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For Release: September 3, 2015

Clinics Take Fight Against Texas Anti-Abortion Law to SCOTUS

TexasOn Thursday, a coalition of reproductive health care providers filed a petition with the
U.S. Supreme Court asking them to review an appellate courts decision to uphold a Texas law
that would cause widespread abortion clinic closures.
Heather Busby, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, made the following statement
in support of the filing:
No one should have to travel hundreds of miles to access health care. If allowed to go into full
effect, this law will devastate access to reproductive health care. Its time for the Supreme Court
to step in and shut down this dangerous law once and for all.
Shortly after the appellate courts June 2015 decision to uphold the law, HB 2, the Supreme
Court issued an order temporarily blocking it from going into full effect.
The coalition, represented by the Center for Reproductive Rights, is challenging provisions of
HB 2 that mandate that all abortion clinics meet mini-hospital standardswhich requires
unnecessary and expensive building renovations including widening hallways and adding in
locker roomsand give hospital boards veto power over which clinics are able to provide
Since provisions of HB 2 first went into effect in 2013, over half of the abortion clinics in Texas
have been forced to close. There are currently 16 abortion clinics open in Texas, but if the law is
allowed to go into full effect, only 10 clinics will remain.
Contact: Zoey Lichtenheld, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas,, o: (512)
462-1661, m: (512) 920-2046