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September 1, 2015


Mr. Marc Bennett
Office of the District Attorney
18th Judicial District of Kansas
535 N. Main
Wichita, KS 67203

Sedgwick County District Attorney Policies

Dear Mr. Bennett:

Once again, I find myself writing to you on behalf of numbers of people who
have, based on your offices misguided continuation of failed policies, been improperly
charged, convicted and imprisoned in Kansas. Prosecutions of people who should never
face criminal charges and incarceration are ongoing while your office has refused to file
charges against the active Chief of Police, Nelson Mosley.
As you are well aware, Chief Mosley was dating an emergency department nurse
who, after he brutally attacked and injured her, contacted the Wichita Police Department,
filed a domestic violence report and sought a protective order through the police. I am
now in receipt of a report showing that the report filed by officers for that incident failed
to include Chief Mosleys name and instead referred to him as a Known Subject.
Thereafter, the protective order request filed by her was not processed by the department
and finally your office decided to refuse charges against the acting Chief. In an attempt
to obtain additional information, I learned that the Wichita Police Department maintains a
set of Confidential Files that include records on high profile cases and individuals
with political connections. I have further learned that the department excludes records
and information contained in those Confidential Files from KORA requests.
Given the former chief resigned following an investigation by attorney Sarah
Swain that uncovered he was on the Brady Cop list, the utter lack of transparency here
is deplorable. It is made worse by the fact that acting Chief Mosley apparently attacked
another woman while in Oklahoma on a float trip with a band of drunk and power
hungry fellow officers. I am concerned that your office would fail to bring charges
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Mr. Marc Bennett

September 1, 2015
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against Chief Mosley in the first incident which very likely resulted in his belief he was
above the law so he could engage in similar conduct and abuse another female while in
Recently, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey created a new department
dedicated to finding and undoing convictions that were unjust or wrongfully obtained.
Several other district attorneys in major cities have done the same thing. Given your
offices use of the witch-hunt like Finding Words system an unproven method that
has led to countless convictions including convictions under absurd reactionary laws
imposing life sentences based solely on stories urged by the overzealous family social
workers operating to preserve their own jobs a method that is akin to subornation of
perjury -- the justice seeking division I am suggesting is necessary in Sedgwick County to
undo injustices that are harming innocent people now incarcerated, costing taxpayers
millions of dollars annually and ruining families. Given your decision to proceed with
felony murder charges against Kyler Carriker despite my July letter, I am very concerned
you will allow misconduct and lack of transparency to continue. Indeed, your public
characterization of your job is not in-line with the professional ethics you are required to
follow in Kansas -- as a prosecutor, you are to do justice and find the truth not charge
and convict people so you look good to your fanatical religious friends.
You have the ability to follow the law and to do what is right, Mr. Bennett. It is
time for you to do that for all of the citizens of Sedgwick County -- not just political
allies and people in positions of power including Chief Mosley.
Very truly yours,

Matthew S. Pappas
Counsel and Member of the
Board of Directors
Joe Grumbine, President and Chairman, THIS
Derek Schmidt, Kansas Attorney General