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1. Using Access or a similar relational database, cfeate the tables needed to set up a
database for contributors, contributions, and animals.
2. What data field did you use for the primary record key of the FFF contributor table?
Why did you use it?

3. Using


or similar software as required by your instructor, add yourself as a



Create relationships for the tables.

5. Document your work by printing hard copies of each table in datasheet view and the
relationships report that shows how they are related.

1-22. Carl Beers Flnterprises (Using a Relational Xlatalrase)

Cad Beers Enterprises manufacflrres and sells specialized electronic components to customers across the country. The tables in Figure 4-2O rllus1.rate some of the records in
its accounting databases. Thus, for example, the "Sales by Inventory Numtrer" records
show detailed sales data for each of the company's inventory items, and the "Customer
Payments" records indicate customer cash payments, listed by invoice number. Use the

information in these tables to answer the following questions.

1. The "Sales by tnventory Number" records are listed by inventory item number. How is
this useful? Why might this information also be usefrrl if it were listed by invoice number
instead of inventory number?
"Sales by Invoice Number," invoice V-3 shows a sales amount of $16,000. what
was the name of the customer that made this purchase ? What specific inventory items
did this customer purchase? How much did this customer pay for each item?

2. In the

3" Customers can chcose amoflg one of three paliment options: (1) 5% discount if
immediate cash payment, (2) 2% discount off list amount if total invoice paid by the
ffieenth day of the month following purchase, or (J) deferred payrnent plan, using six
monthly payments. Vhich optioo doesJ. P. Carpenter Lppear to be using for invoice


Using just the information provided, what are ttre quartedy sales amounts for salespeople


S-11, and S-12?

5. Assume that customers C-l through C-5 began this quarterwith net accounts receivable
balances of zero. What are their balances now?

4-?,3. lVlartin Shoes, Inc. (Planning a Datatrase Using REA

and A-R Ulethodology-)
Martin Shoes, tnc. manufactures and distributes orthopedic footwear. To sell its products,
the marketing department requires sales personnel to call on the shoe retailers withifl


assigned geog;raphic territories. Each salesperson has a laptop computer, which he


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