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1,123 4,561 8,729 11 11 72,654

for absolution from Karmic debt

Take a color print of this and write the business name inside the center circle on top with blue pen, below that write
your fathers full name and get it laminated.
Ask him to drink charged water, place under pillow @ nights

55 65 192 for water retention / Edema..
86 66 431 for flatulence / Bloating

The DIVINE Cow NOW has this for us to purify our homes.

13 24 56868 for acceptance of What Is--the situation in your life that is presented to you

894 719 78 48 you can always achieve what you have put as an aim for all people and yourself
Grigori Grabovoi

In business, it is very important to immediately opt out for eternal life and eternal development.
It is very important to differentiate between the man with the soul, who is the creation of God and the
other ones that are walking among us without the soul (more details about that you can find in a
Bible 1, 2 and 3 by Igor Arepyev)
You will recognize them by their acts and doings, by their carelessness toward others, by
egocentricity and greed.
It is not beneficial to cooperate with them or go into any business.
The reasons are numerous. Their world is crumbling, so take care lest they take you with them.
There are three levels of being:

material level – the lowest level


energy level


informational level – which is the highest level ( it is paramount that we all act from this
level; results are 100% – it is worthwhile to study and acquire knowledge from the Creator,
knowledge has been lowered down directly for you)

On this page we will be discussing business, and consider exactly that area of living.
According to Grabovoi, it is very important to put as an aim securing eternal life, for yourself, which
enables such business dealings that will provide for all-embracing salvation and harmonious
development of all. This is the basis of Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi for existence here and now.
Every business has numerous aims. In every aim you should put eternal development as a basis,
in written documents as well as in your plans: products related, marketing, organizational,
evaluations of risk, financial plans etc.
When you constitute any business plan – it has to contain within itself eternal development for good
of all, application of harmless technologies, which will start developing with the help of the Creator
and provide that the development of a whole planet is in harmony with the NORM of the Creator.

New areas of business will start appearing and developing in accordance with the new-established
standard – eternal development.
System of competition is eliminated.
New partnerships appear and gain strength, – for those who accept this work for benefit of every
men and by using harmless technologies and those technologies that don’t pollute our environment.
This method will provide for those who want – growth of small business into large international
business, and it is necessary to introduce this into your business plans.
By doing this, you indicate that you intend to be serious, that it is not a joke.
Eternal development of business has as its foundation eternal life of man.
Anyway, many scientists are informing us that death doesn’t exist.
Grabovoi, Petrov and Arepyev are stating the same for the last 20 years, by regenerating human
organs, healing people from grave diseases, resurrecting people, and preventing potentially global
catastrophes by strength of their thoughts.
Man is obliged, in all his actions, to take steps in the direction of eternal life and eternal development
of their own company. Steps are – acquiring knowledge and application of the same, in all areas of
one’s life and further dissemination of Teaching.
Finally, the time has come that we can work without stress, guided by omnipotent hand of Our
All intercessor between God and men are eliminated: death, different organizations, worry and fear.
There are only 2 emotions: fear and love
If you are in fear – you are not in love
If you are in love – you are not in fear.
It is your choice.
Start with what is accessible in your overcrowded work day:
- code for the direct contact with the Creator – 11981 and 123 707 44 (and 123 111 50 25)

- code for transforming negative into positive and for acquiring serenity and peace 1888948 and
10 on minus 17 – pronounce it when you are under stress and flood of negative events

write down these codes on your desk, on your documents, diaries,



start practicing “Daily Concentrations” by Grabovoi – you will experience
enormous growth
read books by all three authors
Surrender totally to guidance of the Creator and you will start enjoying yourself
in a short period of time, you will work with similar people to yourself, who are on the
same path of eternal life and eternal development (you will work hard, but you will be
joyful as never before). First, always give priority to securing eternal life for all the
participants in business and to all others, as well as to each and every of your projects.


Educate people on every step. Consciousness of people is rising with
enormous speed and everyone is thirsty for knowledge that is taking us to eternal life,
health, joy and the beauty of life!


Be grateful to bird in the sky, to a little flower in the field and to a man who
smiles at you – they are all send in your life to bring you cheerfulness, to put a smile on
your face and give you delight


As for finances, make sure to introduce that you are working for eternal life and
eternal development – for good of each and every man, in order to always have money
and to see this business expand swiftly…


Make meticulous business plans to such a high degree, so all of the elements
can ensure the most effective ways for eternal life for all.


