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Modern Theory of Nonlinear Elliptic PDE

Boyan Slavchev Sirakov, PUC-Rio,

In this course we describe several results on solvability
and regularity of solutions of nonlinear elliptic partial
differential equations. We study monotonicity (such as
Perron-type) methods, variational methods (search of
critical points of associated functionals), and topological
(index) methods for proving existence of solutions of
nonlinear elliptic PDE, as well as methods for proving nonexistence of solutions of such equations. We also describe
methods developed by Krylov-Safonov and Caffarelli for
proving regularity of weak solutions and a priori estimates
for solutions of elliptic PDE.

Pre-requisites: Functional Analysis (in particular Sobolev

and Holder spaces) and PDEs at MSc level