy b. angry 50. a. sad b. busy c. glad d. tired c. tired d. happy

42. The notice below is put in the wall of “SMP Bakti”. What does it mean?

Throw the rubbish into the dustbin
a. b. c. d. Students can throw the rubbish every where Students may not have rubbish in the school Students should throw the rubbish into the dustbin The rubbish in the dustbin must be thrown away every where

43. Don’t smoke! The teacher will be angry.
The underlined sentence expresses … a. Apology c. Greeting b. Sympathy d. Prohibition

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