419 819 719 81 – growth of small business into medium and big business by application of
methods of eternal life and development

4. 719 419 811 – development of business in other countries
5. 819 419 714 – independence of small business

6. 419 818719 914481 –good reputation of public in a relation to your work which is directed toward eternal life and development 16. 91431289 – corrected past events in present and future 22. 28914801890498 – correction of past events in business … and then focus on the following number: 21. 419 818 719 849 – developing of capabilities for predictable governance in a personal self – organization 10. 12. 519 7148 – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! There is nothing impossible in this world. 914 419 81 – that the time is not factor of an event. 518 491 617 – building of an independent source for financing technologies of eternal development 8. 914 819 87 – prompt help for people so they can master Technologies of New Consciousness through your own business 7. 419 875 – organized man applying technologies of eternal development 9. Event has priority over time. 514 918 919 – mastering of necessary knowledge and habits for leading eternal business 11. 814 418 719 – building of harmonious relations with the family members and friends 17. 14. Exchange event and time. 419 814 – optimization of your work – on what to pay attention and what not! 15. 894 719 78 48 – you can always achieve what you have put as an aim for all people and yourself 20. 519 498 719 41 – developing of business technologies in a production and sales according to principles of healing eternal development 18. 814 418 81 – it is necessary to know how to use time . 19. 13.

no water charge) . Get it laminated and place it in your alter (mandir) or some place secure where it will not be disturbed.23. . Take a color print and In the center write the amount of money you need and what you specifically require it for Use red pen. 414 81 88 – transformation of time into money How to use: 1. 2. No need to write name inside it or date of birth. 3.(no under pillow.

please dont ask me or anybody how much time it will take .IT DEPENDS ON YOUR FAITH DIVINE THANKS BLESSED-BE mandir or cash . Have patience and let go . Please be genuine & realistic when writing the amount.4.releasing the ashes in the air (out side home) Few points to consider: 1. simply destroy it by tearing it and burning it . 2. Have full FAITH 3. Once you have attracted the money. something you know deep down that you can attract.


555 Correct processing of information 1.948 Transform something negative into something positive Just add your name above the Switchphrase and print it out. I used the Energy Circle and put my daughter's name in it. After returning from a job interview for a desired job.912 Fast results 5. Learn more about Energy Circles at http://aboutec. tear the Energy Circle to release the energy. . Please note that this Energy Circle with Pointed Rays concentrates the energy. and may bring you perfect job opportunities. — feeling thankful. to release the energy and allow the job to come to you.blueiris. Not even 48 after doing an Energy Circle (the one above) my daughter got offered a job after being out of work for nearly 4 months! Thank You dear Kat Miller and Rhoda Success Stories: Thank You Thank You Thank You Divine Universe and DIVINE Switchwords.042 Harmonize with the present 5.Description of Additional Energy Circle Contents: 71.

Switchphrases for presenting yourself well (on paper.) ----------------------Success Stories: I had a really good interview today.) --------------------We have had several success stories with this phrase: RIDICULOUS-SCHEME-VIBRANT-CRYSTAL-HORSE-ACT. (Dispel apartness. be patient. selfconfidence and be a good orator. (Turn on personality. --------------------This one for the interview. I really believe your words helped! I was confident. improve self-worth. my son got the internship he applied for.) RIDICULOUS-SCHEME (Center attention on yourself and advertise yourself well. advertise yourself. make confident decisions and take friendly social dominance. (Center attention on you. and speak well. We'll see what happens but I really appreciate your help! --------------------Thank you so much. relax.) CHUCKLE-HO-SLOW-QUIET-BE. be a strong presence. full of confidence and self-worth.) UNCLE-WOLF. on the phone or in person) VIBRANT-CRYSTAL-HORSE-ACT (Be a strong presence. she was CHOOSEn between almost 300 candidates. Kat. relaxed and think things went very well. quiet the ego and be unaffected by ridicule and negative energy. --------------------One Energy Circle presentation of this phrase: .

Just add your name above the Switchphrase and print it out before you go for the interview.blueiris. release the details and let it be.) Switchwords for specific things related to job-seeking To present yourself well both on resume and in person: ACT (be a good Switchphrases for acquiring a desirable job/income BRING-DIVINE-CHARM-SOMEHOW (Make it so. transition) To manifest your heart's desire in a job: CHARM (manifest your heart’s desires) To make the people in charge of hiring like you: CHUCKLE (turn on personality) . Learn more about Energy Circles athttp://aboutec. increase personal ability to manifest your heart's desire.

