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Childrens Rights in

Malaysia has shown a strong
commitment to the
Convention on Rights of the
Child, (1989) by providing
environment, opportunities
and platform for the rights of
the child to be implemented.

Malaysia Childrens Rights

i) The right to life
ii) The right to protection
iii) The right to development
iv) The right to participation

The right to life

Parents or guardians of children in Malaysia
must provide for the basic needs of children.
For examples:
i) A shelter which is nice and conducive to
assure the
survival of a positive and cheerful life.
ii) Balanced diet and clean water to enable
children to have healthy body for a more
positive and active life.

The right to protection

Children in Malaysia are valuable asset for the
future of this country.
Children in Malaysia are protected from any
types of negative acts such as abuse, neglect,
exploitation and slavery.
Protection will be given to children who have
been abused either physically, emotionally or
The Malaysian Government is looking at these
issues as a disaster and threat to the national
development. Thus, those who commit abuse,
neglect and exploitation of children will be
severely punished.

The right to
Malaysia has given serious focus in the
holistic development of children which
includes physical, emotional, spiritual,
intellectual and social (JERIS). (In line
with Childrens Right Convention)
Parents must provide children with
formal education (sending children to
school) and informal education
(religious knowledge and moral value).
Childrens interest and love for
knowledge must be nurtured since
childhood to ensure childrens

The right to

Children in Malaysia are given the right

to associate and play with their peers
freely without restrictions.
Through play they can interact with
peers, thus enhance their social skills.
(they can associate freely regardless of
race, ethnicity, colour of the skin,
religion, etc.)
Children in Malaysia are not prohibited
to join and become members of
associations and clubs.