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High School Technology

General Information
1. This course is mainly a participation course; all students must participate to pass. Students who are frequently
late or absent from class will have their final grade negatively effected. If you are not here you can not
2. In the event of a fire or fire drill follow my direction to our primary exit.
3. In the event of a lockdown or lockdown drill follow my direction to where we will sit.
At least 2 pencils
A folder for hand outs

Notebook for notes

At least a 2 GB flash drive

From time to time homework will be assigned. For every day the homework is late you will lose 5 points.
Extra Help
Extra Help must be scheduled with the teacher in advance and only to those students who use class time efficiently. Extra
help times will be before school (6:50-7:15) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and during 1st and 2nd period every day.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GRADE!!! If you dont like a grade you earned, you can always come to
extra help to improve it. Grades are given in alpha and numeric format. Your class grade will be calculated in the
following way:
Participation/H.W. 25%
Class work 25%
Quizzes/Test 25%
You will have a final exam, which will show up on your report card as a separate grade. The final exam and class
grade will be calculated by the district for your final course grade.
I understand this is a large building BUT if you are excessively late, you will receive a referral.
Discipline problems will be handled in the following manner:
1. Warning
2. Contact Parent/Guardian
3. Referral to the school administration
Additionally any student caught vandalizing any computer, laptop, robot and/or its parts or any other school
property will be issued a FAIL for the course and subject to further discipline.
Late Assignments and/or projects
Late work will be given a lower grade. For every day the project is late you will lose 5 points. Any projects handed in
after the marking period will not be graded. You will have a 1 week grace period to finish projects before they are
marked late.
Cut here

I have read all of the above rules and understand my responsibility. I agree to follow these rules and work responsibly.
Any student causing a safety hazard will be removed from the lab immediately.
Student __________________________________ Date __________
Student Email ________________________________

Parent Email __________________________________

Parent / Guardian __________________________ Date __________

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