free the mind. immerse in) Job-Seeking Energy Circles If you wish to put Switchphrases for Job-Seeking in Energy Circles. If your main motivation is making money Green may be good. discover. allow) To clear the frustration of searching for a job: OVER (end frustration) To be successful in your endeavors at finding the perfect job for you: PERSONAL (publish a successful newspaper or newsletter. suave) To not take offense at questions asked and be relaxed during interviews: CONCEDE (stop arguing. . a few thoughts of colors for the Circles are: Green is for money and growth. "kiss & make up") To show them that you do know the job they are considering you for: CONSIDER (be a good mechanic. subdue inner excitement) To promote yourself to them: FOR To allow yourself the opportunity to receive the job you want: OPEN (release. comprehend. grow) To harmonize well with those who are hiring so they feel comfortable with you: WITH (be agreeable. center attention on you) To discover the jobs most suited to you: ROOT (dig. be a success) To center attention on you and your resume for the job: RIDICULOUS (get publicity. be artful. understand. compatible. a fixer of things) To keep from showing them anxiety or excitement over the job: COVER (reduce nervousness. dispel inhibitions. breathe easier. harmonize well with others. tolerate.To appear to be exactly what they want in an employee: CLASSIC (appear cultured.

. If nervous about an interview and/or good communication is important.Blue is for relaxation and communication. family and pets. for material increase and for financial crises. Blue may be a good color to use. Brown is for protection of household.


Use this single Ec to balance your 7 chakras. BLESSED-BE. .

I had to lie to save my reputation and honor on an occassion but I am feeling very guilty and sinned since then. Howcan i absolve my guilt what SWs can I chant to get pardon from God and Universe? already chanting the Hooponopono chant Pleez help Rhoda Kat and others pleez suggest some Sw thanks and regards .

create multiple possibilities (O)(92%) .SMORGASBORD – celebrate variety.

Extend business CHOOSE-ADJUST-BEGIN-NEW-WAVE-ALONE-Blue Bonnet-NOW-BE. For health .

For marriage .



520 and 741 unexpected money flows always our way. Attract Love / Being In Love 815 889 Write and chant the code. 777. Quick and Easy. 815 889 .I believe in Miracles!! & comes effortlessly in both expecred and unexpected ways including into lotto winnings.



Get it laminated and place it in your alter (mandir) or some place secure where it will not be disturbed or touched. Take a color print and In the center write the family members names or place a family picture.SWITCHTUDE Family Harmony Grid . How to use: 1. . (avoid the names and pictures to overlap over the rose quartz) 2.Rose Quartz with SW & Frequency Taken from my Crystal Therapy Workshop.

no computer/mobile screen or whatsapp/fb dp) DIVINE THANKS BLESSED-BE JACKPOT-FIND-GOLD-ADD-UP-NOW-TOGETHER-DIVINE . no water charge.(no under pillow.

On a piece of paper ask your husband to write his intention and place it over this EC .ake a color print of this EC and get it laminated.keep in your alter (mandir) or some safe place. not to touched or moved Divorce :.TOGETHER-HELP-DONE-NOW 65 62 792 .



write 1888948 to ur non writing hand .PERFECT-GIVE-COUNT-PLAY-CRESCENDO-UP. .This is to convert negative into positive Share market:.

physical. spiritual. break through on all levels . unstoppable certainty. embracing and absorbing. total realization. mental. a miracle beyond triumph and victory (O)(91%) OIL-RELEASE.808 808 808 808 808 . 100% unshakable. move forward.ALL IN – totally enjoying.

LOVE AND RESPECT Reaching target on date ELATE-BE-GIGGLE-CHUCKLE-RESTORE-HORSE to grow advancement in my career .

Remove negative energy from home .

Remove negative energy from home .

Remove negative though .

Remove negative though .

.176 is a divine number which manifests all your material and other wishes..1. .

family harmony .

Love .



SeiHei Ki helps stabilize traumatic situations by restoring emotional calm and confidence. .Sei Hei Ki (pronunciation: say-hay-key) is for defusing and releasing addictions and negative energies. harmonizes and protects. Sei Hei Ki gives a helping hand for getting through life's difficulties. Sei Hei Ki cleanses. purifies.


Motivate To buy new house WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW .

SLOW CARE REVERSE PRAISE TOGETHER TAKE DIVINE 28 times in a row x 3 times a day. Bring back lost love .

WALL-UP-SAGE-Bypass-BE Keep people away TINY-LIGHT write it in red pen on the place where fat has to be burn .

Opening 3rd eye OPEN-CRYSTAL-73 .


inner and due to exterior negative forses. Write it on your left hand wrist too. Or as many times you want. twice a day. PURGE CANCEL 1888948 clear blocks.87467894 say 7times. .