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Friday 4th September 2015

Y4 visit to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum

Tuesday 22nd September
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We have planned a visit to the Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in connection
with our Y4 History topic. This is a World Heritage Site with a special place in
the history of Hadrians Wall. The children will participate in a workshop
relating to the Romans called Time Quest, which will provide the children with
a valuable opportunity to engage in some hands on archaeological investigations.
Some of the trip is outdoors so a waterproof coat is recommended in case the
weather is unkind to us. The children will not be expected to wear school
uniform. There is a small shop and children will be allowed to visit. We would
suggest you allow a maximum of 5.00 if you wish to allow them to take money.
They will be responsible for their own money so it would be advisable to place
it in a named purse or envelope.
The children will leave at 9am and return to school at approximately 3.15pm.
The children require a packed lunch with a drink, however if your child has a
school dinner, a packed lunch will be provided by our school cook.
We request a voluntary contribution of 2.00 per child, to contribute towards
the workshop. The cost of the trip has been significantly subsidised from
school and transport is paid for by our PTA, Friends of Ingleby Mill.
Unfortunately if we do not receive enough voluntary contributions then we may
have to cancel the trip.
The trip will form an integral part of the History curriculum related to The
Romans and follow-up lessons will focus on this visit.
Many thanks for your support and cooperation,
Yours faithfully,

Mrs K Whitney

Mrs M Williams

Mrs C Hood/Mrs L Hewitson

Y4 visit to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum

I . give consent for my child..
in Class .. to go on the Y4 trip to Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum in
South Shields on Tuesday 22nd September. I enclose 2.00 to cover the
Signed Date

Windmill Way, Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-On-Tees, TS17 0LW