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Oncor Presentation

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City Hall reporter Steve Thompson says an Oncor vice president told the Dallas City Council today that their communication with the public during the massive February snow storm was an "opportunity area" for improvement. The utility provider showed this PowerPoint to illustrate what went right ... and wrong.
City Hall reporter Steve Thompson says an Oncor vice president told the Dallas City Council today that their communication with the public during the massive February snow storm was an "opportunity area" for improvement. The utility provider showed this PowerPoint to illustrate what went right ... and wrong.

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Published by: The Dallas Morning News on Mar 03, 2010
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Oncor Snowstorm Power  Restoration Efforts

Oncor Electric Delivery

Unprecedented winter storm event
A record Snowfall in D/FW Area 12.5 inches in 24 hours

Wet Snow (1 cubic foot weighs 25 lbs)

Oncor Electric Delivery
All Data is Preliminary

Fourth Worst Storm In Oncor’s History
Outages over the course of the storm:  572,682
Total Customer Outages Dallas: 185,710 Maximum Customers Out: 234,225 Fri 2/12 9:00 AM Dallas - 80,211 Fri 2/12 2:00 AM

Restoration Personnel:    3,159 ‐ 1026 Company Employees ‐ including 203 Damage Evaluators ‐ 184 Mutual Assistance Crews ‐ 649 Contract Distribution resources ‐ 1,300 Vegetation Management  Contractors Safety Statistics:   4 Safety Incidents 1 Vehicle accident


All Data is Preliminary


Oncor’s response
Early planning for the storm commenced on Thursday morning.  Emergency resources, 
both on‐system and off‐system, were placed on standby and began arriving Friday and  Saturday to escalate the restoration effort already underway. 

All Data is Preliminary


Oncor’s Storm Restoration Process is a Proven Process
Process: Damage evaluators and first responders collect storm damage information for Command Center to determine workers and materials needed for restoration. Restoration Priority: Critical loads: hospitals, police stations, fire stations, critical water and wastewater facilities, and customers with special in-house life-sustaining equipment. Next: Repair equipment that will restore power to the most customers as quickly and safely as possible.

 Feeders (1,000’s)  Line Fuses (100’s)  Transformers (2-10)  Service Lines (1)

All Data is Preliminary


Technology and Customer Calls Play a Key Role in Outage Restoration


Operation Center Operation Center
Computer Systems

Call Center


The new outage management system and smart meters will soon provide Oncor more automated outage data and restoration information.
All Data is Preliminary 5

How Oncor Locates Power Outages

• Alerts • Number and Location Customer Calls


Feb 2010 System and Dallas ‐ Customer Outage by Hour
250 14


70% of the Dallas region outages were due to trees



Max Dallas Customer Outage count  of 80,211 occured Friday, 2/12  at  2:00 AM



4 50 2

0 Thu 2/11  Thu 2/11  Fri 2/12 12  Fri 2/12  Sat 2/13 12  Sat 2/13  12 AM Noon AM Noon AM Noon
Oncor Customers Out (preliminary)

0 Sun 2/14  Sun 2/14  Mon 2/15  Mon 2/15  Tue 2/16  Tue 2/16  12 AM Noon 12 AM Noon 12 AM Noon
Inches Cumulative Snowfall (NOAA DFW Station)

Dallas Customers Out (preliminary)

All Data is Preliminary

Cumulative Snowfall  in Inches

Customers Out (000)


Vegetation Management program played a crucial role in reducing potential outages Distribution feeders which have had  vegetation pruning in the proceeding four  years experienced approximately 1/3 the  number of outages as those not pruned in  the prior four years. 

 The impact of the storm could have  been much worse. Recent pruning  of  main lines dramatically reduced the  likelihood of a feeder outage.  Additional post storm pruning will  take  place in the coming weeks in areas where  trees caused power outages.  Contractors will remove brush from the  pruning but it may not be at the time of  pruning.
All Data is Preliminary 8

Communication with City During the Storm

• Initial communication focused on providing an overall storm impact  assessment and to begin coordinating with city emergency  management and public works representatives to identify critical customers (such as sewer lift stations, water pump facilities, hospitals  and other critical customers) who were without power.  • Oncor employees staffed positions at the Oncor Emergency  Operations Centers and the City of Dallas Emergency Operations  Center. • Oncor representatives also spent significant time responding to  elected officials, community leaders and city staff to provide press  releases and follow up with customers as requested.

All Data is Preliminary


Call Center Volumes were Significant
Agent Calls
Total Calls 55,999 640,905


Overall Highest Hour of Calls
2/11/2010 4‐5PM 1,863 2/12/10 8‐9AM  39,270

Daily Peak Hours
2/11 2/12 2/13 2/14 4‐ 5PM 9‐10AM 10‐11AM 9‐10AM 1,863 1,575 856 583 9‐10PM 8‐9AM 9‐10AM 9‐10AM 20,623 39,270
Call Volum es

9,666 3,377
400,000 350,000

Agent Only


Average Calls Per Hour 
2/11 2/12 2/13 2/14 842 840 411 240 5,897 15,382 3,810 1,615
300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000

* Interactive Voice Response and out-of-state peak
volume call center resources

50,000 0 Thu 2-11 Fri 2-12 Sat 2-13 Sun 2-14

All Data is Preliminary


Unprecedented winter storm event
What went right?
• Critical Load including pumping stations, hospitals and police stations restored without significant incidents • Schools were restored in time for Monday classes • Tree pruning significantly reduced outages • Elected officials were able to reach Oncor contacts for escalated issues

What needs improvement?
• Communication, Communication, Communication - About - our restoration process and progress - estimated restoration timeframes - With - Customers - City Officials - Media

All Data is Preliminary


Process Changes Underway based on Lessons Learned
Near Term
• Communication - Interactive Voice Response System improvements - Greater Access to live agents - More effective outbound messaging - Improved wire down communication with customers • More information on restoration process and progress - More timely updates on critical load - High level work area information - Estimated restoration time frames

Already Planned for 2011 and Beyond
A new outage management system and smart meters will provide more timely information regarding outages and restoration progress

All Data is Preliminary


Thank you for your support and patience during this unprecedented winter storm event!

D/FW Metroplex

All Data is Preliminary


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