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Learning When, Where, and How You Want It.

Name: Ascolta GSA: GS-35F-4965G

HQ Address: 2351 McGaw Ave. Contact: Vivi Nguyen
Irvine, CA 92614 Telephone: 949.419.8176
DUNS: 002950934 Email:
Cage Code: 1LN31 Fax: 949.477.2162

Ascolta is focused on delivering quality IT education when, where, and how our customers want to learn.
Recognized for our award-winning expert delivery and courseware development, we combine top-notch
technical training skills with strong customer relationship management to provide the best training solutions
for our clients.

Ascolta has been a long trusted supplier of quality training for various government organization including
the Air Force, US Marine Corps, Navy, Army, DISA, and SPAWAR. Many of our Ascolta instructors have
served in the United States military. Their combined experience ranges over 20 years and all the way up to
the rank of Sergeant Major.

We firmly believe that you will find the Ascolta team well equipped to assist and address your immediate
training requirements. Our team is ready and committed to delivering training solutions that are
performance-driven, real world experience-based and grounded in a demand for a well-trained, rapidly
deployable work force.

Capabilities Overview NAICS CODES:

Our primary focus is to provide quality technical 611420 Computer Training
training on a wide range of leading-edge
Professional & Mgmt
technologies and products to help better prepare 611430
you for the management and support of your
Development Training
mission critical networks. 611691 Exam Preparation &Tutoring

UC Communications Course Delivery Methods

Cisco TelePresence Ascolta offers flexible training solutions unique
Security to your needs. Ascolta will work with you to
Routing & Switching develop a custom fit, high-impact, and relevant
DataCenter course for your agency at any physical or virtual
Wireless location.
Network Management
Contact Management Courseware Development
DoD 8570 Training Needs Take advantage of our staff of learning experts
CISSP and developers to create a just-in-time or
Professional Skills adaptive learning courses custom-tailored to
your needs. We can also take existing courses
and recreate them to fit your needs.

Training Recommendations
Don t know which training course to take?
Ascolta can develop a strategy that is inclusive
of budget, timeline, and courses that will allow
you to plan a training strategy that complements
your purchases.