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La Plaza Fiesta Offering Fruit-Infused

La Plaza Fiesta in Madelia, owned
by local, Krystal Hernadez, started a
healthier drink option of fruit-infused
water in the middle of August 2015. La
Plaza Fiesta, the Madelia Community
Based Collaborative, and SHIP have
been working towards this from the
beginning of SHIP 3 and are excited to
see results.

The fruit-infused water was an

idea that took off from the Rethink Your
Drink campaign in Madelia to promote
drinking water over other sugarsweetened beverages. La Plaza Fiesta
had the public taste-test three
different flavors in July and the public
vote for their favorite. The flavors they
could choose from were CucumberMint, Berry Blast, and Citrus Kiss. Berry
Blast and Citrus Kiss were the overall
favorites and are now being offered on
the menu daily.

We are excited to try the fruit-infused waters and see how

people like it. We think it will be a great partnership to have
with SHIP to help Madelia stay healthy.-Krystal Hernandez,
La Plaza Fiesta owner