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Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 2:18 AM
Subject: Police Complaint Form

Item Value
Age 55 and 41
Telephone Number 9259060757
Todays Date January 11, 2009
Which best describes you? witness
Was this a hate crime or racially Yes
motivated incident?
Your Race Other
Sex Male
Your Name William F. Klein
Do you have an attorney ? Yes
Do you have Pre-Paid Legal ? Yes
Do you have a webcam? No
Street Address 1744 Carmel Drive #304
City Walnut Creek
State CA
Zip Code 94596
@ appx. 9:00 there was a violent knock on my door. Expecting to see a
neighbor from downstairs I experienced 6 Walnut Creek Police. They
screamed "Step Outside!" I said why? On what grounds? That was
answered by "get outside and on your kees. Put you hands behind your
head. They then put some sort of weapon or restraint behind my head
while pushing my wife out of the way so she could not see what they
were doing to me. The an other officer entered our apartment without
permission and went on a fishing expedition. I was told she was
supposed to be looking for potential wounded but that can't be trusted at
Briefly explain what happened in
her slow invasive course. Mind you, I was never given cause to this
the incident with the officers.
violation of my rights and my sacred hearth. Mind you there were six
officers involved but the Walnut Creek Police Department will only
divulge four off the Officers names? What Are they hiding? Since we've
both been hospitalized for shock, PTSD, not being able to eat or sleep
for days. We active members of the Green Party and we are practicing
Unitarian Universalists. Please help us. It breaks my heart to take her out
to dinner were the food she will eat will be the first in days but her hands
were shaking so hard she couldn't get food to hem mouth that covered
with spontanious tears. If we along the police to behave like thugs whtas

going to happen to the next poor souls
The most serious offense the falsly arresting a citizen
officer is accused of is ?
Were you read your Miranda
Rights (the right to remain silent) No
before being questioned ?
Location of Incident your home or private residence
The primary reason for your Unprofessional Conduct
Complaint ?
Victim was ? walking
Race of Officer ? White
Were You Injured no, I was not injured
Officer's Name or Badge number Two Name the Deparment won 't divulge + OFC Dckey OFC Meyers
if known OFC Kolmeister OFCKeagy
Serious Injuries ? None of these
Were you charged with any none of the above
Were you arrested? No
Police Complaint Center
Were you treated by a physician
or nurse for injuries related to Yes
your encounter with the police?
What reason did the police give No reason given
for stopping you?
How many times have you been Never
a victim of excessive force?
Were there any witnesses? yes, there were witnesses
Carla KLEIN (WIFE),Paul Hastings, 17344 #203 Carmel Drive Walnut
Names of witnesses (if Known)
The most serious weapon used nightstick
was ?
Incident Time appx 9:30 pm
Were you assaulted in any way Does not apply, I was never handcuffed
after you were handcuffed?
Were you assaulted while at the No
police headquarters?
Were you allowed to make a this question does not apply to me
phone call after your arrest?
Were you threatened with
additional criminal charges or No
with abuse if you did not confess
to a crime or implicate someone
else in a crime?
At the time of the incident police mostly male 1 female
Number of officers 6
Did the police possess any type
of warrant when they contacted The police did not have a warrant
Police Department Name Walnut Creek Police Department
Police Address and Street
1666 North Main Street
Police City Walnut C reek
State CA
Police Zip Code 94596
Police Department Type Police Department
PD Phone Number: (925)9435844
PD E-Mail: City Manager Tele: 925) 943-5800 (voice)
Do you want us to present your Yes
case to the police?
Please Designate a time that we
may interview you about your Tuesday 11AM - Noon, or 4PM - 6PM EST
complaint ?
Can we post your complaint on Yes
our Web Site ?
Your typed name serves as
Willioam F Klein