February 17, 2010

Most historians would say that the United States did a poor job in freeing the slaves. Why do you think that was? What would it have taken to do it right? Could Lincoln, had he lived, done it right?

 Work

on Black History Month Project  Organize your notes for a soon to be delivered take home test / scavenger hunt  Expect that early next week – and you can use the internet

Ku Klux Klan
 The

name comes from the Greek word kyklos, or circle, with clan  The Klan was first created in Tennessee in 1866

The Burning Cross
 Was

introduced in 1915, during a clan resurgence  Was from the Scottish practice of burning an X shaped cross as a sign of war  Was NOT used by the original Klan

Birth of a Nation
 One

of the first feature films  Responsible for much of the mythology of the Klan  The first movie shown in the White House (by President Wilson)  Considered a classic

Mythology of the Klan
 They

are anti African American only – in fact, the Klan is also anti Catholic anti Jewish and anti immigrant  They are a southern phenomenon – actually they were popular in the North

Klansmen in the area
 1200

lived in Germantown in 1926  The Klan was more popular in the middle of the state  There was a famous lynching in 1911 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

The Klan is at a low point
 But

Neo – Nazi groups remain strong  There is no more national Klan organization  White Power groups claim they are not doing anything African Americans haven’t done

Class work:
 Create

poster  Mini poster rules apply  OR – write a reflection paper  EC – what would make a good quiz question about the Klan?

an anti Klan

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