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Language Arts and Social Studies syllabus

6th grade; Pimlico Elementary/Middle school, 2015-2016 school year

Mr. Riley
Welcome to your 6th grade language arts and social studies classroom. I am Mr. Riley and I will
be your instructor this year. There are a number of exciting topics that you will be happy to
engage in and everyone will be impressed with the progress in learning that you present, both
during and after the year is done. Here is a quick summation of the skills we intend to cover:
1. An increase in your reading fluency and exposure to new text
both informational and fiction/novel-based literature
2. A sharpening of skills such as rudimentary grammar, writing in several forms ,
speaking and listening skills
3. To gain further skill in drawing inferences, comparing and contrasting literature,
formulating and defending positions using evidence and vocabulary building
4. To gain further skill in group and independent work, test prep, higher order thinking
skills and accountable talk
5. To gain more knowledge about the world, and civilization as we know it
Our language arts study will consist of novels and informational text, and several
group and individual writing assignments. The focus will be on the individual: How can a
person become a hero? How can they overcome challenges? How does a person
become an individual? and how does culture affect an individual. In social studies, the
emphasis will be on early civilization and its rise and evolution. Students should be
prepared to work together and individually on writing, reading and other higher-order

Student assessment will be through written assignments, exit tickets, worksheets and
other assessment activities to be assigned by myself. extra credit will be available for all of
these assignments
Many, if not all of you have already received grades on your report cards of E, G,S,P and
U. The traditional grading method is A, B, etc. Just in case you are not aware of the equivalent:
E=A, G=B, S=C, P=D, and U=F. For the raw score in numbers we have:
A = 100 - 90, B = 89 - 80, C = 79 - 70, D = 69 - 60, F= 60 and below

Scoring will be through a series of points that will be awarded weekly for the assessments
completed. Every attempt will be made to post these scores and to give evidence of your
accomplishments. It will then be your responsibility to track your grade work

Supplies needed
Loose leaf paper, binder, pen or pencil (no RED INK!!), folder for assignments, a spiral
notebook to keep study notes, flash drive - for a copy of the digital textbook (also available online) and an attentive mind should be brought to class daily. Art supplies for projects, reports,or
posters will be provided or requested with plenty of advance notice.
Goto for updates, homework and electronic notes posting, a
forum for voicing your complaints and opinions and for any new information that may be
necessary. The website will be updated regularly to reflect student progress in learning and
assignments that will become due
Students and parents are encouraged to sign up for text messages via remind. Periodic
updates related to classwork, homework, and other school elements will be made via this
method. In order to receive text messages via this method you must send a text to 81010 and
send the message @12439e or you can send this message to 410-305-7504. instructions
will be posted in the classroom in regards to receiving these text as well. This system is
automated so please do not attempt to reply.
Absences and make up work
Students will be expected to provide an excuse for absences. Make up work will be
assigned, however it is the students responsibility to turn this in within two days of receipt.
Please note that excessive absences will adversely affect your grade and may prompt a referral
to the student support team for further instructional support

Be prepared to work every day

Treat others the way that you would want to be treated
Respect yourself and your school
Follow all directions that are given by staff
Take responsibility for your learning
These rules are non-negotiable and must be followed at all times in order to ensure a smooth
learning experience

My approach towards learning is that we can all achieve what we are seeking to do if we
cooperate, work hard, and enjoy our experience. It is of the utmost importance that we use our
education to develop character, perseverance, and grace as well as intellect, as developing the
whole person should be the ultimate goal of comprehensive K-12 education. It is my desire that
you leave as academic champions as well as rational young adults, prepared to take on the
challenges of a vastly changing world. So lets have a great year!