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Free Response Questions (FRQs) Cognition and Language Unit

1. Describe the positions of B.F. Skinner and Noam Chomsky in
their debate concerning the development of language. Include
and explanation of how learning principles and universal
grammar relate to language development. Provide evidence or an
example that supports each of these scientists perspectives. (8
2. Identify the cognitive bias in each of the following situations. (9
A. Richard would rather drive 1,000 miles than fly because it
is safer.
B. Not only did Peter choose to go to this party 45 minutes
away, but he convinced three other friends to go along.
Even though no one is enjoying the party, Peter insists he is
having a good time.
C. Jane doesnt want to get married and John does. When
discussing the issue, Jane brings up only troubled
relationships she knows of and cannot think of any of the
happy relationships.
3. In each of the following examples, indicate what type of reasoning is
most suitable for each problem and explain why. (12 points)
A. A navigator must determine the ships position from the
knowledge of a standard formula and the position of the North
B. A psychologist must determine if nonconformity facilitates
C. A scientist must decide whether to pursue a career in teaching
or research.
D. A student who has no clue what the answer to a multiple
choice question is must decide which bubble to fill.

4. Harold has been babysitting for Jennie since she was an infant.
She is now 24 months old. Harold has always tried to get Jennie
to speak. He is now trying to get her to say, The apple is on the
table. Describe what Jennies response might have been at 4
months old, 10 months old, 14 months old, and 23 months old.
Be sure to explain Jennies likely level of language development

at each age. (8 points)