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Fabric Requirements

Sample Patch Pillow

*This pillow acts as a sample book. We learn many different sewing
techniques while sewing this pillow.

yard each of 6 different colors/patterns of REGULAR QUILTERS

(No flannel or fuzzy fabrics)
1 yard muslin
1 spool ALL PURPOSE thread (250 yards)
(No specialty threads like embroidery or quilting)

Row Rag Quilt

*This blanket allows students to practice sewing with large amounts of fabric
at a time and give them better machine control.

yard each of 7 different colors/patterns of FLANNEL.

(No fleece or regular quilters cotton).
1 spool ALL PURPOSE thread.

_________ We can provide this fabric and my student will have it at school by Friday,
Sept 11.
_________ We cannot provide this fabric, but would like to buy a kit from the school
for $10 and will have that fee paid and shown to Ms. Buttars by Friday, Sept. 11.

_________ We cannot provide this fabric at all because if financial reason and need
the schools assistance. My student will make this known to Ms. Buttars by Friday,
Sept. 11



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