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World History I

Instructor: Mr. Cook

Room: 114, 310

Phone: (757) 648-5500

Classroom Expectations
This course is designed to help you, the student, gain knowledge about the history of our worlds ancient
societies. Every student is encouraged to work to the highest of his/her ability. As long as you pay
attention, complete all your assignments and study for tests, you will do great!
All school and school board rules and policies will be followed in this class. Please refer to your student
agenda for this information. Below I have listed some of the major concerns and issues.
LHS BYOD Policy: In accordance with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) VBCPS School Board
Policy 5-36.8, students may be allowed to utilize personal portable communication devices in class/study
block for instructional purposes only when directed by the instructor. The instructor will provide
appropriate guidelines for the use of the device. Violations of the guidelines will result in disciplinary
action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and school rules.
Cell Phones / Electronics: If any student is seen with a cell phone or any other electronic device it will be
confiscated and they will receive an administrative detention on the first offense. Each additional offense
has subsequently harsher punishments. No exceptions, this is your warning!
Tardy / 5X5: If students are not in the class when the bell rings they are tardy.
1st Tardy = Warning, 2nd Tardy = Detention, 3rd Tardy or more = administrative referral. In addition,
no student will be allowed to leave the classroom the first or last five minutes of each block.
Attendance: In order for students to receive a good grade in this class they must attend class daily. This
class follows all policies regarding absences and attendance. If any student accumulates seven or more
unexcused absences during a semester without securing a waiver they will be unable to pass this class.
Textbook: Our textbook is World History Volume One. You will not be issued a textbook to take outside
of the class. Instead, you will have access to the textbook online.
Academic Dishonesty: The schools honor code will be observed at all times in our classroom. Cheating,
plagiarizing, copying others work/homework or other misrepresentation will not be tolerated. Disciplinary
actions will be taken if necessary.
Homework: Homework will be given at the teachers discretion. It will fall under the grading category of
Daily Class Work / Homework and will be worth 35% of a students grade.
MATERIALS NEEDED All students will need a 1-inch or larger three ring binder, with five (5) dividers
for this class. Students will also be required to bring two writing utensils to class, one pen and one
pencil. Appropriate writing utensils include blue or black ink pens (no other colors will be accepted) or
number two pencils. Every student will be required to bring their three ring binder, writing utensils to class
everyday unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.
PARENT PORTAL Assignments turned in on time will be graded and posted online within ten school
days of the scheduled due date. Some large projects and tests may take more time to post.

STUDENT CONDUCT The key word for this class is RESPECT! Each student should show respect for
themselves, each other, the teacher and any other guests in the classroom. As long as every student treats
everyone with respect this school year will go by smoothly. Disrespectful students will receive a verbal
warning, parental notification, after-school detention or administrative referrals if necessary.
GRADING SCALE A = 100-93 A- = 90-92
C+ = 79-77 C = 76-73 C- = 72-70
E = 63 or Below

B+ = 89-87
D+ = 69-67

B = 83-86
D = 66-64

B- = 80-82

EVALUATION / GRADING Nine-week grades will be calculated as follows:

Daily Class Work / Homework
Quizzes / Projects
Participation and Attendance


MAKE-UP WORK All in class daily assignments will be posted on a clipboard in the classroom. It is
the responsibility of the student to pick up and turn in all make-up work. All work, tests and quizzes
included, must be completed within three class days of returning to school. If a student is absent and
misses a test or quiz it is their responsibility to schedule a time with the teacher to make-up the missed
assignment at a mutually convenient time. If the absence is unexcused the student may choose to make-up
the work, but it will not be graded until the absence has been excused. Any work missed due to OSS may
be graded, at the teachers discretion, with a maximum score of 50%.
EXTRA HELP The material we will be covering this year may seem difficult at times. If for any reason
you do not understand a concept we are covering, or you need help with an assignment, please feel free to
let me know. My goal as a teacher is to help you learn. I am in room 114 3A, 4A, 3B and 4B as well as
room 310 during 310. Please respect my other class instructional time and show up only with a previously
scheduled appointment. Extra help is available to you upon request during any open time that I have. I
am available before or after school, as well as 2A and 2B in the Social Studies Office. Do not be
embarrassed to ask for help. I want you to learn as much as you can and get the highest grade possible, so
please dont hesitate to ask for help.
SPECIAL NOTES My goal, and job, as an educator is to help you learn. I do not take pleasure in failing
or disciplining students. If you need help, have a questions or concern about anything at all, please let me
know. I will exhaust all avenues available to make sure you get the help or assistance you need.
Dear Parents and Guardians:
I am here to help your child receive an education. If there is anything I can do to better
accommodate you or your child in this process please let me know. The best method to reach me is via email. I appreciate feedback and I look forward to talking with you in the future!
Listed below is a link to our class webpage, which contains useful information about classroom
procedures, laying out student notebooks, bathroom passes and privileges, as well as a digital copy of all
PowerPoint notes.
*I have read this document and understand what Mr. Cooks Classroom Expectations are.*
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**Once signed please put in the front of your three ring binder for a grade.**