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Human Resources Management Final Project

Final Project:

Analysis of HR Practices

Superior University Lahore

Human Resources Management` Final Project

Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project


Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project


Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

In this project we are discussing the four functions of HR which is used in the
organization. For this purpose we have selected Millet equipment limited. It
is a manufacturing concern producing equipments used in agricultural sector
of Pakistan. There are a variety of machines and technology used to increase
the output of the company that ultimately results in increase of the
company’s profit. The main purpose of our project is to know whether the
bookish knowledge is applicable on the current scenario of the country. We
have applied all the HR practices on our project and find the major role of HR

Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

Company Introduction:

 Millat Equipment Limited (MEL) is a part of Millat Group, comprising of

three other companies, Millat Tractors Limited (MTL), Bolan Castings
Limited (BCL) and Millat Industrial Products (MIPL).

 Millat Equipment Limited is one of the leading manufacturing

organizations in Pakistan producing transmission gears. The company
acquired a Gear manufacturing setup from M/S AGCO LIMITED – UK
(owners of the Massey Ferguson brand of tractors)

Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

 M/S AGCO Limited provides all the technical support regarding

products design, developments, specifications, and standards to
produce world class quality components. Milllat Equipment Limited is
equipped with complete in-house gear manufacturing facility
supported by state of the art inspection and testing equipment to
assure quality as per standards.
 Our modern manufacturing facility is located at 10 KM, Raiwand Road,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to compete in the domestic and overseas markets by
continuously delivering value on a long term basis by providing the
satisfaction & facilities (safety and Environmental standards) to the
customers and suppliers.

Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

HR Functions


Firstly, final budget assigned by the higher management and on that basis,
HR department designed a JD and JS for a specific job then job comes from
the different departments of the organization. We also have data of internal
employees if the requirement of our JD is fulfilled by them then we gave the
first preference to our own employees. If we required the fresh graduates
then we hire from the different institutes. We also give ads on and
sometimes use Dawn newspaper for experienced employees.

Basically we conduct four types of interviews.

 Initial interview
 Panel interview
 Managerial level interview
 Interview with CEO

 Initial interview:
Initial interview is compulsory for everyone. It is conducted by the HR
department. The main purpose of this interview is to judge the candidate
that how long he can stay in Organization. In this interview we ask general
question such as candidate name, family back ground, achievement in life
and most importantly future goals.

Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

 Panel interview:
It is conducted by the specialized person of related field e.g. if we hire
candidate for marketing department then interview will be conducted by the
marketing manager or marketing specialists. In which we check that they
have knowledge about their specialization.

 Managerial level interview:

It is conducted by the managers of different departments. In this interview
managers check the decision making power.

 Interview with CEO:

If the candidate clears the first three interviews then we call for the final
interview which is conducted by the CEO. The purpose of this interview is to
interact with CEO.

Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

Training and Development:

In the orientation we introduce the candidate about the organization culture,
environment, rules and regulations and everything that everyone has to
follow in the organization. And also we introduce them with the existing
employees. We deliver two types of orientation:

• Fresh candidates’ orientation

• Higher managerial orientation

The schedule of the orientation we mail to the internal employees. The

purpose of doing mail is to keep co-operation of internal employee with new
employees. After orientation we assure the candidate that he is aware about
hierarchy of the organization.

Employee training:
After the selection, we use the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Through
ERP we trained our employees for every work which is required for job.
Training need assessment (TNA) settled once a year. Training session
arrange for the employees. When training session are arrange then the head
of HR send mail to all the seniors to inform about the training.

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Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

Employee development:
For the employee development we also conduct the foreign training in UK
and in different countries. Designation also developed through the training.
We gave more benefits to the foreign trained employees like travelling
allowance, medical facility and children education fee etc. company bears all
the expenses of that employee. And make contract with that employee, he
couldn’t leave the job before two years or one year.

Career Development:
We analyze the employee performance through their output. We trained
them properly in the specific area where the employee needs training, then
step by step the career of the employee develops. For their evaluation we
have appraisal form, from which we evaluate the overall performance of the


Employee Benefits:
To motivate the employees, we gave more benefits like two days are off in
week, medical facility, children fees, travelling allowances. Monthly base
evaluation of the fresh engineers to check that how they are performing.
This is our ways to criticize someone for good performance.

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Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

Reward and compensation:

Basically, we are the consultant of “Millat Tractors” so we have to run with
them. We can’t go on higher level or not on the lower level. Our benefits are
very good which always motivates the employees to make themselves on
the high level. As reward, we gave 10 casual leaves to the employees. 30
annual leaves are allowed except Saturday and Sunday. But it approved by
the secretary and then HR department, then you can go on holidays. 52
leaves overall and total 135 days are off in a year including Saturday and
Sunday. Almost 5 months are off in the whole year.

Job Design:
It is defined by the company. Duration of teach worker is fixed that for how
long he will work on this position. And what will the position and salary after
a specific time.

No authority system that can threat you and de-motivate you. Culture and
environment of our organization is very good that helps you every time.

Union is not made in Millat Equipment but in Millat Tractors.

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Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project


Health and Safety:

We conduct some training and development sessions for health and safety in
which we tell the rules and regulations of the company to employees. We
have fire agents to protect the whole organization. In health and safety
department, super checkers and heads who investigate the employees all
time in the production area. We restrict them to wear gloves. They can’t
start the work without using gloves. In case, if employee doesn’t care about
the protection then we warn them. Sometimes we gave punishment like we
pay off that employee for 20 days because we don’t take any risk in the
health care. In our organization for health and safety care, some restrictions
implied like smoking and spitting restrictions etc. In production area, they
must wear the uniform and there is no any point inside the organization
where they can smoke. But for the regular smokers we allowed them a
specific area for smoking outside the gate. Employee’s duty start from 7am,
tea time; 9am, lunch time for 1 hour is at 12pm and at 3pm again their tea
time. It’s done to make them relax. We have also assembly hall in which we
arrange the meetings in case of emergency. Medical facility also provided in
case of illness.

We communicate to the entire employee through mails, because the
environment is paperless.

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Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project

Employee relation:
There is very friendly environment in the organization. Every one cares for
the manners and keeps in mind the limitations.

It has been a wonderful experience when we have visited Millet equipment
limited. The one thing which comes strongly in focus was the specified rules
and regulations applied in the organization. These rules and regulations are
applicable on all levels of the organization, and if anyone found to break
these rules and regulations a penalty imposed on that person. The working
techniques are strongly implemented which we have observed in this
organization. The process of recruiting employees and the means of
publishing JD’s and JS is quiet fair in its respect. The training and
development process of the company is pretty much panned and successful;
the orientation system is excellent regarding the interaction of the
employees to the company environment. For the purpose of career
development different performance appraisal systems have been followed.
The rewards and benefits system are according to the need of the

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Superior University, Lahore.
Human Resources Management` Final Project


In a succinct conclusion, I came to know the HR practices in the current

situation. HR practices mainly include the recruitment process, training and
development process, health and safety of the employee, rewards and
benefits of the employee etc. people are the common denominator of any

In the end, we came to know how HR is implementing globally and the

benefits of apply these practices to the business. Whalen said:

“If you have a happy employee, you have a productive employee”

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Superior University, Lahore.